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  1. Well, It seems that fixed it until the next backup/restart. Now we are right back where we started. It looks like that botToken number is changing regularly now. I don't know why or what is triggering the change.
  2. Byxoft thank you for your help! For those of us on Pingperfect - it seems the issue for me and maybe some of you was that the ping perfect launcher didn't know what to do with the discord errors which resulted in a corrupted database. I had to remove the discord mod. Restore from a backup. Start it up. Then fix and reinstall the discord mod.
  3. Thank you. I thought we had the most recent version, but I don't see those limits and minimums on my end so I'll update and see if that fixes it.
  4. Thank you for the quick response! I do know how to see it from the side of the person managing the buyer. But say I see a buyer wants concrete and I want to sell it. Is there a way for me to know he only will buy 50 before I go out and make 200?
  5. Is there a setting anywhere for the buyer that will tell people how many items the buyer is willing to purchase?
  6. Vrystoria

    A New Chapter – “Luther” For years the inhabitants of Vrystoria have been rebuilding their lives, through the harsh winters they have needed to hide from the elements as the cold drew an icy veil over the lands, but the climate is changing, no longer does the winter seem so harsh, crops still thrive through until spring and being caught out with little protection no longer means an icy demise. The Winters may well have become milder, but there are other changes in the lands, the citizens of the various villages , settlements and strongholds have always been kind and helpful to one another, but there is a new settlement appearing and no-one knows who it belongs to, a once abandoned island seems to have a new inhabitant. A mysteries man by the name of Luther Jenkins has carved out a small notch in the once desolate , but fertile lands of ‘Hestins Rest’, the most interior of the Vrystorian islands, it looks like the makings of a foundation of sorts. Luther himself is a man of few words, making himself scarce when the other villagers are filled with merriment around the tavern at Keldor, but he can be seen occasionally talking with traders. Little is known of Luther, where he came from, whether he is with others or what his intent is, but there are whispers that he is not shy of coin and is willing to spend it if you can produce the right items. If you seek out Luther to discover more of this mysterious man and his intentions, he is often found on the east coast of Hestlins Rest, preparing for someone or something, but what !..... Lava tiles added Hell Horse Spawners added - to fix lack of Hell Horse Spawns Survival mod removed - a very tough decision. More Potabales removed - No longer working correctly HighwayPortals added as written. Crafters mod added configured to be used as part of the Jenkins quest line
  7. Well, it's as I suspected, I just missed something simple. Thank you!!
  8. I have followed those instructions exactly. Here is what I see. I did not change any settings in the properties file. https://gyazo.com/850c5b815ef7712c5b3d10f09942d8b6
  9. I have chosen "all wood" and left everything else default, I am trying to trade a spindle. When I open trade in the gm mode it says "I have 0i" and then when I drag it into the trade window it stays there. When I try it in player mode it says "how can I help?" When I open the trade window, but same result when I drag the item into he trade window nothing happens (it doesn't move down to the accepted items slot) and when I click accept, nothing happens, the trade window just stays open. I assume that the donate items and mail items boxes are check boxes. Bu I even tried dragging the item into one of those. When I do that it says I am to far away. Those are the only events messages.
  10. I have a question on the crafter mod. I'm probably missing something simple. Here is my problem. I get everything looking like it's going to work all the way up to the trade. The trade window looks good, but the crafter just won't take the item. I've tried on a gm, and a regular toon. On the toon that holds the contract and one that doesn't Nothing seems to work. Any ideas? Thank you.
  11. Vrystoria

    I can't take credit for the formatting. I had lots of help. Please feel free to copy. We are flattered that you asked.
  12. Vrystoria

    Welcome !!! The Vrystoria server is a welcoming and diverse server, from the moment you are dropped into the world starting at the player made town of Keldor, you are immersed in rich story line and dialogue from the various NPC's that surround you, lodgings available for the weary traveler and plenty to do right on your doorstep. For those adventurers among us there are several dungeons to explore and a treasure trove of wonders to discover. There are several large settlements outside of the initial 'Capital' to visit all with friendly players to interact with, RP is encouraged in the local chats, but those that enjoy the game without the RP element are also welcome. The story of Vrystoria is an organic and evolving story line that grows with the players who can directly influence it as they progress in Vrystoria. all linked around the World History and the Deity Hestlin comes a story line that you, the player, now control. Whether you’re a travelling trader selling their wares or an intrepid miner venturing in the underground chasms looking for rare ores to liberate, a wielder of Hammer and Tongs spending hours in front of the Smelter and Forge or a master of the cloth making fine garments for your fellow Vrystorians. Your story is still yet to be told, but told it shall be and no better place than the welcoming and friendly civilisation of Vrystoria ! Come and join us on the journey of a lifetime.!! Role Play Who do you want to be? We encourage every player to create and develop a character. Everyone impacts the world. More Info History Vrystoria has a rich and unique history. Every character will have the opportunity to help shape the world More Info Rules Playing on Vrystoria constitutes acceptance of the rules listed on the rules page. Please be familiar with them. More Info Stats and Mods Server Stats PvE 1x skill gain (weapon smithing is 3x) 2x action timers Custom Map Size = 2048x2048 25,000 mobs 75% aggressive Deed Start up cost -enabled Deed upkeep - enabled Skills start at 1 Fight skill starts at 10 Characteristics start at 20 Body control starts at 21 Starter gear is 10ql Sorcery Items available as dungeon loot. Priests No priest restrictions Max Faith 150 Faith gains scaled Statuette quality and rarity matter for spellcasting Custom deity - details here Taxes - will go up if you are offline for more than three weeks Bounty - Coin paid to those who kill mobs Bounty on Burn- Burn corpses instead of bury, Earn coin and Karma No Crop Decay - Crops that are grown will not wither Inbreed Warning - Gives a warning if you are attempting to inbreed Dungeon Mod - Cool way to get loot from dungeons Drake mount - Drakes to ride Kingdom items and tabbards - craftable pretty stuff
  13. Hello. We are having issues with the merchant #10 from the dungeons mod. The other merchants we have seem to be working correctly. Here is the error in the logs whenever we try to purchase from the merchant. This same error happens both on the test server and on the live one. [12:17:44 AM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.creatures.Communicator: Wyntria- communication failed: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "" at java.lang.NumberFormatException.forInputString(NumberFormatException.java:65) at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(Integer.java:592) at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(Integer.java:615) at com.wurmonline.server.questions.dungeon10question.buyitem(dungeon10question.java:56) at com.wurmonline.server.questions.dungeon10question.answer(dungeon10question.java:150) at com.wurmonline.server.creatures.Communicator.reallyHandle_CMD_BML_FORM(Communicator.java:3504) at com.wurmonline.server.creatures.Communicator.reallyHandle(Communicator.java:2403) at com.wurmonline.communication.SocketConnection.tick(SocketConnection.java:618) at com.wurmonline.communication.SocketServer.tick(SocketServer.java:172) at com.wurmonline.server.Server.run(Server.java:2527) at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Timer.java:555) at java.util.TimerThread.run(Timer.java:505) Can you help?
  14. Most of Spellcraft is working for us too. However the adjustment to the Deity favor required for the Rite spells no longer works since the Wurm update to 1.9. We have several high level priests who were using those spells.
  15. Is there an ETA on the spellcraft fixes/update? Thank you!