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  1. Thank you for the info! I do think it's largely too late for the Cadence meadows, but it is good to know regardless.
  2. Nice! Since that was released after I checked for a setting, I do feel a little less stupid. But I guess I need to do more than occasionally skim patch notes! xD
  3. LOL! I was not! xD I looked for a place to turn it off and tried to find out briefly via Google but the internet was not forthcoming. I'm a hermit, but I guess I should have asked in the general/help chat. But I decided to just endure knowing it was a temporary effect anyway. Where was the switch? *Edit Ok thank you Dokhida . Sadly I guess I overlooked that when I was trying to find an effect switch. Silly me! No biggie, I was ok enough with it, but only realized how deeply I missed my horses when I saw them today.
  4. I am so happy to see my horses again. As a horse breeder I have a lot and recognize them by their colors as well as their names. These past weeks I have felt like my horses went on vacation --- but I still had to look after them! xD Listen, Wurm staff, the skeletal horses were REALLY well done and it was awesome, but maybe next time could we just have the skeletal look on saddled horses? Or at least an option to turn the effect on and off? It was oddly disorienting dealing with my herd with this effect. Anyway, thanks for the awesome skeletal horses, but boy I am happier than I even thought I'd be to have my herd back from "vacation."
  5. Not so good, and it would be more work than keeping the plains that exist clear in the first place. My opinion, anyway...
  6. Xanadu has some minor lag, that's just how it is. It's just too big. Of course, that doesn't stop me (and others) from loving it and playing on it for years. Anyway, that is why all the new servers are no bigger than Indy. Also, the new servers are understandably priority right now. If it's really bad lag, have you considered it could be a problem with your setup? I haven't noticed anything unusual there lately...
  7. -100 Seriously dude??? First, they aren't charging anything for it. It's all stuff that was too high level (rifts) for new servers, or known to be problematic (favor, source fountains). Also, this isn't WoW. It's a very small team working on a game with lots of moving parts, on new servers, with hordes of new players poking at all the old issues. Plus we are only a couple of months in. Plus who knows what may be on the table for future development, but it's way too early to talk about yet because they are still dealing with all the new players poking at old issues. Honestly...
  8. Ahh, ok it was on the old servers, and since 2017! Well that certainly tells us something! Now we have confirmation that this is an option. I'm sticking with yearly cutting for now, as I think it looks nicer, and keeps the beauty of Cadence intact, but it's good to have more options.
  9. Thank you for your input! I'm curious to know how long you have had the deed set up this way? If it's a new deed then give us an update after a Wurm year, or if a sprout ever makes the leap, but it sounds promising. Personally I've started cutting the saplings along field edges, a bit, and am finding it to be pretty low effort and even enjoyable. I think doing this once a Wurm year might be plenty to keep trees at bay. I'm planning to spend winters doing this. But if I ever get sick of doing it, then I'll consider a more permanent method. My personal preferred method is to have a minimal impact on the appearance and beauty of the landscape, which is what I personally want to preserve. This is great to hear! Let us know how it goes, or if it ever becomes overwhelming or tedious. This is totally understandable. We are all busy, myself included. I'm not going to take anything on in earnest until Wurm winter. Hopefully by then I'll have my deed in a better state. Also, Cadence has a lot of enormous grasslands that are far from being threatened. This is only worth doing if it's not absolutely inconvenient and chore-like for people to undertake.
  10. Hmm, I do see what you mean, but what if it's not a distance thing? What if it's just looking for an empty tile? What if having fewer tiles to choose from doesn't mean anything because if it's going to drop a sprout it will just find the nearest available tile, even if it's the other side of a desert, but just looks at the closest tiles first? You are probably right, though. Are you interested in finding a spot to test this idea out? Personally, I'd like to start hacking at trees and see how that goes. Obviously any idea is going to take months to reveal if it's effective and practical. Maybe we could each try out our favorite idea locally, and post the outcome here, after a Wurm year or two, and compare notes.
  11. Hello! I love your enthusiasm! Just out of curiosity, how wide is the sand area at your place? Regardless, I think that with a little cutting of the youngest trees alone, we could easily keep the trees at bay. But only if we have enough people cutting locally/regionally. I'm a bit NW of Sonata h15-ish. I could take g and h 15/16/17 for now, and see how much I can realistically handle. We should really post this in the Steam forums, but I'm still considering if this is a viable idea or not. I guess the only way to be sure is to go out and actually try it.
  12. Sorry, aesthetics aside, my actual main concern is would it even make a difference at all to sprout spread? If not, than it's a lot of work for no gain. I suppose we could try it experimentally on a small field to see how effective it is before committing to the idea.
  13. Honestly, I'm really unsure about the idea of having paving breaking up the scenery. Also, I'd argue that it's really easy to see the encroaching trees since the newly sprouted areas are much sparser, so you can just cut back until it's thicker, or simply focus on only the newest trees sprouting at the edges (best option that will wear out fewer axes ) However, you are totally right about less work later, for the highway idea ...but that's only if it makes a difference at all.
  14. Ok, after looking through old forum posts it doesn't seem like creating a border wouldn't help as trees have been observed sprouting out several tiles, so it would be a wasted effort. Unless a dev could clarify a more precise spread width, oak planting and physically cutting back trees seem like the best and only options. That said is there anyone willing to do this other than me? LOL I understand that we are all busy on our deeds, and building Cadence infrastructure. I personally wouldn't start working on this until I have a better handle on my deed projects. We may lose some of the smaller meadows fairly soon, but if we can at least reasonably hold back tree encroachment from the larger grassland I don't think that is too unreasonable. It may well turn out that this is too huge a task, and I understand that. I just felt that we should at least discuss it and try.
  15. I was just going to suggest oaks. But yeah steppe does also make sense. I was afraid that it would spread over grass, but if it doesn't than that is a very good option, that isn't to visually jarring. Aesthetically oak would be the nicest option, plus the added benefit of making that wood more commonly available. Perhaps a combination of these ideas could be used, just to add variety. Combined with maybe encouraging anyone wanting to grind woodcutting to try and focus on trees at the edge of grasslands?