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  1. Coming soon! - an event string to bring both old and new players current in the world story including a relaunch of all of the story related dungeons, and story telling NPC's along the way and ending with the launch of a new campaign.Estate sale event this weekend! Now is a great time to join the server and get ready for the journey.https://briomarea.thecohort.link/forums/topic/estate-auction-2/
  2. "We have just finished our first update! Come play with some new mods and be part of the story! https://briomarea.thecohort.link/forums/topic/sterver-update/
  3. The story continues! A rush of adventurers arrived in the town of Acrycia, discovered some clues, and found a way out of the city. They found the King and what remained of the citizens of Acrycia sleeping soundly in Haldren's rest. After deciphering some clues they woke the king. King Trystan has invited the adventurers to remain in Briomarea and help to rebuild the world! Much has happened in a short time. Some roads and towers have been built. Some adventurers have stayed and some have left. The next Chapter of the story will begin on February 19. Come create a character and join us for "The Rescue of Reldor"! - whether or not this quest succeeds is in the hands of the adventurers of the world.
  4. Wow! Thank you so much. This is going into my test server today and on to my live server at the next maintenance.
  5. Hey we love your mods and use them alot! I am curious about the setting for the Buyers to have free money and destroy items. Is there a way to set that for each buyer? Or is it just a server wide setting? We'd love to have options for NPC buyers to have free money and destroy items, and player buyers to keep the items.
  6. Due to some unexpected circumstances, I am not at home for this launch and I did not have time to prepare my laptop for the process of removing the server password. At the first scheduled maintenance (Monday where I am) we will remove the password. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Server password is October30
  7. This is cruel yes, but sounds like alot of fun. If I weren't launching my own project next week, I'd come check it out!
  8. Have you ever wanted a dagger? a warpick? A truly massive hard hitting sword or axe? Knuckles for weaponless fighting? Or maybe some fun with a battle yoyo? How about archery that works in PVE? We have them all! We also have Duskombat. Your skill with your weapon will matter much more than before! Come see what adventuring how has to offer!! https://briomarea.thecohort.link/weapons/
  9. Who wants potions? Who wants the alchemy skill to matter? I am very excited to announce that Briomarea will be rolling out a brand new mod by Arathok. This mod will use the alchemy skill to create potions. We will have a thread for bugs and issues to help Arathok finish testing the mod.
  10. Have you ever thought Wurm should allow deeds to have their own crests like land barons of old? Briomarea does. Come and see! We have the Kingdom Items mod active. Deed mayors can petition the king to register any of the unclaimed crests from the mod. Or if none of those represent you, you can use the templates to submit your own graphics!
  11. Because it has not launched yet. The password will be removed at the time of launch. Please note the launch date in the title of this post. We have an active discord and some prelaunch activities that will be rewarded with runes and rare bones when the server launches. We are still putting finishing touches on world content, and look forward to meeting everyone in game soon!
  12. No worries. Roleplay isn't for everyone. It isn't about politics, but rather about creating a living story together. Some people really enjoy roleplay and creating that story, some are ok with it, and some prefer to just play the game without the story. I learned from Vrystoria that trying to mix those who want it and those who don't (roleplay available, but optional), quickly does become political drama. So we chose for Briomarea to clearly define it as a roleplay server vs a roleplay optional server. Good luck wherever you do play
  13. There is a map which will be released as a reward for one for the early group quests in the game. There are too many markers on the map that would spoil the first game quest and roleplay to release a live map now. I expect the map to be released sometime between 2-4 weeks after the launch. Once the map is released everyone will have access.
  14. You are invited to join us on Briomarea! As a roleplay server, will have a mission based story, driven by the decisions of the characters in the world. There will be chapters to the story or “campaigns”. Each will have a defined start and end. During a campaign each player should expect to devote some of their playtime to completing the campaign objectives. In between the campaigns, there will be downtime for players to pursue their own interests. Some downtime options will be participating in building quests. grinding skills, personal builds, taking a break from Wurm, and side missions. Side missions will be prompted by discoveries in the world. Any player who discovers the hook to a side mission may decide how to proceed. They may ignore the hook, follow the mission alone, create a party to join them on the mission, or include everyone in the mission. Server Stats RP – PVE 1x skill gain 2x action timers Custom map – 4096×4096 50,000 mobs – 75% aggressive Deed start up cost and upkeep – enabled Skills start at 1 Characteristics start at 20 Starting gear is 10 quality Growth timers are set to 13 hours apart Priests No Priest restrictions Max Faith 150 Faith gains scaled Timer for faith gain removed (still limited to 5 per day) Statuette quality and rarity matter for spellcasting Custom spells added Spells added to Magranon – Quarry, Industry and Prowess Spells added to Vynora – Replenish and Efficiency Spells added to Fo – Endurance and Harden Spells added to Libila – Phasing and Acuity Improved favor regeneration https://briomarea.thecohort.link/ https://discord.com/invite/3ATR4nXqh7