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  1. when are nights going to be darker
  2. yeah just downloaded quite bit of graphics
  3. @Horzid like x1 lingonberry peg & x1 lavender shaft COD- Godric
  4. sent back the sword with skin applied@warrior
  5. Alright, you will have to send your two-handed sword to me via mail for me to apply the skin or personally come to my island deed on cadence @d10
  6. 4s each, send me the weapon in the mail or pickaxe and I will apply the skin an return it with a COD of 4s Mail to- Godric Price exception is the halberd which I will have to travel for since skins cannot be sent in the mail and halberds cannot be mailed.
  7. On Things Current

    Call me a pessimist but taking server donations backed w/promises of server work and running for the hills isn't any better.
  8. Id say the most needed feature is bridges and a calculator for them like the buildings.
  9. @Jakku Cod Huge Axe 80 LT 18.2s - 60ql To Godric
  10. Arcanum 449, 424 Also port aurora is actually located at 339, 512 since you have it actually listed where my deed covers
  11. harmony deed graph is capped at 1000 it seem
  12. Making the same mistake spreading the servers thin.
  13. No one cares what a pvper wants brah
  14. I dont care what happens to the new servers long as they are never connected, all that really matters. Always fresh steam faces to annoy poopsocker vets who wouldn't know the first thing about deed design.
  15. Again, WHEN you can see that it released on steam, THEN make a new character and log into the normal client.
  16. when you can login via steam then it would be safe
  17. man that would be weird having a login queue for wurm...
  18. what you got against seals?
  19. Remove spirit houses, that feature that has diminished player travel far more than auto player transport even.
  20. Pretty sure that is all the players job...