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  1. Sell 7k of slate bricks with free delivery, 14s all or 2s/k
  2. Thanks for preference, I am always willing to do my best in my work.
  3. If you are in need of some material or need a worker, I am here to solve your problem. Below I will leave a list of my main and alt skills, some material prices and jobs. Call the Dominio Workers! Main Skills (Both): EvzenBlade (Main): / YukiTatsumi (alt): Digging: 83 / Digging: 61 Woodcutting: 56 / Woodcutting: 22 Mining: 73 / Mining: 61 Mansonry: 78 / Mansonry: 60 Paving: 34 Carpentry: 84 Fine Carpentry: 50 Black Smithing: 66 Smithing: 33 Nature: 54 Farming: 66 Animal Husbandry: 40 Animal Taming: 35 Gardering: 70 Firemaking: 55 Values of some materials (according to the market): Bricks (slate / sandstone / Stone): 2s/k Mortar: 2s/k Ash: 1,2s/k (50QL+) Support beam: 3,5s/100 Concrete: 3,5s/100 Plank / Shafts / Pegs: 1s/k Small and Large Nails: 1s/k Dirt: 50c/k Works on your deed: Leveling (Rock): 2s/1k of rock leveled Bricks with rock: 1s/k Mortar with sand/clay: 1s/k Other services to negotiate If you have any questions about work and ordering, I'm on Wurm every day or even on the forum. I await your contact.
  4. Sell 60S 1S = 1EUR or 1,15USD via paypal Verified. Send mensage here or in game: Evzenblade
  5. How long will the Halloween event last? it's just today?
  6. Exactly, yesterday we did everything and it did not stay on for more than 15 min. Thank you all for helping me.
  7. I just left one with QL 60, had to give load and unload and it burned for 35min, outdoors
  8. I just gave load and unload and tested, it was burning for 25min. All are located in the outdoors
  9. Well, Shydow's skill is 30, mine is 26, but as Thorakkanath said, only the ones I created can not. I'll load and unload to see if it works
  10. No and no, we used only 1 kindling, me and him, but his with 45 QL got burned for 35min, mine stayed 15 min, with QL 59
  11. The QL of kindling does not influence the time of burning of the forge, Shydow tested on it with Kindling QL 1 and it was lit for 35min
  12. I created 20 forges and put them in Ql 50+, recommended to use only 1 kindling to generate ashes. But my forges are on for only 15 minutes. I increased Ql to 59 by thinking it was in low QL, but Shydow's by 45QL lasted 35min. I have 2 other forges that I have tested and they can burn for more than 30min to create ashes. But the 20 I created, they do not arrive in 30min, I already pushed and lit. I tested everything with Shydow helping me in the game, but we do not know why my 20 forges can not, Shydow suspects being a Bug. Please help me
  13. I just realized that my wurm folder is like this. I already deleted it whole and tried to reinstall, tried to check in the launch and it does not return to normal, the folder always comes back like that, without Wurm stable, how can I solve this? That's why I can not open the normal launch (Print showing wurm binder)https://prntscr.com/jby0xg NOTE: I can only open the game using Wurmclient.jnlp, without this, I have no other launch to open
  14. The Java version is JRE 8u171, I've already downloaded the game again, so much so that I can only open the game with this installer, the problem is that it gives this error (print) Wurm [stable] which should be the normal launchhttps://prntscr.com/jbtfpd
  15. Hello, I'm having a problem on the client where it does not recognize the Wurm Launch, I have Java upgraded, it's installed on my pc, but it does not have the Client. I can open the game, but with the installer because my wurm is giving the client error. This started happening when Java had the last update. It gave Error in wurm, could not open with the installation of Java, I uninstalled and downloaded Java from the official website. The wurm was normal the same day, but when I called the PC the other day, it was with this Bug, and to this day I can only open the wurm with the Installer, it went without the normal client