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  1. Wtb 2K Dirt

    I want to buy 2K dirt (living in exodus).Accepting offers from all servers. Delivery or pickup can be talked. Contact me via in game or forum pm.
  2. I tried to embark my knarr as a commander but the game tells me "[22:27:06] You are not smart enough to figure out how to be the captain of the "Emperor". (btw I have 27.73 mind logic). But after I log out from the game and then log in again I can embark as commander without a problem. This problem happened when I had and didn't have a wound on me. (checked both). Also, happened 4 times. So, this might be a bug that I wanted to post. Thanks.
  3. The New New Map For Exodus!

    My village "Waterdeep" is on x15, y20.
  4. Closed

    thanks, found diggers and work finished;)
  5. Closed

    found and closed
  6. Closed

    I know the requirements of making mortar but I will use the sand for storing in bsbs for future projects. Ok, thanks to all for their offers, I found clay and sand via an in game offer and pickup has been arranged. Topic can be closed.
  7. Closed

    I want to buy 1K clay and 1K sand (exodus only). No delivery needed (changes for where you are located also). PM me in-game with your offer. Ok, found and can be closed.
  8. Closed

  9. Wtb 2K Dirt

    server : exodus delivery or pickup can be talked. still looking...
  10. Wtb 2K Dirt

    I want to buy 2K dirt. send a pm in game to make an offer. thanks
  11. Wtb Stone Bricks (Exodus)

    OK,Bricks found. And the topic is CLOSED.
  12. Wtb Stone Bricks (Exodus)

    I want to buy some at least 1K stone bricks and playing on exodus server. So, PM me in game if you can sell at least the specified quantity. thanks.
  13. Wtb 1K Cooked Meat (Independence)

    The meat found. The topic can be closed.