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  1. My 2 cents - Steam and existing WO servers should be the same and it would benefit both communities at the same time: 1) Argument that "Lets give people fresh start and newbs seeing people in high gear will get discouraged" is not a valid argument - I am only here because I saw those people and thought "I also want that" otherwise I didnt see the benefit of being here. the skill grind is too steep. In that case EVE Online would be dead long time ago - When I joined there I was amazed by the huge corporations flying capital-ships. 2) It would revive markets - not all players has 24/7 time for grinding therefore it is good if I have a possibility to buy better gear and advance faster if I only have 2-3 hours per day max to spend on WO. 3) There is still a lot of unused ground on all the servers. 4) What makes wurm great and why I stay was community - Older players helping new players to understand the game. I dont believe that new players on a new cluster will stay for long with this grind and no community. As it feels now this is an attempt to open game on steam, let the old community keep paying to cover all the expenses and if all goes as planed let the old servers die on them own because new players wont come in to old servers because of steam and more and more players will just leav or switch over time.
  2. For those who are just reading this... little explanations. What Oblivion and some are doing is textbook manipulation that are used in politics and everyday marketing tactics. This is what Oblivion is doing at the moment. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Appeal_to_ridicule in short: When someone is presented with truth they don't want to face or answer for they ridicule the arguments to get public support and discredit the original argument.
  3. Jaz, you are not the only person in the group... there is many people and all of you have different opinions and moral standards... some really want to get their armor sets and I dont blame them... it does work for now and that is the quickest way, but in the same time some are not happy by the means how its done.... they are people... all the moral dilemmas.
  4. Aaaaand the reinforcements is here now we will have a list of Oblivions existing group members pitching in how good he is
  5. People talk Oblivion you think that you have your bunch under your thumb but people like to talk and complain If they want to say it here they can be free to do so and as I said they have spot in our group (if they qualify by our rules) if they want....
  6. Oblivion, I really dont care about you... I can promise you that... people like you is on the bottom on my care list. I also don't try to be superior... I'm just saying that people does not have to be reliant on some "superstars" to get their dragons and loot from them... they can do it themselves. Our Deli group works on these rules: 1) All who can go and search when the unique spawns. 2) All the loot that drops (exception is hide, scale and blood for obvious reasons) are auctioned between members, if not sold than in public market. 3) all profits are split between searchers and penners. all of the community is profiting who participates. One thing I dont understand is how you keep your group together when they get just scraps...
  7. Point four explains that the loot is rolled by the deed owner.... it does not say that the deed owner can keep the loot. this is one more example of the rule bending from you. You are like international corporation with an army of lawyers that find a one slightly in-perfect wording and steamrolls the common folk with that slight imperfection of the law.
  8. Oblivion, as far as I know You had an agreement with a group that you will hunt with them within their groups rules... and as soon as you got the bone you decided to change the ruler of your agreement... am I wrong on this one?
  9. It is not hard to bend the rules.... I have already some ideas how the rules can be bent within the range of the rules and with that to be able to ###### up PVE servers... and a lot of people would be frustrated afterwards. Now you are talking about was it fair to pen unique or not... I am talking about code of honour and fair game mechanics... just because you have not predicted something and have not prepared to deal with something does not mean it should be allowed... You just sit here now and think about one thing but if this barrier is removed (code of honour) then whats next? Most of the people who play on PVE servers play for the sake of the game not to ###### over other players... if we would want to do that we would go to Chaos... Chaos if full with uniques as far as I know? why does Oblivionreaver doesn't go there? afraid to go in PVP area and lose its expensive gear? afraid to face PVP combat possibility? I bet Chaos player community would welcome your visit with open arms and sharp blades... For those who read this thread and think "why should I care" or "I haven't been to any hunts, closed hunting groups are a cancer"... if you wont get involved you wont get anything... for all the wurmians who think that they have no chance I want to say... Join your servers hunting group, if your server dont have hunting group, form your own group... I can share a good framework how to make a honest hunting group if you want to form one. Dont let some random scavengers walk around your server and steal your possibilities. Those who are saying that Oblivion is the high messiah just because he is making public hunts.... ask yourself... what exactly have you gotten from those hunts? there is plenty of people who have gotten ###### over by him... last if I remember correctly was the fantastic bone... group effort in killing but benefits went just for one. Again.. Join your servers hunting groups if you want to be a part... if your server does not have a hunting group, make your own!!! if you need assistance how to make one, give me a shout, I will help you set up a hunting group with all the tips and tricks. If you are from Deli server and dont really want join the existing hunting group I will also help you to set up a hunting group with one agreement... code of honour agreement...
  10. I am not in a hurry to sell it and market works not by historical prices but by current offer and demand. And I don't see anyone else selling this tome.
