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  1. I have, its iron, rare and with that skin on. Did you have a price in mind?
  2. I drink when I read. I drink not to forget the battles I have endured, but to forget the scribbles on the cursed forums.
  3. Wrath of Mag does not destroy floors. It does damage to walls as intented but it does not do any damage towards floors.
  4. Yay, now I can display my mad soul depth gain to everyone.
  5. Just gonna reply to this argument specifically. To ask players to read trough the code of a game in order to play it is an awful argument.
  6. [16:24:32] You start to cast 'Nolocate' on a necklace. [16:24:33] After you finish hiding you will start hiding again. [16:24:33] After you finish hiding you will start hiding again. [16:24:33] After you finish hiding you will start hiding again. Confirmed here too.
  7. I think prayer is kinda nice as it is. It does do a few things. 1 Fills up your gods faith towards a global spell. 2 I used for the Benediction goal. Could use some improvements making it a bit more fun but it's not bad in it's current state tbh. And I have done some praying. [16:00:46] Prayer increased by 0,0010 to 77,4977
  8. Buckler

    Bucklers is cool and all, but I think they were mostly used against Rapiers. We don't have Rapiers in Wurm and I think both those type of swords as well as Bucklers is a little off from wurms setting and environment so I'm gonna do a -1.
  9. Thank you for all your points! I have removed the "Some items have a chance to retain their rarity when combining with other non-rare items." Since that's removed just as you stated. I will go trough the page and verify a few things with the developers before adding it to the page. Thanks again, and a bonus for a very well written post about the rarity wiki page.
  10. I appreciate the zoom. But I'm afraid no.
  11. Then a Dev's Password was hacked and flying cows were created and the game was Reset to Beta Map 8.
  12. My offer on 3g 20s still stands.
  13. Good idea! I'm terrible at reading event. I've missed friend requests even when PMed. +1
  14. Type when dropping multiple large mauls. [22:11:57] <Salempl> [16:11:09] Foxfire drops two largge mauls.
  15. I recorded the whole thing.
  16. Not to talk about those times you sailed along the borders and were jumped by 10 Drake spirits at once.
  17. I love Valrei creatures, Would love to see them on Chaos again!