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  1. Spell Craft Mod was installed. (Now Ql of the Statuettes Matter, and the New favor regain is in effect)
  2. Welcome to Polaris, Where the cold will give you frostbite if you are unprepared. Fire is a must in this world! We are a new server and are looking for players to join and have fun. Server Settings, 1x Skill 2x Action Epic Turned on but without Skill Curve 4k Map Map: Discord: Priest Restrictions are on Characteristics Start at 19.5 Fighting Skill Starts at 1 85% Aggressive Creatures Upkeep and Deed Costs Enabled 11.5 Hour timer for Crops (Heavily Affected By Survival Mod ) Rift Mobs are roaming as well Survival Mod Enabled with Temp affecting entire map(Its the Same Temp across the map rather than north and south) Priest Restrictions enabled Ql of Statutes Matter Mod List Announcer Action Timer Fix Bounty Mod Bounty On Burn Bulk Separated Creatures Age Mod Crop Mod Dig To Ground DPS mod Hitching Post Http Server Inbreed warning Linear Epic (Custom Mod) One Tile Mining Poll Spawner Script Runner Server Fixes Server Map Server Packs Server Tweaks Sindusk Library SpellCraft Mod Survival Mod Treasure Hunting Unleash Vote Reward
  3. Hi, I was wondering how the biome painting works on here? I tried selecting paint mode but nothing happened and when i click all it did was refresh the map.
  4. Hi, I have found bug with Traders. This is a possible money exploit. I am not sure if the 1.6 update has caused this but I have noticed this after the update. So people might want to test this on there too. I found that if trade items with a trader then logout of the world. then log back in your items that you sold to the trader are back in your inventory and also you still have the money that the trader gave you. This works other way round to when you buy items off the trader, you lose the items from your inventory and the money is reset. I have tested by doing the following Initial trader exchange. Respawned the trader Another player trying with a trader. On my local server (both with adventure map(backup of the online server) and creative map) I hope this make sense. If not I'll try to word it better. Regards TheFallenMonkey