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  1. You are truly remarkable, what a grind! Well done brother! OH I KNOW, I HAVE IT "YOU SHALL NOT PASS"
  2. Plenty of other stuff to act as loyalty perks.
  3. I agree. That's exactly what I meant actually. You should just be able to craft them, no need to buy anything!
  4. Move the files from "/appdata/local/programs/wurm" to a new folder called wurm at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Wurm" and try again.
  5. Hi. Can we remove the monthly skin in store and just make it into an item that you can craft instead that has the same value as whatever item it was replaced? I think it would be more fun to have a quarterly updates with 3 more things that we can craft instead of a montly one with a skin you can buy in the store.
  6. Seems like you can't actually miss a hit at all anymore? Only glance / evade etc? (You can miss, but it's not a lot)
  7. I've been supreme once. Thanks to @Malev's Oakshell cast.
  8. [16:58:31] <Subie> [17:56:57] You think of ways to defile the snoo.
  9. I exptected a full combat overhaul with more of an engaging and skill based combat system
  10. I once got 3 rare dirt and a supreme felled tree in 1 day. Spent the rest of my day imping drake but the luck was all gone.
  11. Good suggestion. No reason to punish champ if they live troughout the period. Also championpoints should hold more of a reward.
  12. Inspired by @Mclavin Gonna link our 1v1 too
  13. Happy fat Thursday

    Legends eat Mazarins.
  14. Hi. Please let us dye our backpacks!
  15. Cool place to pray on that pic
  16. Bumping this one again. Much needed!