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  1. Jokes and fact command

    Was expecting something like this LMAO.
  2. HELP!!!! Please before its to late.

    The java versions are really cheeky.
  3. changing items on a trader,

    I wasn't able to find a mod for this as well.
  4. New Avatars and Clothing

    I agree!! Advancements in the Armour styles will be appreciated.
  5. Is it safe to move yet?

    Yep, seems safe.
  6. Last time I checked it didn't work.
  7. Let summer hats be cloth.

    Let rare items be rare only.
  8. Interactive music

    I agree, relevancy does matter to me as well.
  9. Ghosts All Over The Game

    I don't understand if I should be confused or laughing lol
  10. Authenticator codes always fail

    I am having the same issue, if there is a solution to this then I would love to hear it