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  1. Greetings fellow Wurmians! Today we have 0.43 of scale for sale 2.25s per 0.01 or make sensible offer for the lot. Can be mailed (combined at buyers request) or collected from Q16 Melody Happy wurming!
  2. - I believe this is already a thing, I think that is what name plates do which can be purchased with marks, though I've never tried it since coming back to wurm. Id assume so as we have a field of Bison named after one of our group. Honestly this topic needs closing, its clearly an extremely toxic subject and is only going to stir the pot. If people are found to be abusing these horse names then they should definitely be removed and im sure the entire community would agree however this appears to not be the case and I don't see how the horses could be used to cause actual direct offense to anyone (if this is not the case you should contact a GM immediately and raise a ticket and provide evidence, the GM team have always been fair and helpful when I've dealt with them in the past).
  3. I don't see how the word Child is offensive.. there's not a lot a horse name can be used to promote something obscene as you are implying. In all my years of playing wurm I've never made a connection... honestly i think your just looking for things to complain about. Next itll be about how wurm promotes animal cruelty