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  1. Bedrolls

    I´m sure you are aware of this / know more than I do I am also not a lawyer, have no legal background, so this is in not legal advice. I am not exactly sure how far this extends, but it would appear to me that ``bedrolls`` and ``festive bedrolls``, which were added to WO on January 16, 2020, could validate a copyright infringement under certain circumstances. Would a re-imagined ``sleeping bag`` with self-made models/textures be considered copyright infringement? I would imagine that would be perfectly fine, considering that happens on a daily basis, and Wurm Online (along with almost every other company and person on the planet) has surely taken ideas from others and made it their own too. But again, I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. Just thought this would be relevant to bring up, as we don´t want anyone getting into trouble - especially after already being warned. @RetrogradeConsidering the linked forum post is locked, in a different forum, and possibly being removed altogether, it would probably be helpful if an offical statement in regards to WU/WO Mods and Copyright Infringement were stickied in the WU Mod forum, as I am not sure how clear that is to the community. It could even be as easy as updating the Rules sticky. While it likely isn´t CCAB´s responsibility to inform the WU community of this type of thing, I find it would be the right thing to do and a gesture of good faith. WU is, at the end of the day, also your game, and people playing it are also customers, even if we aren´t as high of a priority as WO customers (which I completely understand). It would be a shame to see a legal dispute within the WO/WU community, and a little prevention could go a long way.
  2. In my opinion, the problem lies by the playerbase and not the rules / moderation. Here is a simplification of how I see it: On one end, people want to claim land for themselves and have this land be safe from other people, even to the extent of putting up a 100x100 wooden fence over undeed land. On the other end, people want to be able to loot, and usually do so if things are not on a deed. The playerbase (not every single person that plays Wurm, but many) wants it both ways - they want to take, but not be taken from. This contradicts a bit and at the end of the day there is always someone who feels the rules were not in their favor. I also feel that the more rules we implement into the world of Wurm, the less it feels like an open world. Oh, and people always find loopholes. The US tax code, for example, is written out to quite a complex degree, to the point where only the most hardcore can really take the time to learn it and use it to their advantage. As for players not knowing - there is a clear, bold, large text warning when you first drop an item on undeeded land. You can´t pick things up in the starter town. I found it to be very clear early on that there is a way to claim land, and not doing so puts you at a risk. There are also 20 different ways to find this information, and there are probably 20 veterans who have mentioned it in-game along the way as well - at least that is how it was when I started... so I wouldn´t claim that it is some kind of secret that only veterans are aware of. I find the official stance on this to be perfectly sensible and realistic. The less GMs interfere, the better. I know others would like a lot more moderation in several areas of the game, but a police state in Wurm Online is probably not going to go down well.
  3. I know a lot of people are being critical right now, and I am sorry if that upsets you, but I have addressed your "counter points", while you convienently leave out mine. If you are happy with the game, that's cool. Im not trying to rain on your parade, but dont start being condescending with me. I have no interest in arguing with you over personal taste. You can disagree with me all you want, but trying to paint me as too lazy to walk away from my spawn point? That i dont know Blizz-Activision is a bloodsucking profit driven company? You are making so many assumptions and reading into my words. Bordering on attacking me personally because I am being critical of something we are expected to pay for? You are quite special. It seems you are the only one here that is personally offended. You must really love this game, and I understand that. I just want to enjoy it too.. that's it man.. that's it. Nothing against you.
