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  1. ah, then this could be ignored, i guess. ty.
  2. Launched the wurm low-memory client, right after that launched second copy of it by accident. First copy still lives, the second one crashed with: not sure what can be the source of the problem. the only clue is that i have fixed swap-file size, not system managed, so maybe second copy just was unable to allocate memory needed.
  3. I'm thinking about possibility to create and write down custom music in Wurm. We can start from the simplest things, like a classic flute, where at one moment we can have only one note of a certain pitch and duration. Idea is the following: 1. create a flute (QL of the flute will determine the amount of available notes) 2. create a blank paper (QL of the paper determines how much notes can be recorded) 3. use a flute (the most tricky part, we will need smth like an editor where we can set up the sequence of notes specifying their pitch and duration) 4. after playing - record it (just like with almanac after studying the plants), on a paper, using a pen. 5. compose the recorded melodies in some sort of a music book. 6. Recorded melodies can be played by using a flute on a paper with notes (if the quality of the flute allows to reproduce all sounds recorded) it's a very draft idea, of course, but if this will seem to be interesting - we can work on details alltogether. Thanks!
  4. i have a 20 slope bridge ended up with mountain. on mountaing there is a building with a gates in front of the bridge. it looks like this: The large cart can't pass through that gates. with a help of @Njorun we found out, that if the floor is destroyed - the cart can pass, when we have a floor - it can't. it looks like there is a very specific glitch, when you're crossing the edge beetwen a bridge and a building with a floor. maybe because of the gates, or because of 20 slope, or existing floor, or alltogether. another thing, when cart is stuck at that position and i'm disembarking from it - i'm falling through the bridge. atm problem is solved by removing the floor, but ughm. not the best solution obviously.
  5. Well, if this is not an issue related to change of seasons (as I thought), I would suggest just to catch an error (as was already offered before) and keep querying the server until valid data is received (it's a simple check, no? is XML valid or not. if not - let's repeat and wait for the valid one). without falling down into windows exceptions. Maybe some sort of indication on the clock could be useful for the most curious guys, like an additional icon with mouseover tip: "Thank you, Oracle, for keeping us busy". just to indicate to the user that something is not right. but system error messages - not a good style anyway. Program must detect errors itself. and handle this errors, without scaring beautiful ladies with system messages (i'm not talking here about ugly guys, 'cause basically, we're just admiring system messages). Just a thoughts
  6. Same here: It happened right after: [23:28:43] It is 00:47:33 on Wrath day in week 1 of the starfall of Omens in the year of 1078. I have a feeling, that this maybe related But no crush happened, clock is still working. P.S. great tool, keep it up, Yaga thanks.
  7. P.S. sorry, guys - wrong forum. Can anyone please move this to Wurm Online? My bad.