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  1. Yea I would like to join pirates
  2. Hey guys, looking to join WU. Currently in Xanadu and need to move to chaos but here are my stats. Discord @ Invidiia#4438 or PM me here
  3. Getting back into Wurm and I'm looking for a community to get into and hopefully start joining pvp events and other things. Here are my stats. PM me or respond if you have some space in your village!
  4. Hey I'm getting back into wurm and right now im located around Dagger Lake. I have some good skills especially fighting and I'm looking to join NEXA and somewhere to stay!
  5. Hey all, I am looking for an active deed that is involved in PvP as well as building larger projects or just fun projects! Looking for a deed with preferably high skilled crafters/smiths/etc, but considering any offers! I know I have plenty of skills that I can contribute to your deed with - I am currently on Xanadu so finding a deed there would be great, but if an offer is promising and something that I would really like to join, I would not mind sailing over to another isle. PM me or respond with any questions, concerns, or deed offers. Thanks!
  6. Hey bro I'll take the Supreme knapsack, COD it