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  1. Geriatric PvP Edition

    For anyone interested in a fresh start on a new server, the owner of the popular Geriatric WU servers has now created: Geriatric PvP Edition. It is a 1x skill 2x action server on a challenging 2k map. The high aggressive creature count and roaming rift mobs add to the excitement as there is actual risk in travelling. To encourage interaction, clay, tar, and peat can be found only in the center of the map, which resides in the middle of the Hunt of the Ancients zone. Mixed forests (instead of clumped tree types) and scenic snowcap mountaintops make the map one of my favorites. Earn bounties by killing mobs, create and protect your village! Come join in the fun. New friends and friendly rivals are welcome! Map: Map Link More Information: Additional Details Hope to see you there!
  2. I posted last night about the steam sale going on for Wurm Unlimited for $7.49 until Jan 5 (regularly $29.99). Then it appears that someone moved my post to the Wurm Unlimited section. At first that might seem to make sense, as it is dealing with Wurm Unlimited. However, I'm going to suggest that anyone really looking at the Wurm Unlimited section already owns a copy of Wurm Unlimited. It's more likely to be useful information to people that haven't yet purchased a copy of Wurm Unlimited. I think that having a copy of WU is actually handy for the WO player to try out some game mechanics (yes, I know that there are significant differences). Running your own local server with boosted skills can let you do things that you wouldn't be able to do in WO for years. Trying out different weapons and looks, recreating your online deed as a gm at 100x speed on your local server, or getting your wurm fix while WO is being upgraded all seem like good enough reason to make a purchase (especially at such a low cost.)
  3. Wurm Unlimited is on sale on steam 75% off ($7.49) until Jan 5. It's a great time to get a copy if you don't already have one.
  4. The need for sermon groups drove me to Wurm Unlimited. I'm actually glad, because I'm having a fantastic time there. I've dropped my premium on both of my Wurm Online accounts and gave all my good stuff away. For some reason the Wurm team thinks that sermon groups are a good idea. My personal view is that they are terribly inconvenient. It's just not for me.
  5. Life is Feudal

    I spent a night trying out LIF. I hated the limitations on crafting. only 400 points to spend (plus whatever bonus amount from Int attribute). You don't have enough points to make a good weapon and good armor. I'm guessing that they fall into the camp that think that for the economy's sake that people need to specialize, so they put in arbitrary limits. F that. There shouldn't be limits on real sandbox games. So since I'm waiting for the Wurm Online steam server and can't get any motivation to play my freedom toons, I bought Wurm Unlimited and am having a good time on my own personal server.
  6. From where I'm standing, I don't think that the dev team has much time to play around with in regards to early warnings to the player base for upcoming changes. The goal is for a mid year steam launch. Mid year is only a few months away and this scant bit of time is all they have to correct anything major before the new server. Personally (and admittedly selfishly) I want them to make all of the high impact changes they deem necessary asap so that we don't carry over this baggage to the new continent. Removal of player gods, removal of RMT, imbalanced favor, and fixing of a long time defect that was obviously not intended? Those are all great changes that are needed for the future well being of the game. I hope they keep them coming.
  7. I wonder how many people would use the steam page to help promote positive awareness vs how many would just use it as another place that they can lash out about recent changes?
  8. That's close. A more accurate statement would be: "So the problem boils down to "skillgain in these systems are timegated to an unreasonable level compared to any other skill and I don't like it, because it is unreasonable." - or possibly - So the problem boils down to "reasonable skillgain for faith involves a group mechanic that forces a schedule on my playtime whereupon if I am not available at a specific time, I will have been away from my deed for hours without any faith gain to show for it." Many of the important weapon enchants require 100 faith. In the current system, how long would it take a priest to reach 100 faith if they do not participate in sermon groups? According to the prayer calculator spreadsheets I've seen, to reach 99.98 faith would take approximately 3.48 years, assuming that you pray to the daily limit every day and complete the approbation journal entry the same day you achieve 70 faith. You'd still need to preach one sermon to a single player to get that last .02 otherwise you'd spend another year or two to reach 100 faith. (If these numbers are incorrect, I'd very much welcome a correction showing the method used.) Obviously that isn't reasonable. It's a fact that sermons / sermon groups are essentially a requirement for priests that want to be able to cast all of their spells. The best case scenario without the use of additional alts (assuming every priest is or has an alt) would be if on day 178 (83.33 faith) you'd swap out your 6 daily prayers with a sermon to your single alt, you could achieve 100 faith in about 317 total days. That actually wouldn't be completely horrible if it didn't require you to log in every 3 hours for 15 hours every single day.
