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  1. Couldn't be farther from the truth. This is a long-term war/conquest theme. You are literally conquering entire maps to progress to the next map.
  2. shrugs Can't make everyone happy, and some people would rather just jump to conclusions without fact checking first. Since her post I have doubled the amount of documentation listed in Discord to help shorten any learning curve that players may experience. Your welcome
  3. Cuddles have you even logged into the server, or are you just blatantly passing judgement based on a short description? Is your expectation that anyone who posts a Server to play on is only there to purely host and administer the server without ever playing? Rest assured you can figure out any of the minor details or changes in-game by looking at your action timers, spell lists, crafting menu, and live map with ores if your running one. The post was hand crafted to be informational and short, to peak interest and not bore people. Zero intention of hiding data and if you would like to ask for more all you have to do is hop on the server and chat, or join discord. And no, champ's are not dropping moon metals, lmao. I have put much more thought into balancing gameplay than that thank you. Come give it a go. Join discord and hang out. You are more than welcome to come visit us anytime.
  4. Divided Lands PVP x5 Skillgain, x20 Action Timers Discord Server Here Conquer the Cluster Custom rewards for conquering land, cumulative across servers 10% Custom Trader (QoL items, food, drink, etc.) 20% Custom Trader (Magical Chests, Spyglass, Rez Stones, etc.) 30% One GM no-bash bridge w/endcap buildings (permissions set to Kingdom only, not lock-pickable) non-HoTA area, non-enemy Spawn area 40% King or Queen (All items King/Queen items are 100ql) reduction below 40% land results in GM removal of King/Queen items and offices granted 50% Jullboard at original map Kingdom Spawn 60% GM Landscape your deed (300height dirt limit, 100height rock limit, other limitations apply) 80% New PVP Map opens with boat access (will result in creation of Login Server to balance map access and server load) 120% To be announced at a later date *Please note rewards are not immediate* Server Info MR vs. HoTS, No PMK, Freedom Blocked, HoTA & Arena Depots @ map center Custom 1k Map, 10,000 creatures 80% aggressive Max Body Strength, Body Stamina, Body Control is 70, Max Shield Bash is 50 No Champions to maintain balance Custom spell adjustments to allow Libila to remove reinforced walls, and to reinforce them Limit of leading 1 animal (Ride one, lead one) Rarity matters, +10ql cast per statuette rarity level (max cast of 130), rare items have a chance to transfer rarity upon crafting completion (two rare rock shards can possibly create a rare stone brick) Increased rarity chances for Rarity Roll Window 5 Faith & Meditation gains per day, can be back to back, and no moving 20 tiles Arena Depots spawn on Wed nights and on weekends (CST), check server messages and discord for event broadcasts Increased Unique Spawns Many other features to explore and find Server Backups run every 3 hours automatically, and reboots may be performed as necessary for patching, balancing, and maintenance Corpses and tree stumps will be purged from the database once a week during maintenance periods Leaderboard is available (I use this for Transparency on my stats) Server Rules No griefing, no hacking/exploiting uniques/broken wurm mechanics Macroing is allowed, All Client side mods allowed Limit your alt army to a single alt per IP/Steam ID No exploiting HoTA area at all
  5. Post map files for download please.