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  1. Repost on behalf of bdew Updated to v0.21 Config and commands can now use modded item ids, and string names from ItemList Added vanilla items: small chest, settlement token, pillar, alchemist cupboard Download: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/threedee/releases/tag/v0.21 container@bdew.planters.metal.bush=manual-place-only container@bdew.planters.slate.tree=manual-place-only container@bdew.planters.sandstone.tree=manual-place-only container@bdew.planters.brick.tree=manual-place-only container@bdew.planters.clay.tree=manual-place-only container@bdew.planters.marble.tree=manual-place-only container@bdew.planters.pottery.tree=manual-place-only container@bdew.planters.wood.bush=manual-place-only container@bdew.planters.stone.tree=manual-place-only container@bdew.planters.wood.tree=manual-place-only container@bdew.planters.stone.magic=manual-place-only container@bdew.planters.wood.magic=manual-place-only container@bdew.planters.stone=manual-place-only container@bdew.planters.wood=manual-place-only container@bdew.planters.stump=manual-place-only I added a section on the wiki for custom config examples, feel free to add to it.
  2. Server Update – 18/09/2020 Nysa Connected Nysa is now connected to the other servers, you can travel there by sailing west from Avalon, or by using “plot course”, or portals “Fresh Start” journal tier can no longer be completed, it will be hidden from your journal if you haven’t finished it Temple and altars Added Altars mod by Governor and Angie This mod adds a model for the “Temple” epic item that never got a model in the base game Also adds 2 new craftable altars – marble huge altar and sacrificial altar The altars can have items placed on them for decoration Other changes Stone tree planters recipe fixed to not require pottery bricks Planters from the planters mod can have stuff placed on them The following vanilla items can now have items placed on them: small chest settlement token pillar alchemist cupboard Marble and stone keystones are now decorations and will not go into item piles (you can place stuff on them too)
  3. Server Update – 08/09/2020 Title for 100 channeling changed to “Allsherjargodi” (previous “Divine” was already used as a journal reward) Server Portal changes: Added selection for which server you want to teleport to Removed restriction on teleporting after combat (“not calm enough”) Increased item count limit to ~300 Planters tweaks: Removed debug text from planted tree/bush names and added more information Planted trees and bushes now have randomized rotation for less repetitive look Fixed clay tree planter recipe Secret fun stuff
  4. Hi would like to buy some horses from you, please message Zofern in game, thank you!
  5. Please can you add- Ocean Breeze 345, 2651
  6. Hi Arno, please may I order 1 x small square sail and 1 x square sail from you to be COD to Zofern, ty!
  7. Server Update – 31/08/2020 Secret unique tweaks Champion uniques now have a significantly higher chance of dropping sorcery items as personal loot Now with 99% less dead worgs/horses/etc in case of enrage Updated Mail Merchants mod – fixes coins showing in merchant item preview Fixed building stone magic planters resulting in “birchwood stone”… those were just too magic If you have any existing ones like that let bdew know Tweaked planted planter names to be shorter and clearer
  8. The first of the dragons has been slain! Four more to go Thanks to all who joined us More pictures
  9. A true one-bite wonder, thank you for my fast, nutritious and effective meal!
  10. I thought I did Anyhoo it's on it's way [11:41:04] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than an hour. Sorry for the delay!
  11. [10:49:16] You can not mail that far. Do you have a character on the Northern cluster?