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  1. Top quality service.. highly recommend.. that's if they've got any free time between all the orders ill be throwing at him soon
  2. Great service! had my dye soon as they were on, would defenitly recommend!
  3. Lived next to this guy for years when we built TapDance market... he was basically a member of our village when we lived there.. sad times Have a lot of good memories of our exploits
  4. Thanks again for my new Pick, kept me in the loop the entire time and couldn't be more happy with my new pickaxe
  5. Hi Im looking to hire one or more miners for a large project I have on Melody, there is no set limit to how much you mine and there's plenty of work to be done. So if your interested in making some good money please feel free to contact me. You will not be expected to clear any veins in the way unless you wish too Rates negotiable
  6. Have you run out of prem time? Im not gunna lie i forgot about premium when i returned the other day
  7. Driver made no change so I have reverted back to original. Your right it says out of memory? can anyone explain how to get around it? even low memory client doesn't work :L
  8. ivIt seems to work a lot better on low memory but still crashes, I should have tons of memory going to try the graphics driver now
  9. Thanks guys ill try both and see where it gets me! thought buying a decent gaming rig would cause less issues not more ?
  10. ive reset them and now Its back to the original issue, ever since the graphics update ive crashed a few minutes into playing every time. the game just freezes and java crashes. haven't got much experience with this type of thing so I haven't a clue what to do :S
  11. Thanks for the add! Your hard work is appriciated ?
  12. ? your funny, you could count that as an unfair advantage ? Implyin i have to state on what and you dont ? Sorry davih i just dont like their logic ?