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  1. Great to do business with! I appreciate the quality and work she puts into her supplies. Will seek her out next time I need stuff.
  2. Great service! I earned, 90+ HFC, 40+ Mind Logic, 50+ Cooking, in about an hour. Am highly recommending this service to my village and alliance. Thanks for making this service available!
  3. Alyssum does an awesome job! Thank you for all your equestrian related support!
  4. Thanks for the Transmutation Liquid! High QL; guaranteed work; low prices! Will use this seller again!
  5. Still got this? If so, please CoD it to Pain
  6. Thank you! It is great to be a part of the WO world and our new-found alliance!
  7. I am interested in joining your Alliance. I already have a plot down near your neck of the woods, but I just started about a week ago. Hit me on game! Pain.