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  1. Well, if this is not an issue related to change of seasons (as I thought), I would suggest just to catch an error (as was already offered before) and keep querying the server until valid data is received (it's a simple check, no? is XML valid or not. if not - let's repeat and wait for the valid one). without falling down into windows exceptions. Maybe some sort of indication on the clock could be useful for the most curious guys, like an additional icon with mouseover tip: "Thank you, Oracle, for keeping us busy". just to indicate to the user that something is not right. but system error messages - not a good style anyway. Program must detect errors itself. and handle this errors, without scaring beautiful ladies with system messages (i'm not talking here about ugly guys, 'cause basically, we're just admiring system messages). Just a thoughts
  2. Same here: It happened right after: [23:28:43] It is 00:47:33 on Wrath day in week 1 of the starfall of Omens in the year of 1078. I have a feeling, that this maybe related But no crush happened, clock is still working. P.S. great tool, keep it up, Yaga thanks.
  3. Bridges and carpets

    P.S. sorry, guys - wrong forum. Can anyone please move this to Wurm Online? My bad.
  4. connect by IP

    maybe, I don't really understand what you're trying to do. but if the goal is to connect not by dns name, but by ip-address, there can be a workaround by windows means. you can add a line in hosts. file, like 'server ip' and system will not query dns-server, it will use static ip from your hosts. file. and connecting in a normal way, like pressing "play" in fact will connect you directly by ip. sorry, if I misunderstood the problem.
  5. Bridges and carpets

    Current behaviour: When carpet is placed on the bridge, it will "disappear". But in fact, it will be placed on the ground below the bridge on the same tile. Other items (string of cloth, dioptra, kindling and a lot of other crap tested) works fine. Situation can be reproduced with small colourful carpet and meditation rug. I was unable to test other carpets, so probably they are bugged as well. It seems to be only carpet problem. Expected behaviour: either placed item should stay on the bridge where it was placed, or placing this item on a bridge should be prohibited at all. UPD. - dropping items on a bridge works correctly (so only placing from inventory is a problem) - same weird behaviour noticed for unfinished cloth tapestries (all carpets are doomed here, lol). Finished cloth tapestry sometimes stay placed, sometimes - falls through, no idea why. Workaround: - Item can be placed on adjacent (non-bridge) tile and successfully pushed to the bridge afterwards.
  6. Ship Building Legend Title

    How about Flying Dutchman ? ;)
  7. Gone, but not forgotten

    Hey, all! Intro. All of you have seen the situation, when returning players are looking for their wagons, ships, etc. My place, when i deeded it, was abandoned like a year ago, and there are still some stuff from previous owner(s). I like this place very much, i decided to keep it's former name, and somehow i don't want just to burn in lava the things, which belonged to previous owner. Actually, i'm going to make a memorial of all that crap Suggestion. To make up a cross-server list for "abandoned" things, just for a case if previous owners will ever return and start looking for it. In my case it will look like that: Expected results. I guess, everyone of us sometimes encounters abandoned items on our deeds or nearby. But i also guess, that not only me is a crazy guy who does not want just to destroy someone's stuff. And i think, if we will maintain such kind of a list, even if it will help only to one and only returning player - it's already worth it. Thanks for your time! P.S. Maybe, there is already implemented somewhere somehow - well, sorry, i didn't found it P.P.S. Hey, man
  8. it's "server-wide" across Xan, you're not restricted to any particular coords
  9. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Gold_lump Linked page https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Metal_properties#Gold_Properties has no one word about the gold. "Missing" part can be taken from here: https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Metal_lumps#Gold
  10. In-game mails

    Gladiator, yup. it's not needed. from first point - it's an idea for fun. Is anybody here for some other reasons? yup, i would like to send message to my friends with birds. for that sort of pleasure - me, personally - will agree to catch them, tame them, build them a cage, and et cetera. i mean birds, not the friends. from another point, let's say - strategical point - the idea of birds, which can be tamed - it's just amazing. i want a parrot, who i will be able to teach bad words. why not to dream?
  11. In-game mails

    Thank you. would you like to explain? for me it ill be much more interesting, then simple "no".
  12. In-game mails

    The idea in itself is very simple: to be able to send messages with birds. just like it supposed to be in "medieval ages". If you want to be able to send a message to your friend, you will have to: 1. Tame an appropriate bird /* dove for a "light" side, or "raven" for a "black" side */ 2. Build and appropriate cage to settle it down /* QL of cage affects the delivery speed */ 3. Train it /* the bird must be trained within the deed, where you'd like to be able to send a messages. birds cannot fly to the deed, where they never have been - "no route to host" (c) */ 4. Create ink, papyrus, bla-bla-bla. quality of ink and papirus should somehow affect the max possible length of the message. 5. Create a message on papyrus, link it to the bird (with a string of cloth, i suppose?), sent it to fly. Some lyrics will follow. Current system, of spirits, allows the same. you can write a message on papyrus and sent it. But, basically, this is weird. I would like to suggest to separate those two things: delivering of goods (by CoD or whatever, basically this does not require any additional messaging), and a possibility just to drop few words to your friend. Even when the're offline. Spirits will still remain an only way for goods delivery (a bird cannot deliver a Egyptian Pyramids). But if you would like to send a message - tamed birds is the only way. This idea is very raw, and, for sure, needs a rough discussion. But, it opens a sea of possibilities: - to train a raven you will need a high QL leather gloves - to train a dove you will need a high QL wheet - ravens die when become untamed - doves die when out of food and so on, so on, so on. both are really exciting creatures, and here can be a really nice roleplay. ravens are predators, doves are a symbol of peace, black & white, dark & light, and so on. Your deity may bless you, if you're using "her's" birds. But if a "light" guy is using "black" ravens, "black" gods may grant him sort of damage absorbtion from "black" spells. so, speaking roughfly, you can use birds of your deity to increase your spells, or use a birds from an opposite deity to weaken his spells. that's just for ex. it could be very interesting, imho. a lot of possibilities, and very interesting way for further development. Well. I have a lot of minds regarding this, but for now - i want just to share (and discuss) an idea, of alternative "mail-system", bird's system. for messaging. good's delivery - still up for spirits, as it is. An email to offline friend - for tamed birds. Actually, me, personally, like an idea of taming birds. flying birds. Imagine a parrot, who is sitting on your shoulder. And mumbling randomly swear words regarding "CA-HELP" ("those guys will teach me, how to incubate the eggs, hah!"). But this is a a very future, which can come from an idea of taming birds. for now, this can be a very first steps - taming birds just for delivering the messages. Thank you for your time, and don't hesitate to share your minds about it.
  13. Charcoal pile

    https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Charcoal_pile nope, it will not. it it uses 1.5 of kindling just like with lightening.
  14. [Resolved] Java and "hybrid" videocards

    you're right, works like charm. with both cards enabled, and after restart. guess, this topic may be closed, since this issue is more likely related to guys from Oracle, then to WURM dev-team.
  15. [Resolved] Java and "hybrid" videocards

    cannot check it atm. but i think, this will not work, because our client is not a regular executable, it's a .jnlp file. i will check and get back with details.