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  1. hehe teabagging in wurm inc +1 though
  2. +1 to making the spells the same for balance -1 for thinking this is sexism, more like flamebait title
  3. Yeah I hate that fountain-pans etc were even allowed to remain in game. What game leaves obviously bugged/exploit items in play? Amateur yo.
  4. - a million the last time they did this it was a failure
  5. Reading "Troublesome Inheritance"
  6. Font seems little large too the frame. Otherwise meh.
  7. Kidnap

    I played a nice pvp mud back in the day that had KO, blindfold to remove sight, earmuffs to lock out chat channels, gag to prevent any chat/tells, shackles for movement, cuffs to stop actions. It was kinda fun to abduct someone you hate and put them into some random remote room. Then cast invisability on them with a few days duration and laugh yourself silly as they can't even meta-game their own rescue. +1 btw
  8. Traders on Xanadu?

    honestly no i say that already being a trader owner elsewhere
  9. I would go with slightly offensive. Its like, you took the VERY minimum effort. Sometimes that can be worse than nothing. "My condolences. If you need someone to talk to I am here." ~~~ still only took about 10 seconds, 10000x more meaning
  10. Smells like pee but that simply isn't enough ! Here are a couple proposed buffs to the yellow potion in poll format. Vote em, talk smack, add new ones, w/e.
  11. Thanks again, you are the greatest
  12. Welcome back. You should be able to just grab it regardless of depth.
  13. -1 to the materials updates for the reasons already mentioned. Salvage makes good sense and should be balanced enough so +1 there.
  14. +1 especially if it was an additional use of the yellow potion ...and buff yellow potion to not end when you get hit
  15. Griper has joined the ranks of the full gods.
  16. It would be interesting to have a dark night instead of "movie nighttime".
  17. Seems like a neat idea to have a section more newbie friendly and another area more wilderness.