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  1. I like having something harder/more expensive to obtain.. it gives you something to work towards, a motivation. Theyre not so as OP that not having them makes a huge difference, while still offering a project/goal to those of us that like unique stuff. In my eyes Moon metal like scale/hide ect adds a upper layer of the economy to work towards... the trade of moon metals and MM items can only be good for wurms market
  2. Found it mentioned by a guy on a old browser based game back int eh earlier 2000's, Got chatting to him and started myself, Left golden valley with the guy and luckily got adopted from Indy spawn within minutes of arriving by some nice people... And here i am many many years later
  3. Dev given sleep bonus stacks.. unfortunately cant please everyone
  4. Im pretty sure Dev given SB stacks with your normal SB regardless of whether your bar is full or empty, some of my alts still have 8hrs+ of SB
  5. 70-79 Cast = 80c each 80+ Cast 1.2s each 60-69 Cast = 35c each
  6. As title states, please watch out for falling rocks
  7. Do you still need dirt?