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  1. Treasure Hunting needs to be updated for 1.8 since that method changed. I believe OP is aware and will be working on it as soon as able
  2. Any updates for this for 1.8, toggle seems to have gone missing since the update.
  3. You can manage powers from ingame with the ebony wand. Activate it, Right click it and go to Server>manage player powers. See if that works.
  4. Wow that shows everything! Thank you so much, I never would have thought to check the GM tool to see the attributes and such. Is there a downside to making a lot of gods in order to get a specific set of attributes? Like will it cause issues?
  5. We are looking into the mission ruler and have noticed that although there are base missions to kill creatures there is no option for that on the mission ruler that we can see. I was wanting to know how you would make a kill mission that requires you kill x number of creatures to obtain a reward; or even a mission to bury x number of creatures. Any ideas?
  6. Oh okay, thanks. That's really obvious now that you mention it like that lol! Did you see my question above about Drake Mounts configs?
  7. Clients are having issues launching after putting the Tabard Mod in, I tried it and am also unable to launch my game with it in. Is there a separate download for a client version? Client Log:
  8. Ive got the config set up in httpservermod config file. The mods themselves aren't seeming to work. I will try adding that line to their configs and see if that fixes them. Not sure what packdownload does to be honest. Should the serverpack be assigning addresses/would that cause the mods to not run since it isnt, according to bigsteve? Ill update with what I find after adding the line. http server config (incase I entered something wrong, omitted the IP addresses for safety) Update: Adding that line has fixed all the mods and they are working now! Thank you so much!!!!
  9. Modloader mods aren't working on my new server for some reason. On my desktop everything worked fine but I found that with my dedicated server pc I had to change the Http Server config. I haven't been able to get the mods that require that working since I swapped PCs. I am not receiving any errors afaik from them, so I am unsure as to what is causing it to not work. This happened before and after the 1.8 update, but here's a log from pre 1.8 (this morning). I edited out a lot of the log in and log out rubbish cause it made the log super long. Let me know if you need config settings too or anything. Thanks !
  10. Thanks Governor for the response! One more question, I am noticing the Drake Mounts config in the download is slightly different from the one in your example file. Specifically this segment: Download Example One states that setting them false will allow gm spawning, the other states that it will not. I have had the mod in my server for a while with the downloaded config and all drakes set to false but never got an option for them in the list to spawn. I was wondering if the example config is actually the right one to use or if it has changed. What I am wanting is to only spawn the drake mounts by GM ebony wand (or if there is a command I missed for spawning them let me know) and for them to not spawn in the world. I'd like them to be unique event rewards/etc. if I can.
  11. Yeah I asked in a discord channel and that was found, probably by the team member you're talking about. I'm relieved its not a critical error at least and hopefully the dev's will fix it soon.
  12. Getting a Could not reserve enough space for object heap error. I've tried all earlier posts about fixing this and none seem to be working, ideas? It worked fine with no need to allocate ram on 131 java but now that Im at 181 java I can't load actions at all since it runs out of memory, but can't allocate more than 1gb (which isn't enough). Tested the Pathtowurmfolder/bin/java etc option to try binding it to my WU java but the cmd that runs from that .bat immediately closes and never launches the program. Also a friend is making a map and having trouble where kelp is everywhere, even where there should have been grass. And it is coming out on the biome.png as all one color. Painted kelp is being read as dirt and grass as kelp it seems. We think it may be due to the closeness in the colors of the grass and kelp, not sure with the dirt. We were letting the grass auto generate. Any suggestions here?
  13. Okay thank you. As far as I can tell both items were destroyed and haven't re-appeared. I was only worried it would cause the issue I mentioned before with the unable to update/create item error and have glitched objects everywhere (dirt in fsbs, dirt with cart model etc). I didnt want to go ahead and re open my server only to run into that again. Thanks for the discord link!
  14. There is a mod for this, as the config setting does not affect all actions. It is the Action Timer Fix mod by bdew, found here: