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  1. I agree with Evilreaper, I do like combat the way it exists now and am glad for the slower pace. However, I also agree that it could use some better visual cues about what is going on. I also thought that it would be neat to have a second quickbar that had five or six slots that contained "reactionary styles" and current special moves. These styles would work the way special moves currently do; that is, when you gain enough skill they are unlocked. It would be fun to "slam" a target after you get a block off or have access to a higher damage style that is available after you successfully parry. I really enjoyed another game's system where sometimes reactionary chains went two or three styles deep. It was fun to see if you could pull off the whole style chain.
  2. Hi Yaga, Deed - Waymeet Barrow [1354, 981]
  3. Hail, I would be interested to add my own settlement to the map! It is Bywater Delving, located at 34x, 15y. Many Thanks!