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  1. This is a copy paste from a suggestion I made in another thread which gained some traction, to discuss the topic solely. Essentially aimed at increasing the level and difficultly of PvE by making the tracking skill more fun & interactive and useful for hunting mobs, either individually or in groups. The Initial Idea: The idea is that we could make monster "spawns" a trigger event specifically a result of tracking. For example, if you track for something eventually you trigger a spawn (creature spawns) a number of tiles away. So you get a fight on your hands. With a bigger rework this could lead to a progression based track, similar to archaeology caches, such as a hunter getting more and more spawns the longer you keep it going (in a single session). So you stumble upon a troll, track a camp with 2 more trolls, eventually find a cave entrance with a miniature stronghold of 20+ trolls. But only if you keep on their trail in a set amount of time. The player has the choice of when "enough is enough" and its getting too hard to continue on the trail, or can invite a hunting party. To prevent players tracking and "spawning" larger camps on new players we could add that the monsters spawned as a result of tracking are only aggressive to the tracker or anyone who attacks first - to prevent a stronghold spawning on a newbie in the area? My own opinion on this is: +1 to anything that makes PvE Interesting, I've found it mundane trying to find trolls etc to fight and skill my FS. -1 to anything that would impact newbies negatively. Implementation Suggestions: Make sure spawns are tied in with fight skill and tracking, and make spawns away from start towns and highways. A further option would be to limit how far these spawned monsters can walk from their camp, keeping them close knit to return with a friend when things get tough, but also ensuring a swarm don't wander toward new players. In my opinion tracked creatures should also be related to the terrain where possible for added Lore and immersion, trolls when rock tiles are within X distance, wolves/bear requiring forest (tree tiles), crocodiles, anaconda in desert etc... Graphics for Stronghold or small mob camps would be a nice addition too ^-^ In terms of rewards, I don't think we should add anything new other than what is butchered, but there is the opportunity to then take this further and have 95+ tracking, who clear lots of difficult mobs eventually spawn some kind of boss. (eg. Kill a Troll Stronghold, find evidence of another potential tribe to the north, where there's a Champion Troll and more of his friends). Possibly up to a Troll King for example, or Forest Giant protecting his wolf friends (which were coming in huge packs later in the content), obviously a rare spawn and requiring insane 95+ tracking skill. Removed Uniques from the scope of this suggestion following community feedback, however new "tougher than champion" monsters would be welcomed, as would "clues" as to a related Unique's location on the server. What do you guys think? I'll try to keep track of other ideas that the community like in this post too. Additional Suggestions/Responses: TBD - Add your views in the thread and I will collate here if they gain traction with the community!
  2. Macoofer- Jellyfish - Wurm Online Wallmart!

    Stone chisel C96 1-10 1s 12c 25% 0s 84c COD to Vaelir Please!
  3. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    Mailed you 7 Horseshoes, 2 Saddles for WOA 90+ Also Rare Trowel for Enchanting 10 items for a 10/10 service! Edit, I think the Trowel is still getting runed, but will be headed your way xD
  4. Macoofer- Jellyfish - Wurm Online Wallmart!

    Will take 11k Marble Bricks, delivered north of Summerholt (Lakeview is Deed) or 12k if you have more... Your choice to drop off in BSBs or wagoner but I can't crate exchange. Will talk in game next time you're online! V
  5. Ascorbic's Bulk Goods

    Will take 6k Mortar @Vaelir Wagoner
  6. As per the topic, I have a RARE peg to sell, in raspberry wood. If you want to try your luck at a rare pinkish boat - you came to the right place! Starting Bid: 20c Increment: 1c No Snipe Protection, No Buyout See image below for the archaeology wood colours.
  7. Congrats @Felthanne Please see mail to arrange trade
  8. WTB Rare Saddle

    These things go quickly!
  9. WTB Rare Saddle

    Looking to buy a rare saddle, paying 5s for blank any ql, see below "modifiers" to add to the 4s if you have enchants/improved Enchants: +80c for 90+ woa +1.2s for 95+ woa +2s for 100+ woa Quality: +1s for a 90ql +1.5s for 93ql +3s for 95ql Message me in forums or in game before mailing in case I found one! Thanks, V
  10. WTB Rare Saddle

    Thanks for letting me know! Was hard to find the price, I will consider any reasonable offers!
  11. -1 if you are right clicking to dig you are doing it wrong anyway.. just bind it!
  12. rare chisel blade - 2s COD Vaelir if available!
  13. Archaeology Journal - ql80 60c COD to Vaelir please!
  14. white dye

