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  1. So, using my own template and some good old fashioned time, I was able to make a white bison texture for the server I inhabit! Also, if you haven't already checked it out, the templates on the first post have been updated! (7/29/18)
  2. True. The best option to rectify this would to make it a community effort; for instance, the GM I mentioned who prompted me to do the texturing knows how to code, but not really texturing. They've told me a few times that I could make whatever models or textures I desire and if they know how to make it work, they would. For instance, they are looking into adding wooly pigs and possibly mountain/workhorses to the server, as well. If you don't know how to do it, start a community project. I'm positive someone out there would be willing to help, if you simply ask. Worst case scenario, I'm sure there are resources to learn the coding! (I personally did NOT know how to start texturing WU, but I just jumped in to learn and here I am.) I've heard IntelliJ Idea makes coding in Java a lot simpler. I'd also like to note that this thread is mostly about the process of making new textures for already existing models, mostly for the server I use but also as a kind of "guide" for others.
  3. Thank you, Sindusk! I hope I can help rectify that lack of resources to a decent degree and encourage others to try their hand at something like this.
  4. Hello all! As some of you may have noticed, there seems to be a slight.... lack of good resources on doing custom textures for Wurm aside from rather simple things like tabards, wagon covers and banners. I recently joined a fantastic server (but we aren't here to talk about that! Although if you want to know what I'm talking about, just check out the server "Requiem of Wurm") and was prompted by one of the head GM's to work on a texture for a creature after hearing I'd had experience doing custom texturing on my own... and I thought, "Sure! Shouldn't be too hard!" Little did I know that to properly and effectively make custom textures for WU, you'd need a small slew of tools to help along the way. For one, 7Zip to open RAR and zipped folders easily, but also an art program that can handle .psd files is extremely helpful and a 3D Model viewer so you don't have to pop the texture INTO your game and hunt down that one thing you changed, such as a bison or a custom mob that might be in your main server but not in your standalone testing server. After installing these, I thought I was all set to go! But no... its a bit more difficult than that. For one, when you open up a texture for a mob to edit it, you're greeted with something like this: Which, if you haven't done much texturing for 3D models other than something voxel based like Minecraft.... can be a bit overwhelming and confusing. Some parts are immediately obvious while others..... not so much. What part textures which piece of the model? Where are the "boundaries" of each piece? So, like anyone aspiring to learn anything on the internet.... I googled it. And I found.... nothing. Yep, nothing. Not a single template or guide or reference. Even on the forums here, I couldn't seem to find much aside from Code Club AB's announcement that people could do custom textures for tabards and kingdom banners and the like. So, I personally have set out on a quest of sorts to make templates to help other custom texture-er's figure out exactly what on Fo's green earth we're all looking at, but also to create a sort of "hub" for those who have the actual experience to help out us more troubled beginners. Welcome to Ciaru's Custom Texturing Templates! As an example for the rest of you viewing this, and as a starter for my own reference as well as my fellow Requiem server players, this is an example of which parts of the bison texture go to what part of the model. This is the template itself..... (Which has now been updated with more specific location info!) And these are what it looks like ON the 3D model. As you can see, my basic idea was this: color each different part a different color, and apply it to a model to see where each bit went, thus vastly simplifying and answering the question of what part goes where on the 3D model itself. Feel free to post your own color coded "templates" and provide links for those who may want to use them (I will credit you if you did it yourself!). As new things are posted, or as I template more models, I will update this post as quickly as I can.