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  1. BUMP updated price only 80 EURO
  2. BUMP updated price going CHEAP
  3. looking to sell my priest Dziku. he is a mag priest and does NOT have a transfer. skilldump is here: https://www.niarja.com/universes/online/clusters/freedom/skills/Dzikuu will seriously consider all offers, selling for 50 EURO will come with purple sailboat and items in inventory. has 14 days premium left. ONLY 50 EURO
  4. 1 casted rare shovel to tuanta please
  5. i would recommend this guy to anyone looking for fast reliable and flexible pan filling service, 10/10 will be returning shortly for more
  6. Pc around 80-100E based on chanelling and ability to load snd command, shame it doesnt have the transfer. Goodluck
  7. Nice toon, i would have to say between 300-400E thats based off the meditation and wep smithing and lockpicking to the right buyer. Goodluck
  8. this is an open discussion.... nothing has been changed. nor have they said anything about our opinion meaning anything more then yours. please stop with the childish attitude geez.
  9. rare small wooden shield for your chosen price to Tuanta please
  10. haha yeh real funny... who are you again?
  11. whats sicle got to do with anything?
  12. Thanks for the pc but however faith and chanelling are irrelevant since its a crafter account, spear sorta not needed anymore since chain was way over hyped and horses can be killed very effectivly without spears but would take no more then 2-3 days to level it to a point where its usefull. As for taming though i agree it needs alot of work. Thanks again for the pc though
  13. no sorry same ingame account new owner