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  1. Stock up on all your favor today! 2758 x 93.17ql (22 x 2758=60000) 1432 x 84.43ql (18 favor x 1432=25000) 5310 x 73.35ql (13 favor x 5310=69000) 5365 x 51.00ql (6 favor x 5365=32000) *get price for favor was done using a mag Start bid: 5e Bid Increments: 2e Buyout: 200e Sniper Protection: 30 mins Winning bid will arrange pickup (4 bsbs)
  2. Check here for sold items SOLD Huge Axe Addy Rare Shovel with 41 botd Rare Pickaxe Rare Huge Axe 81ql Rare Small Maul (blank) Silver spear rare sickle iron 81ql blank Rare carving knife blank Rare file blank Rare stone chisel, steel blank
  3. All items have prices listed Silver/Euro Accepted
  4. 91 ql rare butcher knife w93c97 3,50 rare carving knife w97c97 4s send to Snarkin Thanks
  5. Good selection of shoulder pads and a few gift items still!
  6. Scorpion #8 Nic beat me lol So 82 NoGump
  7. Will do Evening as soon as i get the errors back!