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  1. bump I need the banker made though my token is far from the dock I want to set a merchant on. It does not make sense that I lose sales because of something that I can't move is hard to find like the token.
  2. Coin case

    +1 and to the no drop idea too.
  3. +1 I suggested a banker and medic before too maybe for the same reason. I can't imagine it would be bad for the game having people buy npc like this then building for them.
  4. Mostly with the medic I have memories of dying very very slowly before I figured out how things worked so I just had that idea for new people with the same problem or villages with more people in them. If both of them were added to the game they could be setup as services people visiting your deed could rent like the Inns and you would see banks and hospitals being built for roleplay.
  5. I would like to see an option to buy a npc banker for my deed that can let people deposit their coins in their bank when visiting it could have other options too.I would also like to have a bank or chest option that works kinda like the magical chest connected to it or solo that maybe just cost a silver a month for each.Many people will never buy the magical chest because of the cost but they will rent something like it if they have the option to.If they let it expire for a long time have it decay or you could do a Storage wars type deal and auction it off ?. I think people may rent or buy npc medics with higher skills than their own for deeds too if it was an option.It would not be a bad thing for new players at all it is better than their char dying. People may roleplay building a bank or hospital if these option were in the game and able to be rented out to non villagers. Would any of these ideas be possible?I think they would make the game better and get more silver into it.
  6. I sent the Barrel of Milk sorry for the wait.
  7. That is so cool Thank you ?.
  8. Hey thank you for adding my deed Two Silvers before. I was wondering would it be a good idea to have the date the deed was added to the map under the names so you could tell if it was an older deed or not?
  9. The Half Mooned Inn L12 in the deed Two Silvers on the community map The owners are Nodie and Wolfenbane It is still a work in progress with only the bottom floors walls finished but the beds are active for 1c. I have not been able to test the permissions yet please let me know if there are any problems and I have to finish some fences before I can set animals to be lead on deed too so that isn't set.
  10. The Honestly Greedy Trade Port part of the Two Silvers deed. ? My Merchant Nodie in the market near Linton is stocked with 28 small barrels of 40ql Lye for 20c each. ? Wagoner is on deed bulk items can be sent that way to Xan there is no charge for the crates. ? Pickup or local lake delivery of items at L12 Xanadu.To order send a message here or in game to Nodie. ? LYE ?MILK ?️ Building supplies ? Sprouts and Seedlings
  11. changed the location to merchant ads please close. Stone Clay
  12. Please add my deed Two Silvers at 2332 -4282 in L12. Thank you