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  1. Awakening Server is still going strong. It is growing with good and experienced ppl. You all that have not tried this server out are missing something special, it is a experience you cant find somewhere else. Right now there is a new smaller area build up that is neutral (Kendralon) to meet up at for events or trading across kingdoms. Welcome to Tirvalon (PVE), Cellimdar (PVE), Shodroq (PVP) or Thekandre (PVP) on the Awakening server!
  2. If you search for adventure and a different experience then a ordinary Wurm server are giving then you got to the right place! The map is huge with two different very large PVE zones (kingdoms) with two PVP kingdoms on the same continent. Religions are remade to deities and spells redistributed. There are 9 different deities to choose from that all has a given place in the storytelling and the kingdom it belongs to. Read up on that before you choose location! There is a very well written backgroundstory behind all 4 kingdoms and there is a Roleplay channel for those who loves to play a RP character. Also a World channel for talking across the kingdoms. The serverowner makes his own mods and they are all working very well and are well thought out not to ruin the story content or the economy but to enhance it. Awakening is a fairly new server with a slowly but steady growing community I hope you are interested to join and be a part of. It is definitly for those who enjoys a slower pace since its 1x1x but then the joy of what you create is a lot bigger. I love the server – can't you tell? Aqeela - Tirvalon
  3. Thank you ago. This workaround works great!
  4. The server I am logging is IronMoors. It is one of the top 10 servers on list. Not my server. Other people can see the creatures on there but not me and a friend. When I get home I will try the work around. Thank you for answering.
  5. This is my client.log If you can find out what is wrong I would be greatful. Just logged on the server and can not see the zebra, just a plain white horse.
  6. The server Im gaming on has the creature mod installed. Me and my friend when we logs the server no new creatures is shown. We can read its a zebra but the colour is white. We getting attacked by cows (pandas) and ozelots are not showing either. Not horse colours either that is not original. Both of us have the latest modlauncher client patched. The other mods are working fine. (livemap, compass, toolbelt and tooltips etc) Do someone have any explanation on what is going on and give us a solution why the creature mod is not working on our computers? As we understand none of us have the creature mod installed since that is a servermod. It should be enough to use the modlauncher patch? Got the serverpacks installed aswell.