  9. When animations are turned off in your settings then you won't see the animations from your character. That is a big deal, because with animations turned on some people (like myself) get motion sickness in under 10 minutes of mining, sawing, etc. If those were ever removed, then the game would be unplayable. With this change it just means that even with player animations turned off you will see the animations of other players. That doesn't seem like an unreasonable change. I don't know of any other mmo that allows you to disable other players' animations. As far as sermon groups, I'm definitely in the camp that feels an alternative should be available. I agree that the game benefits from community interaction and involvement (in fact I hope to join a village on the steam release rather than just toil away on my own deed). However, I don't think that mechanisms like sermon groups should be the only reasonable way to achieve goals.
  10. Ever get that feeling that someone is watching you? (Thanks Teeebomb for taking the screenshot of me with my zombie champ spider!)
  11. On the Libila page under priest penalties: Cannot use gardening. However as a Libila priest I have been able to plant/pick flowers, cut grass, and plant/pick herbs. The follower changes haven't yet been applied, but that is to be expected since they were just changed yesterday: +15% skill gain to Religion & its sub skills, Alchemy & its Natural Substances, and Thievery & its sub skills. +2.5%-10% skill gain to Body Strength, Soul Strength scaled by alignment. Ability to get meat from butchering human corpses. +1 Offensive CR (does not stack with +2 Offensive CR for priests in favoured terrain). +10% QL gain when improving leather items. (PvE Only) “Consume Corpse” ability to regain health from corpses by consuming their residual life energy. Only usable on non-butchered, non-damaged corpses, and when permissions would allow butchering. Health gained scales with creature CR, depending on creature type, age, and conditions (such as Champion or Greenish). Automatically targets your most severe wound, like healing spells. Sets corpse as “butchered”, so there is a choice between this and butchering products. When Rite of Death is in effect, Consume Corpse has a chance of triggering an effect similar to a Mindstealer enchantment. 10-minute cooldown timer.
  12. At first I read that as 'Mine is by far is my real-life son crafted on the Jenn-Kellon Home server.' Had to re-read that to see the part about the cog.
  13. Last weekend I went to visit MrMorlanius and Delll's deed (such an awesome deed btw). For the journey I needed to cross Crystal Lake. Unfortunately the wind was only a breeze from the southwest. Even with the slight wind at my back my self built 46ql knarr only traveled between 8.2 and 8.5 km/h. I checked my log files, it took 14 minutes to sail the roughly 1.8 km from the west coast of Crystal Lake (directly west of the southern tip of maple island) to Crystal View Strand (Just north of Schiann's place). Is it intended that a ship that takes weeks to build should travel more slowly than a basic cart or even someone walking in full plate mail? Am I doing something wrong? Does a runed knarr at 90ql travel significantly faster in the low wind?
  14. It would be great if a link to the game rules was made available either in game or on the launcher. Maybe I missed it elsewhere but looking around I saw that there is a line in the EULA (which let's be honest, hardly anyone reads): It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself and abide by the Game Rules, Forum Rules and Chat Rules and all future revisions thereof that must be adhered to by all users of Wurm Online and are published on the Wurm Online site. From there you can click website on the launcher (found in the drop down). There are no links to the Game Rules in any of the menus. At the bottom there is a link to Terms and Conditions which just takes you back to the EULA. I don't think players expect to have to look in the forums to find games rules (I know that I didn't). If we want new players to abide by the rules, I think it would be advantageous if the rules were more easily accessible. Perhaps a "Game Rules" link could be added next to the "EULA" link at the top of the launcher? Or maybe a link in the main settings menu in conjunction with a short step in the tutorial that explains where to find the rules?
  15. I probably should have read this thread before posting my questions: