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  1. One handed spear

    That looks so badasss
  2. One handed spear

    Such a great film!
  3. Make Uniques Great Again

    Because that would be spiteful to those that enjoy grouping up and taking on something bigger then them? just cause you don't do something, doesn't mean it should be removed? But it does need a bit of life bringing to it
  4. Make Uniques Great Again

    +1 Unique fighting is so boring, the only time you actually interact with the game is when you appear 20 tiles behind where you were. I can see a refresh in uniques bringing a lot to the game that does seem missing already
  5. One handed spear

    So given that we have the new (to me at least) Polearms weapon class it had me thinking, How cool would it be to be able to use a one handed spear with a shield. Like a true legionnaire would? don't suggest changing the spears in the game atm as i feel they're perfect but maybe a slower weaker variant of the metal spear? Personally i just think it would look cool Also, one horse cart chariots would look awesome :3 Any thoughts?