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  1. if they plan to reset the map or even everything in a year then does it really matter if people reach high levels faster than normal
  2. tbh disabling transport from home servers is a must, because of the reasons stated above. However id love to see a way for newer players to be able to catch up. Idk how realistic a skill wipe would be but it'd be fun to have everyone be fresh again, if this cant be done on elevation then why not just pull out the old challenge code and re-use it for a new one?
  3. we wouldnt be asking for that if wurm unlimited wasnt jam packed with cheaters and hack mods.
  4. pls can we get a yes or no as to whether or not the suggestion is possible
  5. i doubt him upvoting a joke about mclovin quitting macdonalds is a full on official confirmation that this will happen votip...
  6. @Retrogradecan we get an answer as to whether or not this is doable for you guys? considering you have done challenge maps before i dont see why not but you know..
  7. Except i could be if they fixed their game. The suggestion above is one which would bring me back. I cant believe people are still in denial about the fact that this game is on its death bed.
  8. why do i feel like this thread is just gonna be entirely ignored by the devs
  9. I havent played this game since 2015 and i would repremium 100% for that. Retro if you make this i'll send you a box of cookies.
  10. dude what will i do with my shiny pot and high level account if u delete it bro... i know im alone in the server and im essentially playing wu singleplayer but pls lemme keep my items bro.. pls..
  11. lol the moment someone figures out a mostly working anti cheat for wu, retail is gonna die so hard. No point waiting a year for wo devs to get around to fixing pvp and reseting a map when wu devs can do it in a few weeks at most. the deso v3 changes came very quickly.
  12. guys dont worry 2 click map reset is gonna come... in 6 months....