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  1. Driver made no change so I have reverted back to original. Your right it says out of memory? can anyone explain how to get around it? even low memory client doesn't work :L
  2. ivIt seems to work a lot better on low memory but still crashes, I should have tons of memory going to try the graphics driver now
  3. Thanks guys ill try both and see where it gets me! thought buying a decent gaming rig would cause less issues not more ?
  4. ive reset them and now Its back to the original issue, ever since the graphics update ive crashed a few minutes into playing every time. the game just freezes and java crashes. haven't got much experience with this type of thing so I haven't a clue what to do :S
  5. Thanks for the add! Your hard work is appriciated ?
  6. ? your funny, you could count that as an unfair advantage ? Implyin i have to state on what and you dont ? Sorry davih i just dont like their logic ?
  7. 7707, 6345 Black Rock Isle thanks