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  1. [N/A]

    I don't have time nor the will to explain to you Wurm mechanics. FYI, you said you're done like three times already. Guess you can't let go that your group was found out to be cheaters. I'm convinced all the wiki is wrong and you are right Kat So yeah, as you say, let players see
  2. [N/A]

    https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Player_made_kingdom Last line of Founding PMK. Still need 2% to give titles. Unsure how that is not clear As far as Hakameda goes, he straight up posted a picture using ESP and everybody saw it, on top of griefing. Don't mix things up
  3. [N/A]

    Also there is no issues with any deed. PMKs worked as intended. You needed 2% for titles but you refused to build towers.
  4. [N/A]

    @Haka & Kat For people who got caught cheated, you really all can't let go, can you
  5. [N/A]

    To all the others. Sorry you had to sugfers this guy's drama. Everyone will be the same on launch. ^^ Don't hesitate if you got questions
  6. [N/A]

    If it makes you feel better about yourself for cheating ^^ Have a nice day.
  7. [N/A]

    Ultimately, the decision to give stuff to people that followed through a wipe was my decision to make. It wasn't yours though to decide to spawn absurd amount or Glimmersteel or extra chest. I rest my case. Hey have a nice day.
  8. [N/A]

    Didn't I do the same for your group? I did this for all people that suffered a wipe. But hey, whatever makes you sleep at night
  9. [N/A]

    Looks like someone can't let go he was caught cheating on my server as a GM