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  1. Shouldn't the no-fail list be ONLY planks and nails? Those are the only 2 things you need to make yourself safe! You don't NEED a roof to have a completed house, you don't NEED a floor to have a completed house. 4 walls and maybe a Small fence to farm in can get a player started to grind the skills needed. A stone house isn't needed and should be an achieved housing structure since it has slower decay than wooden.
  2. I'm sorry to hear about this Tria. I joined Harvestmoon nearly a month ago and its been a fun place to live recently and started a large build where I have all my belongings laying loose around the area that I'm working in. I got lucky it seems and my equipment and rare stuff were all still here after being offline for a week. I'm not sure if there is anything I can do to help but if there is let me know, I'm more than willing to help you out anyway I can.
  3. Xentakinor order is finished. PM me ingame or on forums if there is any issue with the bricks.
  4. Came to Jackal to try a new experience... for the challenge of stronger enemies and having nothing. I wanted to see teamwork again and people cooperating. The skills are irrelevant because we are gaining them way faster than you ever could on freedom, a high rate of transfer would mean you gained more than you put in the effort for, basically stealing. If you seriously came here for no reason other than to gain skills with expectation of it 100% transfering back then those people should have never left freedom because we were told from the start that there would be a small amount of skill transfer back to freedom. At no point did they say it would be significant or equal to the same gains as if you had stayed on freedom. I would 100% do this again if there was 0 skill transfer, and i would still hope for 3x more enemies, half as much skilling rate, and a much more team based play style. For what Jackal was hyped up to be I would say it turned out far to easy.
  5. I'm still looking for jobs.
  6. bumping again. still alive and kicking
  7. skills updated and rebump, post and ask for any other skills you have in question.
  8. I want your bunny avatar!
  9. still looking for work. bumping thread
  10. Auction nearly over. Get your bids in now
  11. I have an unfinished rare mailbox (spirit castle) for auction. Free delivery coastal on Freedom Isles. Starting bid is 4s Increments of 20c please.
  12. Yes, still available. Nearly done with current order. PM me ingame the details. Name is same as on forums.
  13. Anyone have information on the effects of size rune vs volume rune on a caravel? I can't find any info on what I would gain with each one and my resources are very limited so I get one shot at it.