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  1. It is still masonry, but you will need clay, not stone shards to improve
  2. Lunalong 2021

    Almost time for Lunalong, see you there
  3. Island Pass is disbanded, New Deed at same location (244,1105): Meadgard
  4. I logged on Test server (where you can set your skill at a given number). At 30 skill - i didn't see the age, at 31 i Did. Seems 30 is the magic number
  5. Lunalong 2021

    i will be there with my main - Olufus - and 1 or 2 priests
  6. Added [[1563,1713],[1543,1713],[1543,1752],[1553,1752],[1553,1798]]
  7. You are right, Priest page updated accordingly. Thanks for letting us know.
  8. Be aware, the information in the old table where not fully correct. Furthermore the last column stated that all deities could do farming etc. Which we found unnecessary.
  9. According to https://www.wurmonline.com/2018/12/17/patch-notes-17-dec-18-gone-fishing/ But a Vynora priest trying to bash a fence gets : [12:06:09] Vynora does not accept that action. Priests of other dieties can bash fences without having to go unfaithful
  10. And highway through that tunnel [[964,276],[964,256],[988,234],[1097,234],[1104,234],[1104,220]] Also a new highway [[909,276],[909,200],[899,200],[892,193],[861,193]]