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  1. Mailed you 7 Horseshoes, 2 Saddles for WOA 90+ Also Rare Trowel for Enchanting 10 items for a 10/10 service! Edit, I think the Trowel is still getting runed, but will be headed your way xD
  2. Will take 11k Marble Bricks, delivered north of Summerholt (Lakeview is Deed) or 12k if you have more... Your choice to drop off in BSBs or wagoner but I can't crate exchange. Will talk in game next time you're online! V
  3. Will take 6k Mortar @Vaelir Wagoner
  4. Congrats @Felthanne Please see mail to arrange trade
  5. These things go quickly!
  6. Thanks for letting me know! Was hard to find the price, I will consider any reasonable offers!
  7. -1 if you are right clicking to dig you are doing it wrong anyway.. just bind it!
  8. As per the topic, I have a RARE peg to sell, in raspberry wood. If you want to try your luck at a rare pinkish boat - you came to the right place! Starting Bid: 20c Increment: 1c No Snipe Protection, No Buyout See image below for the archaeology wood colours.
  9. Looking to buy a rare saddle, paying 5s for blank any ql, see below "modifiers" to add to the 4s if you have enchants/improved Enchants: +80c for 90+ woa +1.2s for 95+ woa +2s for 100+ woa Quality: +1s for a 90ql +1.5s for 93ql +3s for 95ql Message me in forums or in game before mailing in case I found one! Thanks, V
  10. Archaeology Journal - ql80 60c COD to Vaelir please!
  11. white dye

    Was sold to me by the OP lol Lesson Learnt and no hard feelings!
  12. I would support this if it was capped at 50 or 70, but even if so I would also want a refund for the 1 year subscription I have. (Since all my skills are under 70 I would simply continue playing for "free" after a one time fee). Already, I can see this is flawed as I have paid at least 2 years subscription already. There is no way I would pay £80 for 70 cap on my skills, especially if they were then reduced skill gain for not being prem. If they are not reduced by not being prem then there is no reason for the vast majority of people to go prem to build deeds etc.. (70 skill is enough) so the game will lose out in the long run. My question is though... if you're not premium what do you want to do with your time in wurm? Do you really need 70 skill to do those things? The kind of situation this seems to address, in my opinion, is what Wurm Unlimited is there for. The "price" you would need to set this to get the community to accept it, would be more than a years subscription, so if a player "won't pay £10" to continue playing after a month, why would they fork this out? I agree that the game is almost not worth playing without premium, but its really not that expensive, especially when you can pay in game. (If you're at 20 skill to care about this thread you can easily make the silver in game). Besides, I'm fairly sure the "non-prem" option is meant as a trial period/try before you buy. Not as a long term "stick around and play for free".