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  1. I have 7 barrels of 100 source salt .03 (.03=30 karma) Each barrel has 3kg selling for 3s each!
  2. Lets be honest we are no longer playing Wurm Online we are paying to be beta testers for the new Steam Wurm
  3. OR would know better but it seems action timers are taking alot longer mining, woodcutting etc.. digging seemed ok (noticed for a couple days)
  4. Always keeping us on our toes and its not even April 1st
  5. I been getting it as of late on Release alot of "refreshing"
  6. WIll this map be updated with the new map dump anytime soon?
  7. Located on North Western Release looking to buy about 5-7 100+ mailbox casts EIther Fo /Lib no pref as long as its 100+ Send me a msg so we can work out the details! Happy Wurming
  8. Refreshing

    Open a boat open a pile of rocks examine the ground on all actions I seem to be getting refreshing on every action 1 sec delay and I dont even live on Xanadu lol
  9. Close

    Last chance to grab some of these goodies!
  10. This is to be a serious discussion I hope we can make it productive and informative. The market of course has been in a free fall with a declining population, then the selloff due to removal of RMT. Its time for a market correction! Population has seen a steady increase and Merchants and bulk sellers I think need to go back to basics on pricing and not continue to run items and bulk goods down to these low ball rates. New and old players alike will quote that prices per action are 10 iron per action which has been fairly steady price quoted yet it jsut isnt followed. Dirt/sand/clay etc for example merchants and bulk sellers have run these prices down to basically nothing 20-30c per k for new and existing players to strive in this player driven economy we should think of resetting out standard pricing back to basics. How fair is it to tell a new player yes its 10 iron an action then tell him after he dig u 1000 dirt here's 10 copper for you? I am sure this will meet with some negativity as most things do from at least some people. But if merchants and bulk sellers unite on the pricing and help to correct the market to be stable and rewarding for all the sellers the buyers and the workers the overall economy for new players especially will be attractive in my opinion. There is no more RMT so this is no way contributes to a greed sense of mentality its just a correction of fairness in pricing. Some veterans and sellers still do stick with eh actual 10 iron per action market pricing. Its not to say don't give bulk discounts but lets have a starting price where its still rewarding for all parties. Heres a few that might need some correction (if i missed any pls add in the discussion) Bricks 2s/k (certain types maybe 2.5s/k marble/slate for example) Mortar 3s/k Dirt/clay/tar/sand 1s/k Gems what ever happen here from 1c over 10ql down to 20, 10 iron? Even if not the 1c/2c maybe 1c under 10ql/50 iron over 10 ql Support beams seem on par 4s/100 Wemp 1s/k Crops base price 1s/k Sprouts 1c per some 2c (seems that price holds steady) There is many more items planks. beams, concrete etc But if sellers stick together on the base price and give bulk discounts where applicable I think we will find ourselves without all the "well this guy sell 1k for 20c , or I have a spreadsheet with wht i paid" Base pricing isnt about what you pay its about a standard price that sellers can work from and if they hire works or new players they can all make some silvers for upkeeps or shiny purchases or prem from the token! So all the recent sell offs and undercutting that has gone on are not the bases prices continually quoting such drives it to a no player economy situation. I hope this thread is met with some productive repsonses. As Always Happy Wurming
  11. Close

    Final Price drop on some items!