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  1. What Rocc has said is true. At this point - it just feels pointless. Many people have given up on them ever going anywhere with the game. Refusal to have a marketing strategy other than " word of mouth ". Epic was abandoned again as it has been many times by the Devs. The last time they changed Epic, half the player base quit - then got a short term spike that was transferred away back to freedom within a few weeks ( via the devs actual one sided transfer ). If they do decide to do anything with Epic it might as well be to pull the plug. The people who are left and don't play would be better off having everything deleted so they can move on to something else worthwhile. Good game, well, it could of been. So you know what, I'm going to say it for once. I don't hate Wurm. I hate the devs. They failed to listen and they failed to act. This is what happens when you listen to a PvE player base for a PvP server. The changes to make were simple and still are but it will never happen because of their refusal to acknowledge they are wrong and made huge mistakes. I feel sorry for those who are playing and who warned me when I started the game about how bad it was. THEY were right. If you want a game that isn't depressing you need MORE people. All servers. Its just that freakin' simple. I welcome a ban for my " hate " speech. Ban the truth here.
  2. Meditation ???? Really ? On Epic.... Everyones got everything in meditation on every character since the skill gain was ruined on it so it's pretty balanced when EVERYONE has EVERYTHING. This was mostly the same before the new skill system! PoL needs some love ironically but isn't really important. UI / Spells - sure thing. What Epic needs is not only a reason for people to play there but actual NEW players. Give epic the freedom skill system and leave the curve(which still helps new players) and let EVERY SERVER have open skill transferring. Allow rift items to work so farming them would make some sort of since. There needs to be a REASON to be logged in, to play the game, in general. Without people there isn't PvP so embracing a little PvE on Epic would atleast get some more bodies in the door alongside fixing the transfer issues. And then ….. Market the game! Appeal to a broader audience. If you guys focused as much on this as you did these changes then I'm sure you could brainstorm some insanity to get this moving. This game deserves much more. It's a wonderful game that simply needs some more bodies! This current state of the transfer is pure discrimination!!!!!!!!!
  3. Congrats to Chaos for finally getting some love. Any ETA 'till server equality for Epic? Any ETA 'till marketing so there will be players to PvP? Complete silence is only wasting our time.
  4. My suggestion is simple : Give Epic the same skill system as Freedom and have transfer equality between all servers. Economy is separate since items are separate. After that .. atleast people can then make gains on Epic without feeling they are wasting time gaining nothing. The new skill system doesn't do anything for anyone since the transfer is in place. It only makes new players start on freedom and any that start on Epic will quit once they realize they wasted two hours when they can skill gain on ALL other servers and still play epic. It's getting old seeing new players quit when they find out about it. I've seen it happen so , many, times..... If you want people to play Epic - which you should - then it doesn't make sense to tell them to play somewhere else. Atleast give people to ability to play Epic.
  5. @Keenan While you may not agree with the playerbase you could in fact show them a bit more respect considering the position you are affiliated with. The opinions and attitude you provide in your comments could be seen as a reflection of the opinions and attitudes of your employer. Don't be apart of the problem. Be the solution. Adding comments like that is only throwing gasoline on a fire that's already out of control. @ALLdevs Questions: 1)Are there any current marketing strategies? 2)What are your current marketing strategies? 3)Are you willing to hire someone to market the game and come up with an overall long term strategy to bring more players to the game? 4)Are you going to hire someone to market the game? 5)What are your current thoughts on how the transfer is working for everyone having it one-way only? All this game needs is a larger playerbase. A larger playerbase leads to more money and more money means you can hire more people to assist in development. More assistance in development leads to faster and more abundant content and bug fixes. This is what we need. Is people. The game needs people. I don't just mean any particular server. I mean all of them. People!!!!!!!!!
  6. Looks like Mag is trying to leave Epic, but it's a one way ship. Magranon: " Transfer does not compute. " Seriously though... I believe your image and all but It says hes heading to Mount Creation in game and on strike limit for me.
  7. When you guys update things you should attach a "*Freedom only" to it so it doesn't get people excited for things that are not going to work. #EpicRiftItems
  8. The entire freedom player base has always gotten special treatment over any PvP server. If you don't want anyone to have special treatment over others then you can start by advocating to turn the Freedom-Epic transfer off. That is equality after all. Give us the same skill system and make it both ways. Thank you! Don't want to hear anything else about " special treatment". It's not a choice for us. It's a developer choice. In regards to the actual thread: The personal goals could use a bit more work to make it a bit more completable for some priests, but they are removing the system eventually anyway so I don't see a point to even bother changing something they will remove.
  9. It's time for a new system to distribute tomes. This one is either bugged or unplayable due to enemy interruption of avatar movement. E.g. (Sabotage) Add fun new ways to aquire tomes!
  10. I guess noone else cares or seems to want to post about it(besides Rocc). The current scenario seems to be in an infinite loop win for Fo. No response from in game support after dozens of hours. No reply here.
  11. Wow, you chaos kids just don't give up. Why not just go play the game instead of trying to delete a server cluster and have less players in wurm overall? Absolutely no to deleting Epic. The better option would be to delete Chaos and have PvE and PvPvE completely separate. That way the people on freedom can transfer to PvPvE. @mclavin Your numbers are way off bro. I have more people than that, interested in epic, in my village alone. They just cant dedicate themselves to play 24/7 like you do. Well, I guess you don't dedicate yourself to the game since you are here so often. @platinumteef For the personal goals, most people are using there main characters to get done them on Epic. Only a few people are creating alts to try to get a good set of goals and work with that. Worst case, let's close this thread. Announce the armor updates for Chaos to the whiners and lets move on with our lives. If you want to save the game then come up with some marketing ideas that can be utilized in a cost effective manner and then suggest it to them. That is the best way to bring more people to Wurm Online.
  12. No thanks to a wipe. There are plenty of other things you can do besides wiping out an entire cluster. Here are a few: I hope they start with creating a smaller elevation map with enough land mass to still support a PMK system, but it also has to actually have " elevated " areas. WTB Plot course on Epic? and bug fixes for boat PvP. Increase boat speed as well. This would all support a better structure for Epic.
  13. I had the exact same issues. Client was running at half FPS or worse. I had 10-15 FPS after the update and I now get 50-60 with the new patch. It's confirmed fixed for me. Hope it works for everyone else. Thank you guys!
  14. -1 Right now they are fixing the lag issues so I don't know what you are on about. If you want the updates then come play Epic. You can transfer here since you guys got your way with the Freedom -> Epic transfer. We'd like to come PvP with you but you just had to have your way. So Epic we shall stay. First priority: Fix lag. A lot of people can't even play the game right now on Epic and I'm sure freedom is the same. I know they are working on this so I will be patient instead of crying new lakes on Chaos. Really guys, you have enough lakes.
  15. FPS overall standing still is low compared to FPS prior to the patch. Roughly half. I am using the normal client. @Everyone with high FPS - you probably wont notice any difference if you get 100+ FPS since it wont dip below 60. EDIT: @SamoolThank you!!