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  1. I do not code or have a dedicated coder available to help, and or to fix it after a new patch
  2. Thrownes server taken down

    Server taken down
  3. I did host a server "Thrones", there were no mods, and apparently no one gave it a chance. I was asked to GM/DM on the current server "The World of Mystrix". so I took my server down. The server has been up about around 6 mths there are 4 players intermittently. there is a Center High way yes. the intent is mostly a RP server, but not necessary unless you want quests or missions. Stories: there a few...mostly quest driven short stories.
  4. DLC

    Code Club there may be a demand (noun: economics : willingness and ability to purchase a commodity or service ) for DLC content. Just my opinion.Some server hosts may not have the ability to mod the servers for assorted reasons.I think it is great that you allow for modding, for those that can, and keep up the great work for them.
  5. PVE with some PVP The Badlands Ago's Server Mod Loader Creature Demo Better Digging Crop Mod Harvest Helper
  6. I am a GM on someones server, GM 4, the ebony wand will create things, but nothing usable, all have the word "weird" in front of the item name I make. any ideas?
  7. Thrownes server taken down

    you like the grind? come vote registering not needed.
  8. Thrownes server taken down

    Latest Town Hall meeting : Market roads still under construction.kingdom wishes to sponsor new settlers/Mayors for villages of oil production, sand pit, and peat. main road leads to locations North of CPM 80% finished, secondary roads 100% check out our site for more
  9. original content is more trusted I might think.
  10. not without a mod better digging.
  11. It might be an Idea for you to make things as DL content for WU, like the wagoner, and other things WU players might want...I might buy some if offered, some others might too?
  12. Wagoners?

    OK, so code club will not offer it to WU, how about if code club offers DL content we want for a price. I would buy some DL stuff.
  13. before the update in may it was possible to level in any direction up or down, after the update you could only level up to level. no mod was required before. I never had the better digging mod, but was able to level up or down with out the "The ebony wand cannot fit anything more inside of it." massage. the up date must of changed something, any Ideas other than mods?
  14. Thrownes server taken down

    using creative map. our server is located in the middle of the Pacific well close to it, Guam where America's day begins Stop by, visit a spell Rpgworldstoo Player driven economy: *Note gm economy until more players pick the trades * Player shops Center port market Auctions: animals, crops, … How to make gold: farming selling produce, get hired for work by other players, become a public worker salaried by village/kingdom Blacksmith, armor smith, tool Smith, healer, alchemist, herbalist, chef, cook, breeder… Horse racing, boat/ship racing Quests/missions