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  1. Will try and come out tonight to help ! Will bring supplies and good laughs ❤️
  2. Just wanted to say thanks again! It was my first year going and it was super fun! My favorite event was the horse racing ❤️ Thank you for having horses already ready so anyone could participate, that was amazing.
  3. Looking forward to coming to this! Never been, so I am super excited
  4. Looking for best offer buyer - Send me a message and we will work something out. Thanks !
  5. Still for sale - Please send offers in private message so I get the alert, i dont always get the alert if its a comment on the thread. Thanks !
  6. Still on the market - willing to work with an individual to give a fair price for this collectors item.
  7. Well I was going to give it a go .... But trying to tame the creature just to lead and a stry crab almost killed my uni while I was disconnecting, then I had to wait to heal it to get it in the cage... THen I got back and realized the other one I caught and hitched on a post was untamed and left the post due to it being untamed... so not only is the taming being annoying due to aggro but also they dont stay hitched to posts...... Big Sad
  8. I started a thread to talk about Unicorns, which I think could be improved greatly in hand with taming changes
  9. Hey, I want to breed unicorns as mounts but I have been hearing a lot of talk that they might not be desirable due to certain game mechanics. I am trying to gather feedback from others about the topic and how they feel generally about the usefullness of unicorns. Do you ride a unicorn? If you do why, if you dont, also why. I am curious. Okay thanks!
  10. Yes, this would be amazing and I might actually find taming usefull as a skill and grind it finally Also - Can we fix unicorn agro when they are tamed ? People are saying its hella bugged and everything for miles attacks them
  11. Hello I made around a 15x20 area of cut grass tiles for hay and it ended up lagging me and my deedmates. I crash every few minutes & lag and they also experience game breaking stuttering when they came to check it out. CM said to post this here, reference to the initial support ticket is #82555 I am trying to cut it away atm, but I keep crashing
  12. Thank you for the support - He has found his youthfulness again ! Please close thread
  13. Hello, I would like to purchase the necessary runes & service of applying them to my horse to make him young again. /T Bunnbunnnn in game or DM here
  14. Looking for a kind person that would let me come crash at their ranch for a week or two to get to 65 / 70 AH. I dont have the patience or deed to build my own flock, so I am looking to see if someone would let me come groom theirs. Thanks ! /t Bunnbunnnn or DM me here