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  1. So it looks like gain is 4-7 times lower then before. I am seeing this behavior as well. I hit about 65 then took about a 8 month break from it. Started up again about 2 months ago; gains have been absolutely horrendous. Currently 68.1 skill, working on 1QL 90+CoC rugs. For the past month I have seen numerous 0/5 and 1/5 days (in fact today was 0/5). Back when I was doing mediation before 2/5 was considered a 'bad' day. Now if I get 2/5, I consider that an amazing day. According to https://www.dreamsleeve.org/wurm/grinder/ I should be seeing about 50% med ticks which, by feel, sounds about right. Now 20% seems to be the norm for a day if I'm luck. Something got messed up...maybe during caffeine update? I don't know if timelines match up, but meditation definitely changed in the last 6 months or so.
  2. Honestly, I am just sad when you kill a donkey it sounds like a horse. /shrug
  3. CoD to Valkrr or message me to arrange pickup.
  4. QL 85 Stonestrike 84 BOTD 85 - 4s 31c (iron) COD to Valkrr pls. Is Roselina doing custom SS casts? @me to discuss if she is. Thanks!!
  5. I'll buy the under 10ql gems--COD to Valkrr please.
  6. I'll take 10 80ql logs--please CoD to Valkrr. Thank you.