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  1. It's an interesting idea, but I'm not sure how it ties into the Exploration theme.... It's more of a pilgrimage thing that mostly benefits those it spawns near IF they worship that god. No doubt it will be exciting to find out in the world, but honestly it doesn't make me want to go out and explore when I already get benefits from my altars at home. I don't know though, maybe it will feel differently in the game, but it's missing the Exploration mark for me. Something that would make sense as an Exploration feature (to me, at least), would be to designate "landmarks" that people could seek out. Like you could "designate" that amazing temple or castle you built and are so proud of, as a "landmark." Something that works more like a tourism boost where the adventurer gets some sort of bonus for finding a "designated" (built) or "natural" (randomly spawning) "landmark." It doesn't have to be grand, just a little serotonin kick from finding one. Personally, I'd love to see something like that. I've made a few Exploration suggestion posts over the years, so I'm very interested in seeing more of this idea! I made a post ages ago where the idea was to get people out visiting each others deeds. We all put so much work into our deeds, it's nice for that hard work to be seen. (Well ok, my original, original idea was to get skill gains from exploring but holes were poked in that idea immediately!) FYI, I would absolutely volunteer my time to this! (I used to be a professional level designer, if that helps.) I do appreciate all of your hard work all the same, and I do really look forward to seeing this new addition in the game. It is really cool! ...But it's just not fulfilling the "exploration" itch, in my personal view at least.
  2. Ooo, I am excited to try Cartography! And I look forward to what else is in store for us explorers. Thank you for you continued hard work on this!
  3. I love having a reason to explore, and sometimes it has been to find a new spot for a deed, wild farm animals, or to find a market to purchase needed items. But sometimes I simply feel the urge to explore but there is no reward for my hours of wandering to that mountain in the distance. I have an idea for an exploration mechanic that could be used any time that could be fun, challenging and rewarding. We could have a token that could be built on a deed that is either automatically active for all citizens or can be activated before setting out to explore. Then while exploring you can find either these tokens on other deeds and/OR (if people hate the idea of strangers on their deed) there could be landmark status or "landmark tokens" placed on deeds to show off a statue or something the deed owner is proud of. There can be rewards upon finding these tokens for wanderers/explorers. There could also be random tokens that spawn in the wilds off deeds, that move or crumble after use, like source fountains. I'm not sure what the rewards would be, but whatever the devs found fitting. Any little buff/item/reward trophy or all of the above, just something as a reward for finding a token. Anyway, just an idea that I thought might be fun and a way to draw more people to your amazing creations.
  4. I don't know... I'm kind of disappointed that just getting the maps is based on random chance while essentially grinding -- something I don't do unless I need something done. I set out tasks and do those, I don't grind anything without a purpose, if I can help it. I don't grind skills, skills come to me because I happen to need to do a thing a lot Some are big and require a lot of work, others are more simple, especially now that my house is done. I do get rare rolls once in a blue moon while doing my daily tasks --- but it's rare and if there is only a chance of getting a map, I'm not likely to see one for a long time. I do not see this system as promoting exploration at all, anyway. Finding a treasure isn't exploration. Exploration would be wandering to see or find certain things. What I originally envisioned was something you could find while out exploring to make it even more worth the time spent, or a skill gain or something that make the urge to go out and explore count toward something in the game. As far as I'm concerned treasure maps are a footnote on Archaeology. It's fine, but not something I'll probably get to do much, and I'm an actual explorer. Also, I don't like if you have to fight mobs for the treasure. I'm not much of a fighter. Maybe I just don't play Wurm like most people, though.
  5. Southern Pastures 1935, 3638 Mayor Tazee
  6. I'm so excited!! Thank you Wurm team for this exciting expansion, I think it will be a lot of fun! Also, if some people use AI to find the treasure locations without "exploring" more power to them. If that's how they enjoy playing, I don't have a problem with it personally. I fully intend on exploring because that's what I enjoy.
  7. I've found one on Xanadu with over a 1l, so I think it will be fine. I think they probably have to be "unfound" for long enough to accumulate much. The one I found was really hard to get to. (I explore difficult places.)
  8. Thank you for the info! I do think it's largely too late for the Cadence meadows, but it is good to know regardless.
  9. Nice! Since that was released after I checked for a setting, I do feel a little less stupid. But I guess I need to do more than occasionally skim patch notes! xD
  10. LOL! I was not! xD I looked for a place to turn it off and tried to find out briefly via Google but the internet was not forthcoming. I'm a hermit, but I guess I should have asked in the general/help chat. But I decided to just endure knowing it was a temporary effect anyway. Where was the switch? *Edit Ok thank you Dokhida . Sadly I guess I overlooked that when I was trying to find an effect switch. Silly me! No biggie, I was ok enough with it, but only realized how deeply I missed my horses when I saw them today.
  11. I am so happy to see my horses again. As a horse breeder I have a lot and recognize them by their colors as well as their names. These past weeks I have felt like my horses went on vacation --- but I still had to look after them! xD Listen, Wurm staff, the skeletal horses were REALLY well done and it was awesome, but maybe next time could we just have the skeletal look on saddled horses? Or at least an option to turn the effect on and off? It was oddly disorienting dealing with my herd with this effect. Anyway, thanks for the awesome skeletal horses, but boy I am happier than I even thought I'd be to have my herd back from "vacation."
  12. Not so good, and it would be more work than keeping the plains that exist clear in the first place. My opinion, anyway...
  13. Xanadu has some minor lag, that's just how it is. It's just too big. Of course, that doesn't stop me (and others) from loving it and playing on it for years. Anyway, that is why all the new servers are no bigger than Indy. Also, the new servers are understandably priority right now. If it's really bad lag, have you considered it could be a problem with your setup? I haven't noticed anything unusual there lately...
  14. -100 Seriously dude??? First, they aren't charging anything for it. It's all stuff that was too high level (rifts) for new servers, or known to be problematic (favor, source fountains). Also, this isn't WoW. It's a very small team working on a game with lots of moving parts, on new servers, with hordes of new players poking at all the old issues. Plus we are only a couple of months in. Plus who knows what may be on the table for future development, but it's way too early to talk about yet because they are still dealing with all the new players poking at old issues. Honestly...
  15. Ahh, ok it was on the old servers, and since 2017! Well that certainly tells us something! Now we have confirmation that this is an option. I'm sticking with yearly cutting for now, as I think it looks nicer, and keeps the beauty of Cadence intact, but it's good to have more options.