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  1. Slow change of focus

    Salute and so long. Hit me up when your next project hits alpha.
  2. Is mayonaise a gender ?
  3. Bleh, traders need complete removal. Would support player minted currency though based on actions and timer from unique IPs with appriopriate caps for village size, blah blah blah somehow balanced.
  4. I'm amazed I missed such a bad thread this long. -1 despite not being a suggestion
  5. Current group: 5 players 4 raptors 1 carno 1 pteradon 2 trikes 1 steg 2 scorps
  6. +1 for PvE specific items and spells, also PvE specific method for making potential player-gods.
  7. There is a strong "I had to suffer so so should everyone else" mentality on this forum. Its a shame really and holds back the game as a whole I think.
  8. +1 to removing shatter entirely also to increasing skillgains on ALL slower skills (WS, channel, meditation)
  9. Annoying people

    Meh just knock it down, diplomacy on their level.
  10. enchant decay is a terrible idea
  11. Yeah that teamwork is mad important. 1 vs 3 raptors is death. 2 at least means I might outrun the other player
  12. Friend's server is up and we are walling off a bay to keep the local carnasaurs from visiting us yet again. One tamed dino so far, planning to get a trike very soon.
  13. Got a friend getting a server set up once we figure that out. Should be fun.
  14. Fairness is irrelevant. Wurm suffers for having ultra-slow skill gains. I say this as a titled weaponsmith. Rate should be raised. Also, there is no economy, who are people trying to kid.
  15. The idea that a priest is an investment that should "pay off" is rather gross.
  16. Remove all enchantment decay. The enchant system is rng nonsense as is, why make it worse.
  17. After this, we will also need rocket-sleds.