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  1. Hi, With Modern Renderer on, I have sky reflections showing when in a cave, even though have reflections disabled (i understand this maybe new feature of minimal sky reflections, but presume should not be happening inside a cave?)
  2. Mast Master Grand Mast Grandmaster and Grats :)
  3. Hi, Since the change, have been happily getting <fragment>, metal when identifying an item, this was working as intended yesterday - today when i have come to do some Archaeology, i am getting the old style items once identified of <fragment>, iron, which then change back to the <fragment>, metal when combining with an already metal fragment. This has occurred on all metal items that i have identified in this batch(118 in batch, all metal(20+) = , iron). The only difference I have done today, other than normal, is that I went across server to explore and gather fragments, and then bought them back across server home to identify (found on Indy, Identified on Xan), and not sure if this has caused the problem, or just a co-incidence. I Have not been able to see if this is an intended change back, or a bug, so apologies if an intended change. (EDIT) Just did a quick small batch on Xan, and this batch is indeed as intended, and giving <fragment>, metal once again, so seems not a problem with my Archaeology, but that actual batch from yesterday. To test, i held onto a few from yesterday's batch, till after I have tested some on Xan today, to see if it reset anything, but again, those from yesterday's batch are still giving <fragment>, iron, please let me know if there is any further testing i can do, I will hold onto a few of the batch, in case needed.
  4. Hi, Just made a new Arch Journal, added one blank report into it, then placed it in a large chest, few moments later tried to drag the journal from the chest to my inventory, and got the message "The archaeology journal contains a no-take item" and wouldn't let me drag it to inventory at all I then tried to right click it and select take, and it allowed this and was able to take it this way - placed it back in, but would still not allow it to be dragged. I was also unable to remove the enclosed blank report in any way to see if this would fix it.
  5. I am quite a new player, so apologies first if this has been suggested in some form before - but as a new player - it seems there are a lot of old tunnels within a lot of rock i have found, and even some in a place i thought had never been touched by anyone before - and even though sometimes you could work around them - some seem to be on different levels, and can completely destroy your plans. So I thought it would be a good idea to have a surveying skill, either connected with prospecting or mining - and this skill could work exactly the same way as prospecting, surveying an area around the player, to check whether there are tunnels nearby, and greater skill will allow for greater distance, and more skill will allow you to know the height difference of any tunnel, and direction of the tunnel etc - all to allow you to early on bypass, or connect with any tunnels already there - You could obviously do this with a pickaxe, or maybe even a new tool? (not sure what sort of tool IRL would be able to do this anyway!) This may not really be a needed skill for most and therefore not a great suggestion - but could be a useful one for some people - and with more tunnels all the time - maybe something that may be needed at some point.