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  1. Shield Training - Current Status

    Defensive fighting, short sword, trolls are your way to go. You get hella body control, mind speed and you train 2 skills at once. For the 1-50 skill grind use a 40-60ql shield with high coc and LT with your short sword. Aggressive fighting has a slight skill gain advantage over defensive but it is minimal. I went from 84.xx-90 shield skill in 8 hours of sleep bonus. I've gone from 1-50 skill in 3 hours of sleep bonus training large wooden shield. Also once your over 90ql shield skill keep your shield between 5-14ql quality, anything over 15 ql is butt cheek gains at that skill.
  2. PC account: Darkravager

    Not quitting just curious on how much the market changed. Thanks everyone for the price checks and friendly pm’s. Someone offered me a little over 900 euros and a few other smaller ones. I’ll continue grinding and enjoying my time with Wurm!
  3. PC account: Darkravager

    Almost 60 views and no opinions? I find that hard to believe with this community lol bump
  4. PC account: Darkravager

    Purchased the account a little over a month ago, did a tad bit of work. Just curious on what the account would bring by itself. Not really interested in selling unless someone gives me a good offer. https://niarja.com/skill_compare/TBE No tomes right now, I'm in the process of potentially adding BoA and SoS. Path of Insanity SOTG.
  5. WTS Rares and other bits

    take 3s for the seryll basinet helm? if so COD to Darkravager
  6. WTS Rares

    2s for the rare large wooden shield? if so COD to Darkravager
  7. WTA Rare Hatchet 100 imbue!

    @ammar[12:07:05] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  8. WTA Rare Hatchet 100 imbue!

    Will do in the morning! @ammar
  9. WTA Rare Hatchet 100 imbue!

    Bump only 8 hours to get a great deal on a great tool!
  10. WTA Rare Hatchet 100 imbue!

    Bump! 13 hours left!
  11. WTA Rare Hatchet 100 imbue!

  12. Close thread pls

    Cod the shoulder to me skull ty
  13. WTA Rare Hatchet 100 imbue!

  14. WTA Rare Hatchet 100 imbue!

    https://imgur.com/a/6yEHxe5 Starting bid 8s Buyout make me an offer I can't refuse minimum bid increase 1s Good luck!
  15. WTA Supreme Large Metal Shield

    Okie doke I’ll be sending it in about an hour