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  1. The One year challenge

    North of Summerholt in 2018 Note: The Canal to the Southern Lake did not exist! North of Summerholt - 4 new deeds since the 2018 dump! New Highway and Canal - Lots of progress Image showing new Highways and 6 new deeds! (there's actually two more deeds not shown on the map yet to the North of Jenkin's Deed) @DaletheGood - Great Progress on the Highway System and removing the 2018 Carpark! (At Korriban) @DarthBane, @Sparklemancer@chachajenkins @jackjones@olafhairybreeks - What an active community we have!
  2. The One year challenge

    My Deed Location 2018 (Pre Deed) - North of Summerholt Note: I worked heavily on the surrounding area too, but my deed is on the right hand side of this image. My Deed in the latest 2019 dump: Note: My deed is on the right, with the 3 levels of terraform, yet to make any significant buildings, bridges are pretty much done though! More Terraforming to do on the East (Top Level), before I build my Marble Palace!
  3. WTS Studded Armor Set, 90ql with aosp casts ranging from 89 to 98, average 94 cast per piece. Includes RARE Studded Leather Sleeve. All pieces are dyed black with 90ql dye (see image below). Asking Price: 10s /tell me ingame or post here to buy
  4. Reading this made me feel all warm and happy inside I will have to get myself up to speed on the Hunting Server Suggestion, I saw the thread but from what I saw it was only "accessible" to very skilled fighters, as it would be incredibly dangerous, but this seems more friendly for all as you stop any time it gets hard, or can scale up the difficulty with Tracking Skill
  5. Make Scythes A Better Weapon

    +1 to this, remove CR penalty on Scythe Did I miss something here, do Lib already get a +2 CR? I don't see why Scythes have to be exclusive to Lib Followers/Priests though, if anything the CR penalty should be removed outright for everyone to have fun with them.
  6. As subject states, I'm looking to buy: Rare/Supreme: Cloth Hood, QL 85+, Paying 2s for Blank Rare Rare/Supreme: Leather Jacket, QL 85+, Paying 2s for Blank Rare Message me to discuss price for lower QL or Supreme, Please check that I still need before sending COD, Vaelir
  7. Sandstone, Marble, Slate equipment

    +1 for this, would love more furnishing options and shingle types.
  8. Uniques should remain extremely rare indeed, this is a good suggestion to address that, providing hints towards the creatures location but not spawning it directly. I can see how making them spawn at high levels would just invalidate the challenge and rarity that they pose. The other option of course being to not include uniques in the scope of any tracking update at all. But there is also the option to maybe add a few new "elites" in as a mid-ground, such as an "Brood Queen" for anaconda or "Alpha Wolf", as long as they make sense and fit in the lore! Such elites could be more difficult than a Champion and pose a real challenge to most players, or even groups, thinking along the lines of "Champion+Greenish+Raging" + CR increase from the usual mob.
  9. I was about to quote this exact sentence and say the same, fully support this categorization idea! This could also be a means to allow trackers to start a new trail if the one they are on becomes to hard for them to pursue further.
  10. Claiming/abandon vehicle/item option

    Interesting idea, I do believe something could be done in this area, and would like to see it addressed in some way. I have had numerous locations where I wanted to deed but there have been abandoned ships scattered there which ruin the view and are just "in the way", not sure what returning players would feel like if something was done to them, but it's at the point where we have an abandoned wagon in the middle of a lake because someone decided to dredge and expand to make a canal. Many could make use of these if only the locks would "decay" and allow them to attach a new one and become owner. Rather than just waiting for the day they decay completely. Any solution would have to be implemented in a way which didn't ruin the game for players who took a break, 3-6 months etc.. but if their entire deed has decayed and gone, why not the ships too?
  11. Make Scythes A Better Weapon

    +1 to this, I currently wield a Scythe and invested in getting a nice one, mainly to act like a Reaper (I wear all black and try to look scary). As someone who mainly plays PvE I don't think weapons matter so much, the game isn't difficult enough in PvE for the choice to matter, but can see how some may want to bring them in line with two handed swords/halberds, I believe they are already pretty close but lacking on parry rate. -1 to anything that makes Scythes only viable to Libila, but small bonus' would be fine (maybe casts are stronger when wielding a scythe?). EDIT: -1000 to anything that makes Scythes completely non-viable as weapons, being a Reaper is fun!
  12. Make Scythes A Better Weapon

    War Scythe would be cool, but some players have heavily invested in a Scythe weapon (High Enchants, Rares etc..) so if a new item/model is created I would appreciate the "upgrade/convert" option similar to fishing rods as a one time "do you want to convert, yes or no".
  13. Message for animals stop leading due to walls/etc

    +1 to the flash on screen if not "stop leading" selected by the player. Trying to remember which corner of wall the horse is stuck on is irritating!
  14. Farming Enhancements? Sowing/Harvest

    I can see that reasoning, it's fair not to make missing a day devastating, but perhaps one or two tends per tile is enough just to prevent the whole system being automated? Also increasing yield for those who go the extra mile and tend more? I have to be honest, it was the sowing part which bores me the most too, I don't mind tending and harvesting. Any suggestion to automate sowing whilst not negatively impacting other aspects of the game would be welcome. - My initial thought was tying small buckets filled with seeds to chickens and scaring them around an enclosed field, but it kind of evolved from that ^-^
  15. @Thalius @Flubb @Brash_Endeavors @Roccandil