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  1. I'm trying to get to Harmony. I'm at the place where you commit suicide to respawn but Im only give the Options Beginning, Boar Hill, Gateways, and Westerford? Where should I go?
  2. Golden Valley? When I was *able* to log in a little bit ago (exited the game due to it not seeming to load in properly) It said I was in someplace called Westerford
  3. I'm getting "an existing connection was forcibly closed"
  4. Ok I'm in! Is Westerford where I should be?
  5. An inspiring success story awaits you.
  6. I clicked the little box at the upper right of the steam viewer and hit register, and it brought me to the site. I completed registration for a name on there. Apparently this isnt how you do it. Will I not be able to use this name while registering the correct way now? I read somewhere the new cluster uses the old servers for toon names so it will be "taken" now or something like that.
  7. Ooooh. I clicked the little box at the top to register and it took me to the site and registered. Does that mean I cant login with that name now?
  8. Is it normal for there to not be a password box on the steam viewer?
  9. On the steam viewer there is only a box to type in your playername but no password box. I click play anyway and it crashes
  10. I clicked on that and it took me to a site and I registered. Should I have not done that?
  11. Are you saying theres a registration site to claim a name in the new cluster?
  12. No, I'm asking the max number of letters allowed in a player name.
  13. What is the player name character limit? 10?
  14. Will the Northern Freedom Isles be a completely different set of islands(maps)? Or will they just be fresh copies of the old ones?
  15. I am currently deeded in almost exactly central Xanadu and since I got there I have seen no mobs at all besides a single troll in a cave. Just a ton of sheep, horses, bulls, etc. I want to be in a place with a good amount of mobs to hunt and train combat skills with. Ive heard that north xanadu has all the mobs? Is this true and if so, any specific regions of the north?
  16. Is it any specific area of north Xanadu that has mobs? Im currently in Central and there no mobs at all save the very occasional troll. I hate it! I want to relocate somewhere where there are mobs for me to hunt and train combat skills.