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  1. There is a key bind for picking. Harvesting herbs is easy and quick (around 45s per planting rack for me).
  2. If you've ever played Ark Survival on an official server you'd see countless little pillars placed at a certain distance from each other. They use them to keep people from building along the waterways or in a few cases they put them everywhere just to make it difficult for players to build anywhere. I don't think that the time for building a 1x1 will be as easy as that (although I am looking forward to testing it with a new character after the next patch). And if players did decide to build dozens of 1x1s I'd hope that the GMs would step in.
  3. Unless Steam completely fails, a server merge would seem to be a bad idea at any time in the future. Think about the kind of characteristics many of the top players have right now. After many years of play they have insane body str and control. Now fast forward a year or two after the steam server release. Not even the most played characters on Steam will be near the vets' level because during those same two years the veteran players on existing servers have continued to play and grow. Imagine how unhappy the steam pvp players would be when suddenly they are toddlers in comparison because of a merge. Rather than a merge, after a period of time a one-time character copy service should be made available for a fee to premium players. The copy would require the creation of a new premium character on the steam server. As part of the copy, skills and characteristics would be copied from the existing character to the new steam character but capped based upon the leveling of the existing steam players at the time of the transfer. Perhaps something like : after 4 months post steam release skills are capped at 55 and characteristics at 30 after 6 months skills are capped at 70 and characteristics at 35 after 9 months skills are capped at 80 and characteristics at 40 (this is the highest tier for a transfer) Once the character has been copied that service is no longer available, but the existing character on the pre-Steam servers would continue to exist and be playable. This allows the players to determine if they want to transfer and if so, whether they'd want to do so earlier vs later. Only the character's skills and characteristics would be copied (no items,silver, karma, loyalty marks, etc). This would eliminate some part of re-leveling their skills without flooding the server with high level characters. Note that this still gives some advantage to a copied character since it is likely that they have very many high level skills. So looking at the 4 months transfer they'd have a character with almost all of their skills at 50 while in that time period a new player might have a few higher level skills but other skills would be much lower. The Wurm team would have a better idea of how fast the top 30% of players level. As long as the skill/characteristic caps kept the character copies near the bottom of that range it shouldn't have a noticeable negative impact.
  4. Wow! thanks for this. I had no idea it was available in game. Looks like I'm going to be reworking my hotkeys tonight.
  5. I tried Wurm for the first time in early 2018 and enjoyed my time. However, I made a mistake in finding an abandoned deed that was already terraformed and loaded with high ql materials (it even had a large magic chest). I didn't have to strive for anything. It felt unearned and within a couple months after I could take down trolls there wasn't a lot of challenge for me. In hindsight, I should have walked away from that deed. So I gave everything away and left Wurm looking for greener pastures. Over the next 18 months I played a ton of different "sandbox" and survival games. The problem was Wurm totally ruined me. After Wurm, traditional questing just felt silly. And while some games had more exciting combat, overall they just felt empty. After running out of games to try I decided to give Wurm another go. I started out in a new place with only my empty cart and the few mundane items I had in my inventory. And I loved it. I went back to my old deed and saw the guard tower I had built. It was still there with my name on it even though I had left for a year and a half. (Funny story, that was actually the second guard tower I built in that spot. I wanted to use a rare shard to imp the tower to try to make it rare. Problem was the tower was slightly too high ql, so I decided to bash it just once to reduce its ql a bit. Well, since it was on my deed when I bashed it the mayor bonus kicked in and I completely destroyed it in one hit. I was like the little kid that dropped their ice cream cone! All that work down the drain. Looking back it is really funny, but not so much at that time! So I built another one and didn't bash it.) Most of all, Teeebomb taught me something important about Wurm. He talked about how he created adventures for himself. I embrace that perspective. I still pay attention to skilling, but make sure to carve out time to explore, help others, and try new things (like my 8 story underground building). And every time I leave my deed I look forward to what new adventure awaits. I've never played another game that gave me this ability. Right now I'm struggling a bit because I am more excited about the new steam servers than you could probably believe. I'm really looking forward to a clean start with all players starting fresh on a brand new continent. There's a decade of history waiting to be made and you can be sure that I plan to be part of it.
