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  1. I sometimes get a connection lost window as well
  2. On the same internet connection my laptop logs in and runs the game fine.
  3. I have reinstalled java, Wurm and Installed firefox 64 bit. I have noticed something different in the console logs, WARNING: Could not load tileproperties xml due to java.io.IOException: tileproperties.xml not found.
  4. So I've listed all the console logs on this last attempt to log in. Took me 24 log in attempts to log in this time. All attempts were made on the stable client. I have tried the low memory client and preview client with the same results.
  5. Takes about 6 to 8 times logging in then the game loads and works fine. Can play for hours once it loads properly. Here's my latest crash report.
  6. Same thing with both clients and with firewall and any other security programs I had disabled. The game successfully ran a couple of times before but I left the game to try and tweak the graphics then even at the lowest graphical settings and sound disabled it's the same. Game either crashes or freezes on a partially loaded world (can still interact with the menu at top of screen)
  7. Game crashes or freezes when game launches.