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  1. Considering all the familiar names i saw on a Wurm Unlimited server and also myself being there instead of in Wurm Online i'd guess that, as predictable as it is, WU lured some people away from WO. But that shouldn't be a worry to anyone. Wurm is Rolfs Baby, so as long as we have Rolf, we have Wurm. So we just have to keep him healthy and happy.
  2. Heyhey, so good to see you guys back. Finally some quality entertainment again when i make bricks and mortar. :] Should you still be on Xan and need some inspirations for a new plan, visit my cloud palace, because you totally should build a huge deed on a mountain top with lots of bridges and tunnels. Oh yeah. Edit: As for the topic of returning and starting new (Or even just returning to the same project) after a lot of time has passed; This is something i actually love about WO. The world is actually in motion and changes over time, not some pre-mapped static "scene". For example i started again like half a year ago after about two years of absence, and the whole area infront of my place changed from a desert to a forest, that's just damn cool.
  3. Now there you go doing it completely right after doing it fairly wrong. And that makes the impact of doing it right even bigger. You are good. Maybe even a littlebit too good *squints eye* Nah, well done and thanks for the champagne! A toast on crazy svensk people and on ten more years! :]
  4. I'm sorry, but making RNG presents where 0.1% get a really awesome item and 99,9% get rubbish is such a stupid idea. Because of course you'll end up with 99,9% of the people feeling shafted. Did nobody at Code Club ever hear about psychology? So while i do appreciate the sentiment (And the free sleeping powder...sort of), this was overall not a very smart move from the devs.
  5. I like how PVP and the combat mechanics are one of the worst i have seen in a MMO (Or non MMO), yet there are people getting super serious with this. It's just weird to me lol. Then again i'm sure you can find a game (Or game-mode) that i love to play despite everyone shaking their head. So as long as it's fun for the player, fine with me. Just maybe don't let ###### escalate to EVE-like levels of dickishness. Someone told me this is a video game after all.
  6. I think much of this has to do with Wurm being Rolfs "Baby" so to speak. He would probably rather cut off a leg than to shut this game down. If some dweebs like Daybreak Gaming or EA were running this show servers would have been shut down a long time ago. Hooray for crazy swedish semi-indie development!
  7. Was it that tax thing? I remember something hazy there involving "price adjusting" and eu taxes... I actually played A Tale in the Desert a looong time ago but couldn't really get into it. It had some payment barrier aswell if i recall right (Sub with free trial or something), If it's still around it definetely is doing something right though considering i tried it in like 2002 or something. And the same goes for Wurm basically. It's a niche game with a fairly dedicated audience that can't get this experience elsewhere. And i think Rolf and gang are playing this niche card fairly well, no out-of-place additions to attract the average joe-gamer-brodude, a F2P model coflicting with the game mechanics, or other nastyness like that. And since it's a niche game i also think the pricing is generally much less of an issue when it comes to player retention.
  8. The shop needs to sell different spoilers and neon lights for carts. And perhaps sunglasses for your character. Also: AHAHAHAHA
  9. This game has been running for what, ten years? with a fairly low population pretty much all the time, and it managed to survive just fine. With that in mind, is it really time for a "rescue plan" for these guys as posted here? How many paid accounts does Rolf/CC need for Wurm to survive? I have no idea, and i doubt the OP has. So i'm not really sure where this panic vibe i'm getting from this thread is coming from.
  10. Yeah, you might not wanna start a thread about personal opinions with "You are out of line". It sounds quite douchy. ;p That being said i never met someone complaining about the pricing, is this actually a widespread reason for people not playing wurm?
  11. God i wish we could properly script these bastards. :L So far the only entertaining thing i could accomplish with them was to build an arena and watch them fight to the death with rare weaponry. Yeah, lame. I still think giving us a way to create our own customized NPCs should be "the" goal for the development of WU as i think the "world-building" aspect is its standout feature. ...or i'm just a sucker for building virtual worlds. Both is equally possible.
  12. A squirrel congratulating itself for its birthday on a game forum. Ah sure, why not. Happy birthday internet squirrel, have a wonderful day!
  13. You got this all wrong, it's a waste of time unless you use high ql tools with WOA on them. ...well actually it's not really a waste of time; The point was more that there are more goals to have in WO than to grind skills, like building stuff, or...building stuff. Hmm. Maybe breeding animals and farming? Definetely building stuff though. :J
  14. Yeah, what Ayes wrote is pretty much the translation from my angry-hobo-rant into more sophisticated words. I mean the thing with maintenance is, i can see that it is needed for stuff to decay, but why does it have to take so freaking long? If nobody is there to repair things (Water plants etc.), they will decay. And if someone is there it will be repaired. Simple as that. The length of that process is irrelevant (Unless you plan on people becoming sick of it and leaving when calculating how/when nature should claim urban land back). So for PVE atleast, keep the decay, just cut the stupid timer.
  15. The glow went all into my old deed...and probably has decayed by now.