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  1. I like full loot pvp, it's one of the pillars of wurm.
  2. -1 Just remove the DR from current champs and the reduction in skills when dechamping!
  3. Ofc. I'm friends with most players I fight against. "CAUSE PVP IS SUCH A TOXIC PLACE IN WURM"
  4. I have very good friends across kingdom. Makes sense to hide that I'm online when we are pvping against eachother.
  5. If he created permanent towers, that in of itself would be a large issue. I actually didn't know that enki was helping you fix that issue, I also agree that the rules regarding these things needs to be clear.
  6. Are you saying Enki spawned permanent towers for you? I really does hope that's not the case.
  7. You can raise this argument over several things in the past. But this one is a nobrainer dude. Looks like you are just throwing ###### for sake of throwing ######.
  8. Both Mag Champs. Both PoP. Idk the tomes of the other toon, but I have everything but Red Cherry. Climbing didn't work either via keybind or pressing it manually. That is actually a pretty good suggestion. Regarding if it's OP or not should be in it's own thread.
  9. During PvP yesterday climbing toggle stopped working for the account Silakka and myself at the same time. A relog fixed it but it can be quite a dangerous bug to encounter at the wrong time. I've tried to nail some parameters down but I can't find any as of yet. UPDATE FURTHER DOWN
  10. Yes! Because this game defo needs more RNG! No thank you. Just make the items craftable from the start, stop this microtransaction thing.
  11. Doesn't matter. It's too punishing compared to the current one, it's also plain boring. Just have it stop at the cap and regain after 10 hours or and not depend on your sleep.
  12. Sounds like an awful system. Just make it stop giving the extra skillgain
  13. Heya. A bunch of suggestions to improve som QoL of the game in total. 1. Change strongwall to scale with chan, to around 5 sec at 100. Add 30 sec to the timer if enemy in local. 2. When forming a group, add their healthbar (including favor etc) to a small partywindow on the hud. 3. Add more blood effects in pvp for more visual feedback. 4. Fix thirdperson. You're facing all the wrong ways and it ain't viable in PvP as of now. Jeez. 5. Add a window that would display your "moves" fightingmoves, spells and sorcery and allow you to keybind them there and showthem in a seperate bar. 6. Nerph sickle. It's kinda booring for it to be as strong as it is. 7. Remove the ability to lead more than 1 creature on Chaos, current meta with so many backups is booring for pvp. 8. Remove the skins from the Premium shop and just make them craftable.
  14. I am pretty sure you only need to actually hit him to make it on the tab. Did he die before you hit him perhaps?
  15. You can use everything you want in these. Or whatever else you can find here
  16. You are truly remarkable, what a grind! Well done brother! OH I KNOW, I HAVE IT "YOU SHALL NOT PASS"
  17. Plenty of other stuff to act as loyalty perks.
  18. I agree. That's exactly what I meant actually. You should just be able to craft them, no need to buy anything!