  4. Comparing launches can be helpful, and I understand that the industry standard is where it is at. I was there for Vanilla and Classic WoW launch days too, but I didnt get the same feeling of "oh that's just the way it is so keep trying to log in, maybe you will get lucky" that I got after tuning into Retro's launch day stream. It is one thing to remain positive, but there was really an undertone of negligence at play here, at least from my perspective (which is blas, but reasonable). As far as Harmony goes... what is this game about? I look at Wurm and I see my cabin in the woods. I see wilderness. I expect a wild, open world, with settlements scattered throughout, but not a neighbor 45 seconds away in each direction. I know I am not alone. This is a concern for many people. I would have loved Xanadu had I known about Wurm at the time, and I was really looking forward to getting that chance. Some people want to live in Los Angeles, some people want to be super social and network all day. Others want to live in the countryside, away from the masses. The same can be said for Wurm, you just need to do a bit of reading in these Forums to see how much people differ when it comes to population density in Wurm. The game tries to please both sides, but I feel as the situation stands, the hermits do not feel welcomed to Harmony or Melody. It is that simple. I do not enjoy having 6 people in local, regardless how much time and effort I spend trying to escape off on my own. So, I understand the game wasnt made for me alone, but I shouldnt have to make one compromise after another to play a game that wants my money at the end of the day in order to play it appropriately, and I would imagine that losing potential customers for an already niche game isn't necessarily what the developers were aiming for, even if it was a calculated decision. I would then be questioning that decision. Take it as constructive critizism. With the decisions that have been made, CCAB has alienated a portion of the people who were interested in their game, and I think that's fair to bring up. The untouched world where players make something out of it is a big selling point of this game.. I see a lot MORE people in Wurm with a lot LESS land than what was even previously offered, and that is game breaking for me. All the excitement goes out the window. If I want to cuddle up with my neighbors, I could just go play Sims. I guess I will just have to pop into Xanadu from time to time, and otherwise stick to Wurm Unlimited to get the experience that I clearly can not get from Wurm Online. It's a shame, but alright.
  5. As a target customer who was excited for the steam release (played maybe 3 months max, 1-2 years ago?), but has now decided against picking up Wurm Online, I would like to give my criticism. There is really only one reason why (map size), as the first point will no longer be relevant... but my experience that night and loss of excitement is still very relevant for me and how I view Wurm. My tent is currently on Harmony, and I won´t be coming back to it. Painful Login Process at Release I tried playing on release day but couldn´t justify attempting to log in over and over and over and over and over again. I gave up night one after realizing that there was no login queue in place and that multiple thousands of people were in a free-for-all frenzy trying to funnel into GV one by one, which had a 100 person cap. You could get lucky and get in your first try, or spend several hours trying to get in without success... not because of technical issues, but because no time or money was invested to make it a more user-friendly experience. Players were expected to just deal with it. Okay, cool. Not for me though, sorry. The lag was understandable. Population vs Map Size My wife and I then tried the next day. After finally getting in, we were of the opinion that the map was way too small (this was before the second map was released). Two starter towns? Xanadu may have been BIG (which I imagine MOST people expect from this type of game) but it makes no sense to me... Steam release for more players, but at the same time bringing out a new map half the size of the old one... while you are expecting a lot of new faces... just seems like you shot yourselves in the foot there. I understand that people wont be staying, that many feel Xanadu is too large + the technical issues of a huge map... but come on now. Harmony feels like going to a Los Angeles beach after three weeks of overcast weather... tents and people everywhere man. I couldn´t escape the masses, so I said screw it and logged out. There are also other things, like the quick UI paint job although it could have used a real rework, a re-imagining of what F2P in this game is and what kind of limitations that comes with, etc.. but thats a different matter. But yes, the concerns voiced in this thread were among the reasons why I won´t be coming back.
  6. While I agree with you that more moderation would be beneficial, and I would imagine that they have already increased moderation (24/7 coverage in all depts is likely tough), I also think that an uptick in toxicity among the community comes with the F2P Steam-Exposure-Package. That´s not to say that moderation isn´t necessary, or that it is somehow a waste of time because it will happen anyway.. But considering staff and volunteer size, in comparison to the number of new players.. on a platform that draws in different people from all types of backgrounds.. with all the technical issues, player demands and complaints, questions and processing that is going on at CCAB right now... I feel with these types of things in mind, looking at the big picture, and all the different priorities, and how effective one can eliminate problems (be it server lag or chat moderation), it is likely something that won´t be going away anytime soon. Again, it is the steam exposure and the diversity of people that brings with it, along with the staff already working overtime, etc etc etc. The reputation of the game is always changing, and while this steam release has brought many advantages, it will undoubtedly bring at least one drawback, and that is: TLDR bigger community = larger risk for running into toxic human beings.
  7. Just a bag of confusion, this is. SO the toons are specific to the launcher, and not the clusters. Gotcha. To be honest, that is going to go over a lot of people's heads.
  8. I honestly think this confuses people even more.... but okay. I know it is pretty easy to understand for the mods, but a ton of people have been confused.... creating characters for Steam on the website and that not working, buying prem for steam on the website... all kinds of stuff.... but okay.
