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  1. 1v1 Challenge

    I use a 10k BT addy longsword imbued with acid and rock this bad boy ring [22:37:12] Corrosion has been cast on it, so it will increase any acid damage you cause. [101]
  2. 1v1 Challenge

    Heya folks. There are some people from around the lands of Wurm I would love to challenge for a spar. No need to accept if you don't want to, but if you want to accept I'll head to the place of your choice and we can start the sparr. (If you win, I'll even give you a prize!) If someone around that's not challenged want to challenge me, go ahead I will accept! Round 1 I challenge @Roysta @Angelklaine @CIRAY @Noizhead @Figs @Archaed(Snoo wins) @Jaz @Tedzogh @Shrimpiie @Ostentatio @ZeldaGold @Shydow @Emoo Let the duels commence! Archaed (Best thing about the fight : [00:13:17] Archaed cuts you extremely hard in the right eye and irritates it.)
  3. New Exodus Community Map

    Nice work. Shiny is actually disbanded, and Rosethorn is now knows as "The brotherhood" (my deed)
  4. 1v1 Challenge

    And here is the video of the fight. Retro picked the music.
  5. 1v1 Challenge

    First fight done. [00:14:49] You win against Archaed! Congratulations!
  6. Legacy statues!

    What will save PvP? Legacy statues!
  7. Legacy statues!

    Found some pics around the forums on older (but still damn cool) statues I would love to be able to make even though they are lower ql than the ones we currently have, always nice with extra!
  8. It is a nice idea, I support it
  9. cannot connect to server

    Happened to me on my main. It's an effect of the system that prevents items from outside new elevation from getting in. You need to log a support ticket to fix it.
  10. WTS Template JK Stuff

    You don't have a tent do you?
  11. Wurm Hobbyist's Depression Thread

    I know man. You take care of yourself
  12. 1v1 Challenge

    I will 1v1 you anytime any place.
  13. Grats man. It surely would.
  14. Heya. Noticed both of 70 Soul Depth and Strength are missing titles. I would like to suggest a few for each title (feel free to do the same!) 70 Soul Depth Mystic Deepwalker 70 Soul Strenght Brave / The Brave Stormwalker
  15. 1v1 Challenge

    That sickle test does not count Alright I'm game.
  16. Isn't this very hard to actually do? Since several groups could be trying to do the goal, and it's a limited cast so I think that a contest is inevitable.
  17. 1v1 Challenge

    Oh yeah, we need Magranon to gaze upon our mighty battle! Sure thing!
  18. Eir

    RIP Q
  19. 1v1 Challenge

    If the opponent is fine with it then I don't see why not
  20. 1v1 Challenge

    Yep, I will post the results
  21. 1v1 Challenge

    I'll happily do either if I trust the person who challenges me to a 1v1 on Chaos.
  22. That is a small anvil. Large anvil looks like this
  23. 1v1 Challenge

    Awesome! I will PM you later.
  24. 1v1 Challenge

    The trip is part of the fun! I will whisper you when I get on and we can arrange it Awesome, where do we meet?