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  1. New UI

    I agree also. We need the ability to reduce scale to 70% at a minimum. Basically, we need whatever would produce the same scale text and vertical spacing inside container windows (length & width) as the old UI. Crafting is a royal PITA with the new UI. To avoid having to scroll up and down constantly the new widows have to extend from the top of the screen to the bottom and the width problem is even worse. With the old UI I can have my inventory and 3 container windows open side by side (4 if I'm not using the crafting window) with no overlap and still be able to to see full descriptions and data of the items in them. With the new one I'm lucky to be able to keep my inventory and 1 window open because of the widths required to see just the contents.
  2. Just a quick question. Why do you want to have them stop caring for the animal? There's a limit to how many you can care for yourself and If they are no longer playing that animal will stay cared for at no cost to you (or them). It's a freebee. You know what they say, don't you? Never look a gift horse in the mouth.
  3. Appreciate the advice, but eyes are for potency 3 covers and I need to grind potency 5's. In fact I have plenty of eyes (16k) as well as 3k each lovage and rosemary (potency 4) that I'd love to trade for the hearts and glands if I could find someone who's interested.
  4. WTB bulk low ql (under ql40 and the lower the better) glands and hearts. Will accept any quantities under 2k total if delivered and will pick up larger quantities at coast is you don't want to bother delivering. Reply here or PM Harley in game if you some to sell. Thanks.
  5. WTS 197 gems with 25 of those under 10 QL and 8790 total QL 40s or 32euro PM me here or PM Harley in game
  6. The lag on Xan is absolutely horrible also, and what's happening with your graphics has happened to me in the past, and happened last night when I zoned into pristine (a relog last night fixed the graphics, but not the lag). When it did in the past, it was a server problem and got fixed within 24 hours
  7. repairing is 53+, but the scythe hasn't even dropped .01 in over a half dozen failure repairs. Will try what you suggest a little later Repairing use damage does drop QL (.01on .11 damage), but can't tell if that .01 drop includes the accumulated damage on the half dozen imp failures (running .03-.04 damage each) that together didn't tick a drop. I'm guessing you're right Finnn and my expectation for how hitting the imp limit would actually play out was wrong (net regression), since I hadn't ever hit it before.
  8. B But I'm not getting QL drops on the repairs for failures either. Nothing other than damage which is repaired at no QL cost . Do those stop happening at the limit also?
  9. Yes, but the same tools are used to imp both and I'm not getting a change in QL as a result of either successes or failures. Mentioned the others just to make the point that imping rares in general is working for me. Will try imping other WS items when I get a chance later to see if applies to all WS imping. Imping rare butchering and leather knives changes QL up or down properly, scythe still not.
  10. Tried imping a rare QL41+ iron scythe about 19:00 EST yesterday evening and the QL doesn't change on either successes (+) or the repairs after failures (-). Imping and repairing work normally as regards changing the QL of a QL74 rare pick +/- and on a pair of low QL rare rakes. All the tools mentioned are in the forge in my (Harley's) house
  11. I would add that you should try making support beams. QL on them (and the QL of the components only matters in terms of ease of assembly) doesn't matter at all and they sell well at 4c and up to 5c each (I would suggest 4c with pickup by buyer). They usually sell in batches of 100, which will get you your first premium month and then some.
  12. For the smaller servers, they consistently tend to be in a very limited number of general areas. In the past, when I've asked on GL what the rift coords on a particular server were and no one knew specifically, I would often get a reply of "It's probably either X# or Y#" and almost always easily accessible (close to a shore, highway, etc.). Xan has some of that, e.g., a fair number of rifts are in the area south of Fogshore, just not enough of that. The Devs need to rethink the rift spawn system for Xan. It's almost like they took the smaller server system and just multiplied it by 4 in everything (number of general spawn areas, size of the general spawn areas in which a given rift will spawn, etc.). There need to be appropriate (for Xan) changes beginning with 1) selecting spawn areas that are going to produce spawns on non-mountainous terrain, no matter where in that area any given rift spawns; 2) spawns need to regularly spawn within a smaller general area, so people can build roads over time to the general vicinity of spawn locales that will facilitate travel long term; 3) selecting spawn areas closer to shores, so people don't have to travel overland for 2 hours to get to it (the size of Xan is a problem with bring and give missions also); 4) the majority of the spawn areas need to be nearer the outer perimeter of the server. The rationale for #4 is that there are many more deeds near the outer shores of the server than in the interior. By spawning all the rifts in the server's interior, the current system maximizes the travel time for the large majority (compounded by the frequent inaccessibility). If some decent % are closer to outer shores, the majority will have an easier time getting to them. Even people coming from the opposite coast can reach those relatively quickly (for Xan) by double server jumps. Sandbox games are wonderful, but the grind is not the game. The grind is for being able to play content and anything that hampers players' ability to enjoy content harms the game and the rift spawn system (and I would throw in major elements of the mission system also) on Xan hampers that ability due to Xan's size.
  13. when are coords going to be posted?