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  1. Legacy statues!

    Found some pics around the forums on older (but still damn cool) statues I would love to be able to make even though they are lower ql than the ones we currently have, always nice with extra!
  2. Heya. Noticed both of 70 Soul Depth and Strength are missing titles. I would like to suggest a few for each title (feel free to do the same!) 70 Soul Depth Mystic Deepwalker 70 Soul Strenght Brave / The Brave Stormwalker
  3. Legacy statues!

  4. The State of PvE Magic (Fo)

    I don't want to be specific. But higher than average.
  5. Can be used as a stable foundation to increase pvp activity. This is a suggestion I can easily do a +1 on.
  6. The State of PvE Magic (Fo)

    A note about this. It's very strong after priest update. This spell allows you to currently grind weaponless with ease. It even allowed me to battle 1v1 against an opponent with armor and weapons, while me being naked with a shield only (and win) // I outskilled the other players but it was still fun. Anyways, that particular spell is very useful in it's field.
  7. missing keybinds

    Anytime bro.
  8. Returning player - having bad time

    I'm sure not all PvP players are up to "ranklings" and some of us are just enjoying the game too
  9. missing keybinds

    That is true, you can even limit what you target with "target_hostile"
  10. Nice of you to take my suggestion and changing the header text on our names to 1 insteaf of 3, looks awesome!
  11. Journal: 70 Prayer / Global cast

    [07:08:56] Prayer increased by 0,0014 to 71,0012
  12. I've been waiting for years for...

    Stuff on table, damn that update made me like a child. Simple and effective.
  13. Can Rolf Explain...

    Yeah, now this is some necromantic stuff right here.
  14. Ugly pile for salmon?

    You mean that salmons don't magically turn into a shovel and pickaxe when you stack them together? My life is a lie! Jokes aside, yeah would be neat!
  15. Arch Woods for Sale !

    Moved to Merchant ads.
  16. were are the upgrades gone

    The answer to your question is answered here.
  17. Dem Capes!

    I totally did not press on it believing it would start play...
  18. *hic* Cake's a lie *burp*

    Grats, nice work! When you choose a title, may you choose "King of buns/Toast"
  19. Coffee... should be a thing.

    I like the idea, +1
  20. Valrei International. 082

    Very nice updates, as usual!