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  1. Rift - 8 Nov

  2. Rift - 8 Nov

    Does the O20 on your map mark the location of the rift? If not, where in relation to it is the rift (so I can figure out how hard/easy it would be to bring a cart)?
  3. Selling wine making components: 91 small barrels maple sap QL ~65 @ 30c 25c each & will take SP in trade at 1s value each 4k blue grapes QL ~70 @ 3s/k (sold) small oak wine barrels 4c each (sold - can make to order) free delivery to any freedom coast. post here or PM Harley in game.
  4. Upcoming Rift Event

    times are listed here
  5. Looking for slaying group

    If you could let me (Harley, in game) know a time and a place to meet I'd be interested.
  6. Rift 13 Oct

    Thanks for posting this.
  7. closed

    WTS 91 small barrels of maple sap QL 64-66, 30c each. Free deliver to any Freedom shore on any order of 10 barrels or more. PM Harley in game to arrange delivery.
  8. Sold. Please close.

    I'm afraid so. delivery is set for tomorrow. Will let you know if it falls through
  9. Sold. Please close.

    WTS 2k QL64+ blue grapes 3s/k. 2k sold. Free delivery to any Freedom coast. PM Harley in game to make arrangements for delivery
  10. closed

  11. closed

    WTS 68 small barrels of maple sap QL57-59, 30c each Free delivery to any Freedom coast all sold - please close PM Harley in game to set up purchase.
  12. PM Harley to discuss price.
  13. WTS 2k blue grapes QL56 @4s/k and 30 small barrels of QL37-42 maple sap @30c/barrel. PM Harley in game to arrange delivery. grapes sold. sap sold please close