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  1. hello, wts 10k. bronze lumps at 38 ql, price open for negotiation. should be price 25 s. in game : Kantinka
  2. hi, some little village style house, and now I will live here :)
  3. hello, here a little about animals houses, horses stable then donkeys house :)
  4. hi, this is my new multi-branch production plant :)
  5. hi, here is my small Pottery town, I will be able to put there most decor wurm items, just not fit :)
  6. hello, some news from last wurm work
  7. This time i done to build ships zone then back to nature place :)
  8. last work at tundra camp, then marble garden
  9. hey, I added pictures at my last work at change lights and then at cave lights, this was small change then I think it changed much look of my cave, about power of light and dye
  10. This is pictures from deed at Deliverance, then last one is from Xanadu
  11. hey, some pictures of my last work, this is this , how can like wurm Greetings