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  1. Guys, I solved the problem somehow. Im not sure if there problem were caused, because my c:users/"myuser" -folder, seemed to be tag with a lock symbol. ??? I changed the read/write permissions and now it starts the game normally. Anyway, thank you for helping me out with this. ?
  2. Dunno really anymore. Its strange. I installed 32 and it started just normally. Too bad it takes like 30mins and game starts to lag badly... Im ready to give up... AND I made 2 days a bow and stuff that I can try archery, but it only throwed it away and the bow broked. Need to find new motivate for this. ...maybe after new PC and games better user interface.
  3. I only found this kind of addres: C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_171\bin - I tried to add in both variables users- and in systems variables, with and without \bin ending address, but its still not working.
  4. Oh, it would be nice. Im using Win7. ...Maybe its going to fall a parts. Its so old OS already.
  5. Yes I play WO. Actually I just bought the WU too, but was disapointed to realised that, those are two different things and couldnt continue my WO with it. Most of all because the WU client seemed to work so good... Anyway, I did again all the Java uninstalling, manual installing of 64 version of Java, restarting the PC, but its not working. When I d-click the icon, it still says the same problem. Only method how I can start the game, is always running installing (wurmclient.jnlp) again. Thats only method how I can manage to get the first game window open and proceed from there... Its littlebit frustrating. And top of the cake, I have to remember to refund my WU too... oh, lord. ?
  6. I started to play it yesterday and I had Java32. It worjed but started to terribly lag after a 1 hour of playing. Then I downloaded and installed Java64 and all was good. Now after a night a game wont strat anymore. It gives that Java message. 0_o ?