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  1. My alt deed, located on Poco's old deed site near Sloping Sand, has finished digging through a shallow (8 slope) 3-wide canal. The highway has been re-routed around the north side of the deed, and the cateyes over the hump at the old market have been straightened out (no more zig zag). I still have lots of clean up work to do, and to re-slope the banks (particularly on the east side). The original waystone was moved over a couple tiles, while a new one was also placed near the bridge for any future expansions of the highway system via northwest over the hill to Lake Wyvern if anyone ever decides to. **Thanks to Barricade for setting up the bridge for me.** Reed seems to growing quit quickly on it's own in the canal. Already have 8 tiles of it so eventually it could look like a swampy inland river. My first character was on Release may years ago shortly after it's release, when the area was rather built up and fairly active (and Sloping Sand was a swamp).. I always wanted Poco's spot and to build the canal. It's need has long since passed, but I now have the spot, and still need it for my own purposes to transload to/from my main on Xan. There's two old shafts running very close to where I dug on either side, so I don't think I could dredge it for deep boats without hitting rock (and likely Ill be the only one using it and I don't have a deep boat anyway). I'm surprised as it is I didn't hit any even going shallow, as the guard tower sits on top of one shaft.
  2. Step one, find a newb Step two, point to a hill you'd like to be a meadow Step three, tell him to go skill woodcutting Step four, enjoy your meadow
  3. I have an expanded idea off that one. carriage routes were often established along mail routes. it was actually their main income, not the passengers. They often also carried payrolls and tax money. So, we have a highway system. So they can add an NPC carriage system that uses the highways to distribute the Kings coffers to the tokens. Add the ability to be able to stop one of them and attempt to picklock the chest. When one is stopped the nearest guard towers sends out men to stop the robbery. If you out in the middle of no where that could take quite a while. This would encourage players to also build guard towers along their highway if they want their coffers to remain filled. Now, if/when you pick the lock (and you have to do it on site, no taking it away to a safe place) you get a chance (not a guarantee) of getting a small share *not a the full share, can't rob Wurm blind Maybe a 5 or 10 copper coin with an even rarer chance for a 20c or even a silver) of the token coffer, or more often some other item. If you get caught by the guards you respawn on Epic for a determined amount of time by the guards, dependent on how many times you've been caugfht before (accumulated) Epic now becomes a PvP Penal Colony, lmao.
  4. Yes! dog sleds. Personal transport, especially for new players and explores. can carry a couple backpacks (but less then a cart) and slightly faster then on foot, but with a faster stamina drain. Used with dogs . Best bred dogs will have higher stamina or speed or strength, like horses. Could also introduce a cross breed dog with wolves that give a nice buff to speed, endurance, and strength for high end breeders. Wurmitarods every winter!
  5. Now this idea is for top end breeders. Add Mules and Hinney's to the game. Mules are a cross breed between a horse and a donkey. They are generally sterile and cannot reproduce. They are highly intelligent and very strong and were often the preferred animal for wagon trains. They weren't as quick as horses, but their strength made up for it on grades, but their size made them far faster then donkeys or ox. So now this would mean adding Donkey as a wild animal. So a breeder would first have to find and breed a top end Donkey, and a top end horse (which we already have plenty of) in order to breed a Mule. Now breeding two different animals can be tricky thing to get excellent results Since Mules need to be breed (not found in the wild) and good ones need high end animal skills and a lot of luck, and they are sterile, this would create a great end game breeder content while giving the economy a boost. Well breed mules, if stat'd correctly would be the preferred animal for wagons, and for explorers (maybe give it a stat so you can ride it up slightly higher slope then a horse). This, I think, would create a new market, one that engages high end breeders with a challenge not only to reproduce (pun), but to do so consistently on a high stats level.
  6. Esteron update. These deeds are no longer in existence. (South Esteron) Lotus Outpost, Tirol, Firwood Coast, Irule Farms, Simplicity. ***Southern Comfort and Meander are still up, but seem abandoned. (East Esteron) Esteron Market, Borderlands, Black Rock Isle (North Esteron) Tai Ausbick, Morrowind, Wildelyn, Vanilla Harbor ***Yatesport is still up, but seems abandoned (West Esteron) Rusty Harbor Essentially, there is no one south of Esteron. There are only four deeds in the south (two not on the map) and they are abandoned/inactive, apparently. Everyone is East, Northeast, and West of Esteron.
  7. I'm looking to help build a connection to Esterion. The issue I have is currently I am unable to re-Prem at the moment, so both my toons will be going Freemo soon. As such I won't be able to do the waystone/catseyes, but I can build and prep a road otherwise. I believe the southern route around the mountain to connect with the work Yetian and his group were working on is the best route. Many roads already exist, just need to be improved, only a couple of deeds along the route to work with (or around of necessary) and plenty of good land with easy access to the ocean for future settlements. The thing I would need to know is if there are Prem'd players in the area interested in this who could provide and install the way system as I go along, and maybe help out on difficult situations (like a bridge if it becomes necessary...I see one spot already where a small bridge would be a better option.). Just to be clear I'm not asking for material donations. As i said, Ill be losing Prem soon so donating cats eyes to me would be useless as i won't be able to install them. Im asking for interested parties to be able to install them themselves once I finish a segment of the road. I can make my own pavers as i go along for the road, so no need for bricks or dirt either (unless we need a bridge, but then again, Im asking for help with making it, so any material would be to those actually making the bridge, not me).