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  1. make them brass ql 90's with different colors and you kinda get a disco effect its quite nice and neat look at the bottom of the nearest lamp the terrain is already way lighter now certain area's like glasshollow would become radiated suns like the pictures posted but proper placement of lamps would be nice but thats the thing proper placement here is an example of what 20 light sources in a small area do(the one i posted up before and the one samool posted where in the hundreds now currently in normal wurm this is how my dock looks like at night as you can see from those pictures proper placement is key but a lot of people will make beacons like i have at my dock and if they are on 24/7 well that could be quite bad But once the new system samool is talking about is in then having that option will be nice if it doesnt cause a disco/sun effect anymore
  2. I think you are mistaken samool thats when the "sun" was rising
  3. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    That editing of other people's posts to try and further your directive Gotta love that censorship
  4. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    I would if i was in that position not share that info and go out in a blaze of glory with my group thats the point of it if you can not put a line between being a player and being a gm you should not be a gm It really is that simple but clearly impossible for some people in wurm and thats the sad part but its how people are not a lot of us can draw straight clear lines and never cross them its really hard especially after a long time of doing it
  5. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    take a page out of the books of blizzard and Bethesda and ea DONT limit communication with players Accusations like that will happen at all times its part of us humans limiting communication won't do anything but further strengthen it The above listed companies tried the "we must keep information limited" approach and the player base has lost a lot of respect for them heck a lot of people now dont play their games and they lost a lot of stock Now with wurm there have been many many years of backroom dealings with gms and devs and all kinds of stuff left and right sometimes resulting in a gm getting kicked out but in the end of the day it is still best to share info publicly if a bug is found eg a bug that allowed you to spawn dragons on a server and it is reported post up the bug(after a short investigation to see if its an actual bug or not) that was found and with a clear warning of anyone who does it getting a perma ban If something like the recent bug was found that resulted in a raid ban ask everyone involved what their take on it is gather as much information and then take your information that you gathered and from everyone else and come up with a clear ruling and post that up Not to long ago a gm has said "this was supposed to be fixed" on a bug that was found to still work and a player almost got banned for it but little did he know the bug was an actual thing already and had been around and abused and supposedly fixed before If there is a clear stance of "we find bug we investigate figure out how bug works then post up info about the bug(Not how to do it) and make the player base aware of said bug and that anyone found abusing it is perma banned" it will go a long way to making people gain more trust into the staff team(this is something a lot of games actually do and it always works in their favor) That is just my 2 cents on this as communication is key lack there of just spreads fear confusion and anger treat your player base with care and love and they will do the same to you dont do it and well just look at fallout 76 as a good example of a playerbase going after a company for the company screwing up communication and missleading and withholding vital information from its userbase
  6. WTS Scroll Of Binding

    but zilly i thought you where going to wait a few hours ruuuude
  7. WTS Mask of the Challenger

    what is a reasonable offer to you?
  8. What Does Wurm Do Better Than Other MMOs?

    what does wurm do better? the amount of bugs per square meter is way higher then any mmo keep it up on a side note the living world the sky and its constellations the moons the rifts all these things that make the world actually feel alive and evolving vs the typical mmo that just runs an event for a few weeks and then never again or just has a plain skybox also what other game lets you climb a mountain and terraform it into your dream home
  9. post your funny vids here
  10. New Year, New Map Dumps 2019!

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaay my house is on the map now i for sure have to work to get my walls done faster but yay my forest it looks so pretty so much darker then the rest of the area
  11. in the table of spells page wrath of magnaron is listed as [[Wrath of Magranon]] and thus redirects to the old game notch made years ago instead it should be changed to link to so that it will take you to the spell
  12. Global Death Tabs

    can we have pve tabs show up on chaos?
  13. Once charge tomes from digging and rifts

    While we are at it can we add fantastic and supreme tools/armours drop as well as part of rifts? oh and add finding vegies as part of digging too while we are at it anyway -1 please dont make them even more common i already find enough things during my digging for dirt i dont want to have to clean my inventory even more