  11. Selling Tome of incineration Spell granted: Incinerate (Damage over time spell, causing very light to light burn wounds each 10 seconds, damage and amount of ticks may vary - 750 karma to cast) Resistance: Fire 15% (Decreases Fire damage taken by 15%) Weakness: Bite 10% (Increases Bite damage taken by 10%) 1 charge 80 silver 3 charges (all set) 160 silver (buy 2 get third for free) If interested PM in game or here. P.S. Part of the payment can be in items if you want to buy all 3 charges (send offers)
  12. @Xallo I do understand it, and that is one of the reason why after all the "lets save the world from the evil empire" talks it will boil down to common sense and active participants will understand that it is not sustainable. My prediction is that this public slaying wont happen for long because no one will be willing to finance it from their own pockets, serious fighters wont be willing to put in their time for the loot they are getting and that will be the end of this "Red cross"... while we all want to live in this utopian society where everyone gets everything... reality is that if you do the work you want the reward...
  13. I was trying to stay out of this discussion for a while because my approach is not to get involved in internet politics, but some of the things said here really pushed me over the edge. Before I start I would like to ask some questions for you reader to answer yourself. 1) If you would spend 4 hours of your life after midnight (like from 11pm to 3am) when you have 4 hours of sleep left after, before you have to wake up for 9 hour work shift… would you want to share your benefits with someone who did nothing and in hunt sits in a local just to reap benefits? 2) For how long you think LordLouis will finance such campaigns with no returns? 3) Do you really think this fight would be public if LordLouis had the numbers to kill the dragon on his own? (you were there to do the dirty job) Who I am? I would say I am probably the youngest member of this, how some of you call “Deli cartel” or “elitist group”. I am playing Wurm for less than a 1/2 year… Yes, I did know about the conditions for application from day one… but it has never been a secret also. And what I did? I worked from the day one, grinding the skills required to be accepted. I have spent countless hours brutally grinding specific skills I didn’t even like (for example two handed weapons… I would rather chose longsword + shield). But in same time I understand and accepted the rules because I understood the reasons. Max DPS in slaying’s. Yes, I was working hard to be accepted (like in real life… you have to work hard to get something) What surprises me the most here is how many people is expecting the benefits without any responsibilities. Is this how you live? Live off of benefits without doing any work? and do you than judge those who have worked hard to become what they are? No one is preventing anyone from finding and slaying the dragon. In all the hunts I have been participating I have seen only one other group that has been doing the searching… About this group some of you say is elitist… I am far from being elite… I barely fit in the requirements. I have basic plate armour set that barely fit the requirements… I have one sword… and horse that was gifted. I am eating food that is gifted (water thankfully is free from the lake),… but I am in this group and I have participated in all the hunts since I was accepted. I skipped nights out with friends to hunt for dragons… and it is not because it is requested from me, it is because I chose to do it for the common goal. And many others did the same from this you’re called “Elitist group”. So don’t f****ng dare to say I am in some way an elite… I chose to work for what I want not request any entitlements. Why does this group gets most of the uniques on Deli? because all of us here chose to work together to find them and hunt them. Many people from the group are jumping online and searching for the uniques when they spawn, spending silver to restrain it and organise the killing. Thats why we get most of them… because we chose to do something... After every hunt all the loot is sold and profits are split equally between all who participated in the hunt… equally… not in some random lottery where rules change after the kill… How many of you participated in the last kill and found out that you were not participating in the lottery because you went home and didn’t stick in the local? Who did really get all the benefits from last fight? We even vote on time when the killing will happen for the most players to be able to participate and get the benefits. Odynn does not say when the killing will happen… he has the same vote like everyone else in the group (not much of an elite either… isn’t it?) The fact that I can freely say that (contradicting some other statements in this thread from other players) proves that if you as a person are not a prick you are equal and have your free opinions. No one is kicked out for having a constructive opinion. Even here when someone tries to challenge what happened in the last fight they were called names and accused to be ungrateful (by the supreme leader) because they were expecting what they were promised. In my time in what some of you call this “Deli cartel” I have never heard such rude attitude towards any member…. there had been some personal misunderstandings/discussions but never ever anyone has treated any other member as a lower being. People… Please… think for yourselves and don’t listen to everyone who jumps on the stage, drops a banana and yells “Make America great again”… think for yourselves and don’t let false prophets fool you. In my personal opinion LordLouis is your average politician who comes up with a lot of promises before election (I would love to see how he delivers on his promises). for those who was in the first lines…. was the scale share fair for your effort when there was tons of alts in local who did nothing? would you rather chose to get fair share for your work? Thats it.. I’m out of breath… To everyone… here is a conditions for joining and they are not a secret… they are there for fairness so everyone who are willing to work get their fair share and avoid freeloaders. In my opinion it is a fair system… (all of the above said by me is my own personal opinion and does not represent any group opinion)
  14. Any news here? I dont want to load windows anymore.... it is painful to use that peace of junk...