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  1. Up to 1g for sale 1s=1e paypal verified
  2. Items that can be mailed will be All other items are considered pick up unless arranged. Make offers that are realistic please! (no thrift shoppers ) 1rare chain gaunlets 71 2 rare chain boots 79/80 ql 2 rare chain sleeves 79/79 ql 1 rare chain pants 79 ql 1 rare chain jacket 79ql 1 rare plate steel vambrace 54 ql 1 rare plate steel leggings 89 ql 1 rare pate steel plate gaunlet 81aosp 88 ql 1 rare shield c84 87 ql 2 (a) rare 2 handed swords 71n 94fb 94coc 71ms 87ql 1 rar short sword n82 lt83 c81 ms103 1 rare short bow willow 80ql rare large anvil 88ql rare large anvil 79 ql rare large anvil 77 ql rare small anvil woa 71 coc 80 88ql Rare rope tool cheery 46ql Rare rope tool pine woa 94 68 ql rare rope tool birch 90ql Rare rope tool cedar woa 81 coc 78 89ql Supreme Mediatation Rug coc 76 78ql Boats 1 rare row boar cedar 45 ql ( bright pink r 216 g19 b 135) 3 Knarrs 6s each 60ql w/ 25 crates Carts/Forges/Decor 2 rare large carts 10 rare forges 1 rare well 1 rare fountain 1 rare ornate fountain 2 rare kilns 2 rare looms 1 rare oven 1 rare freedom Isles Banner 2 supreme champagnes (10 uses each remain) 6 rare champagnes ( 10 uses remain on each) 4 Rare Large Barrels 4 Rare Bsbs 4 Rare small Barrel 1 Supreme Large Barrel 1 Supreme Bsb 1 Supreme small crate 3 Rare Rafts 4 Rare Large Crates 1 Rare Hug Oil Tub (old named version rare) 1 Rare Huge Oil barrel GEMS 700 gems (plus a smaller selection of under 10ql just ask) -700 over 10ql total ql 21682.77 Take it all or break it into smaller amts! 4 garden gnomes (red hat) 4s each kyclops skull - offer 2 Masks of the Returner 5s each 10 Santa Caps 1s each 2 Snow Lanterns 1s each Rare marble staue of a boy - offer Rare staue of a demon - offer 1 MR Wagons - offer 8 MR Tall BAnners - offer 3 JK Tall Banners - offer 2 Pandmonieum Tall Banners - offer Lots of bulk goods State amount and price (pick up) 7lk Mortar 50k Dirt 10k bricks Other bulk mats cotton - marble - ore - wemp Pm your needs This is not an ongoing merchant this is the cleaning out of things stocked up and collected.
  3. close

    We appreciate all feed back and the misunderstanding you may have experienced we valued you as a member of the community we wish you all the best and will just post your previous review of the server for proper context : My wife and I decided to try about 10 pve servers as our first attempt at playing WU. Norvale is by far the best one we found. A lot of care went into the development of this server. The staff is very friendly, And so are the players. As experienced WO players we didn't accept the help that was offered to us from other people, But nonetheless it was offered! And that says a lot. One thing to note about WU, Is that it is absolutely necessary to download and install the basic mods for whichever server you intend to play. We started without the mods, Only to find out that WU is designed to use them, And we were missing out on a lot of upgrades that make the game more enjoyable. And after all of that we intend to stay on Norvale, It's a great server.
  4. Silver still available msg for current amounts available Happy Wurming
  5. Cleaned up the list and added SILVER FOR SALE 1s=1e paypal verified (up to 2g available)
  6. Rare Corbita sold and added HUGE amount of gems to list!