    Was sold to me by the OP lol Lesson Learnt and no hard feelings!
  15. I would support this if it was capped at 50 or 70, but even if so I would also want a refund for the 1 year subscription I have. (Since all my skills are under 70 I would simply continue playing for "free" after a one time fee). Already, I can see this is flawed as I have paid at least 2 years subscription already. There is no way I would pay £80 for 70 cap on my skills, especially if they were then reduced skill gain for not being prem. If they are not reduced by not being prem then there is no reason for the vast majority of people to go prem to build deeds etc.. (70 skill is enough) so the game will lose out in the long run. My question is though... if you're not premium what do you want to do with your time in wurm? Do you really need 70 skill to do those things? The kind of situation this seems to address, in my opinion, is what Wurm Unlimited is there for. The "price" you would need to set this to get the community to accept it, would be more than a years subscription, so if a player "won't pay £10" to continue playing after a month, why would they fork this out? I agree that the game is almost not worth playing without premium, but its really not that expensive, especially when you can pay in game. (If you're at 20 skill to care about this thread you can easily make the silver in game). Besides, I'm fairly sure the "non-prem" option is meant as a trial period/try before you buy. Not as a long term "stick around and play for free".
  16. Revoked my comments as I misunderstood. Thanks Finnn
  17. Allow people to buy new, skilled accounts

    You've gone from "Make it only on Epic" if freedom don't agree to discussing Freedom when Epic don't agree. Basically every response has been negative, and your posts throughout have always been trying to defend the idea. Ultimately I think this suggestion is a lost cause. 1 vote "for" (yours) and the rest "against" isn't worth taking further.
  18. Allow people to buy new, skilled accounts

    Note that I did start the somewhat long sentence with "if something needs to be done for Epic". I completely agree with you & likewise do not want anything that takes away from the hard effort people have put in over the years.
  19. Allow people to buy new, skilled accounts

    This is a -1 from me, for all aspects, if something needs to be done for Epic I still don't believe it should be a "pay to win" fixed by "pay someone else to win". Something along the lines of huge stat losses upon death (% of skill, so higher skills risk more by fighting), would help somewhat to bring some balance. But of course the current elite would never support a fix/update which diminishes their current power status. The only ideas I get sparked from this thread which I could somewhat agree to would be paying a 1 time (maybe hefty) fee to increase cap from 20 for non-prem. For those who can't afford to stay prem, or play sporadically. Say £20 per 10 level increase on the cap, upto 70. (For all characters on the account). Total would be £100 to increase personal cap, but would also be something people can buy 1 step at a time (say when they get their skills up and see how far they want to go/play). If there is a real desire for buying stats, one could consider a "unique" item which can be bought from the store (non-tradeable) which allows the player to select one skill to increase to 70. However, I would be against the idea as it is really pay-to-win, but at the same time, would prefer that money go to the devs, whereas today I can buy silver from a player and grind 70 in most skills pretty easily with pizza. (Somewhat pay to win). An alternative could be to allow players to "buy" Affinity Ranks, with rank 2 and 3 becoming more and more expensive. Or perhaps have an item which can be found and used in game to select an affinity (Tome of Knowledge or something?) How to address the issues that new players face on Epic should not be a pay to win solution. If that is all this suggestion has going for it then its a big -1 from me. Anyhow, I got sidetracked with other ideas, sorry...
  20. Make Uniques Great Again

    Wonder why nobody has suggested to just remove uniques from the game yet... all this drama and fuss over something 95% of the population probably have never encountered and wouldn't miss...
  21. Think like a Dragon!

    Can imagine a blue dragon lava breathing on the water to make an obsidian bed / island to walk around, attracting the sea monsters etc...
  22. The Purge

    Does this mean I need to move further inland on Xanadu to avoid being looted? "The Coast is no longer safe". Whilst I agree this could be fun for some, there are many on Freedom who don't train FS much and just enjoy playing wurm, I would hate to see this abused and ruin someone's deed / hard work all in one weekend. If it's PvP (combat) only then maybe... (My understanding of the Purge movie includes all the looting/chaos etc.. which you may or may not have intended to suggest)
  23. I was thinking of this yesterday too, after making a left staircase, I'd like a "half arch" so I don't run over the edge from behind but can access the staircase +1 from me, also would like spiral staircase in other stone types (marble)
  24. Uniques Rework - Fair for all

    Apologies if I mistook your suggestion for "Being more like rifts" to include other things rather than just the proximity element (including timers on niarja). That said, I doubt it would be difficult for devs to "secure" the corpse to allow all participants to butcher (and only those in local when it died).