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  1. Not sure if this is just happened to me. I have/had a metallic liquid that lost its weight from the normal 0.14 to 0.01 The liquid was never out of inventory ... either on myself or a alt that was premium before. Was only traded directly via trade. never dropped on ground
  2. also maybe worth mentioning is that had some lag last night.. suspect latency
  3. Where were the logs before you took them into inventory? -Logs came from large crate inside a crate rack. How many were in inventory? -5 logs Did you use the crafting window or right click log group? -Crafting window was used. Did you do one at a time or a number equal to your queue? -used full queue of 4 Did you have in inventory more than your queue? 1 extra log more then queue something that i have notice was that it always happend with the last 4kg of the log. hope that helps a bit
  4. I believe is still a thing.. just happend to me a couple times.. made Lemonwood plank/scrap from pine. . . magic