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  1. Labor for Hire

    skills updated and rebump, post and ask for any other skills you have in question.
  2. do we send to Yldrania or Ajblack in game?
  3. Labor for Hire

    I want your bunny avatar!
  4. Labor for Hire

    still looking for work. bumping thread
  5. Auction nearly over. Get your bids in now
  6. I have an unfinished rare mailbox (spirit castle) for auction. Free delivery coastal on Freedom Isles. Starting bid is 4s Increments of 20c please.
  7. Labor for Hire

    Yes, still available. Nearly done with current order. PM me ingame the details. Name is same as on forums.
  8. Size vs Volume Runes

    Anyone have information on the effects of size rune vs volume rune on a caravel? I can't find any info on what I would gain with each one and my resources are very limited so I get one shot at it.
  9. Please close

    item bought, sale done
  10. Please close

    I am looking to buy a White Drake helm by itself, or 0.3kg of white hide so i can make one. post your best offer please
  11. Labor for Hire

    Still active and looking to fill orders, Bumping
  12. subbing to thread for future
  13. Labor for Hire

    bumping. still looking for jobs. have setups on Celebration and Xanadu to fill orders, delivery to coasts possible
  14. Looking for a place to live and a job

    @OP. Did you find a place to live and work yet?