  6. It's surprising to me how many people appear to be unwilling to express their opinion without being hostile. Everyone gets frustrated and angry at times, but really we're all adults here. Seems like we should be able to voice an opinion while being respectful. To be honest, after seeing the way Retro is treated I know what I would be saying to people and it would be far less charitable than his responses. I feel like the Wurm team (especially recently) has made a serious effort to explain why certain decisions are being made. So many other game companies give far less in my opinion. And while I don't always agree with every decision, I think it's pretty clear that they are working in the best interest of the future of the game. After playing so many other games, I've finally found a long term home and I really want to see it stick around. So they've got my support. Of course, not everyone is responding this way, but enough people are doing so that if I were a prospective player contemplating this game, I'd probably get a seriously incorrect impression of the Wurm community. That's my 2 cents. (probably worth what you paid for it).
  7. New World

    They state that they have an 'Endless Tradeskill Progression system'. Did you find that to be true? How does it compare to Wurm?
  8. It's worth watching Retro's video that provides some additional explanation on the changes. (If you are pressed for time you can watch it at 1.5 or even 2x speed.) Retro's twitch video from earlier today
  9. As a Lib priest I love the changes. The 15% to religion and sub-skills makes me really happy. The consume corpse might come in handy every now and then too. I can see the bulk sellers being upset with the no fail items. I can totally see it driving down prices on low end bulk mats. (They just need to convince the market that sub 50QL mats should really be half price ) The only other thing I'd love to see change is an alternative to sermon groups for faith counter resets (like maybe sacrificing past a certain favor threshold. Surely Libila would approve!). At 83 faith I'm only getting a total of .12 faith gain after my 6 daily prayers. I really, really, don't want to have to travel to another continent to join a sermon group. I'm already trying to think of names for my 6 steam accounts that I will need for alts. That's hard work. Help me avoid that by giving us an alternative to sermon groups.
  10. With my first character I drowned twice right on the shoreline before learning about Last Gasp Starting at The Howl and the seriously steep terrain I died a few more times falling down the slopes when running away from monsters. The biggest difficulty for me was finding a place where I could build a shelter. At that time, pretty much all of the flat space was deeded till you got past Nyssa. I remember my daughter and I putting a campfire on ChampagneDragon's front lawn to cook up some foraged vegetables. She was really nice to us but encouraged us to find a bigger spot to build our newbie shack. Luckily I ran into Teeebomb during one of my corpse retrievals. He's always taking in strays and was kind enough to get us going. It probably should be advised somewhere that while you "can" build anywhere off-deed and off-perimeter, many people wouldn't be happy seeing someone building right at their perimeter (or in their off deed fruit tree orchard) since they may want to expand some day. After having a couple deeds, that seems like common sense. But when first starting out and dealing with just trying to survive, having some clear recommended guidelines on where they can build without upsetting someone would probably be a good thing. As far as the new tutorial village in Havens Landing, there are a number of buildings in the village. They are really beautiful buildings, but it's unclear if those other buildings are for new player use or if they are just for decoration. Are they meant for new players to stay in? Also, the question of finding the digging, mining, and woodcutting sections come up frequently. In the village it's easy to get around and see everything on horseback, but walking takes a lot more time and new players are always just walking. As I was typing this, my alt is in Haven's Landing. Looking back through the local tab I see this conversation: [14:42:00] <Handmadescimitar> what kind of tutorial is this if i cant dig anywere and proceed? [14:42:15] <Goule> There's a digging area marked near where you spawn [14:42:22] <Goule> As well as mining [14:42:26] <Goule> As well as woodcutting [14:43:00] <Handmadescimitar> are you on about the forest bit in the village? [14:45:05] Handmadescimitar lost link. Ironic timing. If I'd been paying attention to chat I could have helped. Maybe some additional details could be added to the tutorial to point them in the right direction? Looking through the CA Help logs this is really a recurring question.
  11. Sure does seem like sermon alts come up frequently when discussing the sharing of characters. Would be nice if there was an alternative mechanism to sermons that could eliminate the issue.
  12. WO Steam Discussion

    Will the new Steam environment have an equivalent to Chaos along with the pve servers? Or will all pvp happen through Epic portals?
  13. Thanks Alectrys. I just mentioned it because the choice of cooker isn't consistent for fish. If that is by design then no worries. I just thought that I would bring it up in case it was an oversight. Thanks for your response.
  14. Found a place for my corpse. Turned out to be a good fit.
  15. Fried meat (meat in a frying pan) can be cooked in a forge. However attempting to use lore on an individual fish, fish fillet, or vegetable in a frying pan results in the message "The ingredients in the frying pan would make a grilled perch when cooked in a different cooker." Meals (whether meat and veg or fish and veg) can all be cooked in the forge. Is not allowing the forge to cook fish in a pan by design? (Seems like fishing and foraging are easier to get at early levels versus meat from hunting)