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  1. Moonpie's rares&random bits - updated 14/09/18

    added some new things to the list and taken some things away bump
  2. Moonpie's rares&random bits - updated 14/09/18

    i got some prices given to me from some people who seem to trade in moon metals quite a bit and it is as following 3s per .40 kg glimmer/addy 3s per 1.0 kg seryll so i think i will adapt those prices unless more people can state otherwise so i will have to refuse and i will update my post accordingly
  3. We used to be told that if we continued to mine a cave wall that an entrance would appear and then a "bug" caused that to not ever work and it was fixed but any message we had was taken away Now we receive no warning about making a cave entrance if we mine through a cave wall which leaves dangerous drops that could cause people to fall out of mines(eg on mountains) and ugly terrain on the outside once the tile is collapsed again So i suggest that an warning is added at the same time as the existing wall will collapse soon message and that that warning shows up in the center of the screen telling us "if you keep mining here an entrance will appear" this would save possible deaths and also tell us if we are to close to rock or not so that we can avoid mining that tile out
  4. Moonpie's rares&random bits - updated 14/09/18

    [04:06:18] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes.
  5. Would it be possible to add a timer to the spell window to show how long we are under the effect of all beverages and its intensity? And maybe add food effects and other effects to the spell window as well
  6. Moonpie's rares&random bits - updated 14/09/18

    Sure thing ill send it over when i get back to my deed
  7. Right now at the bottom of the website the code club link goes to where as the site cant be reached as the site isnt secure and thus the link should be or make the simple codeclub page secure
  8. Moonpie's rares&random bits - updated 14/09/18

    yet an other update bump
  9. +1 id love to be able to take my unicorns to other servers without having to sail 4 trips just to run around with uni's on my wagon
  10. Go play wurm unlimited on a server that has a cash store if you want that kinda stuff or any other f2p cash cow game on your phone like seriously why would you suggest a business model that is hated by gamers leave it as it is if it means some people cant pay because of shitty currency well sorry but thats the way the world works if you give lower price to those countries you get what steam has with russian keys and vpns and it would love code club out of a lot of money
  11. It is weird that we can only create statue's out of stone yet not the other types like imagine marble statue's with slate benches(or any other combination) it would add in a lot more color and beauty to area's and give more uses for those types of rock Ontop of that maybe also colossus bricks of the 3 stones and colossus's of those types of stones as well(After all imagine sailing into a bay and being greeted by a set of marble magranon colossus's or a marble and slate one)
  12. WTA Bag Of Keeping

    would you accept equivalent value in usd/euro? if so id like to buy it for 120s or equivalent in usd/euro
  13. (CLOSE)

  14. Well any numbers posted are just an example to give the idea of what does what nothing more