  9. The steam version is a stand-alone version, the two may be connected to a certain extent but for us users, they are practically seperate in every way. You have 2 options. 1. Legacy Servers (the client you have), connected to the website for account creation and so on, just like it always was. If you want to play on Xanadu, for example, you need to log in the traditional way, just as you always have. OR 2. Steam Servers (downloaded through Steam), NOT connected to the website for account creation and so on, it is all done through your steam account direct in the new launcher. You will have access to the two new servers, but you will not have any of your characters and you won't be able to go to the old map clusters. If you want to play on the new servers, then yes, you will need to DL the steam version. If you don`t care for the new servers, than you don't need to change or worry about anything.
  10. Someone with a similiar graphic card to yours also found this: Posted May 30, 2017 Not sure if you fixed it yet but For som reasons Java switches to onboard video. I had the same probleem. I had to manualy set it to run with my gtx1080.
  11. Wish you the best of luck with the performance issues! There are also several threads specifically on the topic of running several Wurm Clients simultaneously that could be of interest. Link below to external, filtered google search results including Wurm Online Forum posts pertaining to ''multiple clients'' and ''performance''. You can run this search a few times while substituting ''performance'' for GPU, memory, lag, crashing, etc. Wurm Online - Multiple Client Performance Issues
  12. Sorry for the late reply, but it seems you found the workaround while I was typing this up That said, you will have limitations with this feature disabled... so while it is a workaround for now, you should still look for a permanent solution / hope for a dev or tech-savy response. They are all working overtime I am sure, due to Steam, so please have a little patience!
  13. If you have not tried this it is worth a shot, I have taken this suggestion from someone who had similiar issues. These are in no particular order and simply came from other people who have had similiar problems, or tried to help someone with similiar problems. Go to post-process in settings and disable "Ambient Occlusion". Double check that you have the latest version of 64-bit Java. Double check that your drivers are up to date (NOTE: Many have also fixed the issue by using an OLDER graphic card driver, as newer ones may have compatibility issues). Reduce texture size limits in the advanced tab. At a size of around 1024 you won't notice any loss of quality except close up on large screen resolutions, in return for a big gain in stability. Turn off GLSLshader support in compatibility settings (comes with some function limitations, i.e. cannot place items). <-- This seems to have been the best work around for users with this problem. Firewall/Antivirus could be causing an issue. Again, none of this is from my personal experience, I just did a bit of looking around and have gathered what I could in regards to your issue. I have attached a few forum links wherein I found the tips above. Why does Wurm commit so much more memory than it uses? Wurm Online using a lot of CPU RAM High Memory usage from Java Best Performance Settings (GLSL)
  14. Epic Fail

    Honestly, had a log in queue been implemented or had there been more communication from the staff, I would have had all the understanding and patience in the world. Problem is, Retro (and more so those responsible for the technical side of things) expected us to continously retry logging in... I had no idea if I had a realistic chanceof getting in or not. ALL other launches that I have been apart of, including many MMOs, it was very clear if you were either waiting to get in or having technical issues. I can tell you after three hours of failed attempts while Retro streaming and 100 people in GV... I had absolutely NO idea if I would be the next one in, or if I was still 3 hours away from a successful log in attempt. THAT, single-handedly, is why this has been the worst launch I have been apart of, and why I left a negative review. It is one thing to have things go sour, IT can be a headache. It's another to have 100 people allowed in, probably 2k+ in queue (again, no idea because it is a free for all who gets in) and then to tell the 1.3 thousand people in stream "just keep trying", "just keep trying". I could say the same... lets not sugarcoat. Problems were expected... but the vague updates and redundant client-side solutions to a log in problem that should have been more transparent and forseen? Not impressed.. and the expectations weren't all too high either. Yall made the date, the time, got people excited for it, and expected them to play log-in Simulator für an evening... letting SOME play but others not, and those who cant get in have NO IDEA how long it may take. Of course people got upset. If this happened at any store-front business, people would have been really pissed too. Half the fun is stepping foot on a fresh server. That excitement has diminished. Is it still a good game? Yes. Was it a good launch? No.
  15. Crash on load

    Expected... but still taking the wind out of my launch day sails