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    Making wood mats and creations. Hope to start up a, deed somewhere too


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  1. Calling all Xanadu peoples

    Lol, I think that would require climbing the mountain and changing the sand tiles to dirt
  2. Calling all Xanadu peoples

  3. Xanadu Community Map

    Updated. Please note that I can not differentiate between deeds and markets. Also this sounds like a great idea, but it'll have to wait till we have some way to introduce it into the code.
  4. WTS 2k stone bricks

    Want to sell 2k stone bricks about 47ql for 4s. You can pick them up from Eden in Xan, or I can send them via, wagoner.
  5. Recipe Shop and House Goods

    Wow! This list is really impressive! How long have you bee working at making all these dishes?
  6. Xanadu Community Map

    Done, thank you
  7. Complete Mod List

    I realize this may be a noob/dumb question, but are all mods server side? Are their any client side mods like texture packs?
  8. Kappa's First Lunar Festival (lunalong)

    Sign me up for Carpentry imping, I can now do 70 imps!
  9. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    Sign me up for carpentry, I can imp to 70 now and would like the excuse to imp the crap out o stuff.
  10. Xanadu Community Map

    Done and done
  11. Calling all Xanadu peoples

    All requested and sent info is now updated. Keep em coming!
  12. Calling all Xanadu peoples

    I've found twitter easier to search deeds, but even that only helps sometimes. It appears some deeds were added many many years ago and any info on those deeds are too old to find. The thought of traveling all Xan to physically look is what overwhelmed me lol. Figured making this more of a community event would also be funner anyway. It's nice to hear from fellow neighbors, and hermits lol.
  13. Uniques Overhaul

    Why not just have a public hunt for it. I'm more than sure you could had it killed quickly and maybe work out a deal for some of the loot
  14. Uniques Overhaul

    Mainly, I just want these elusive uniques to move every week or so. And please prevent them spawning/moving to places that are too high up. And once one is killed have another respawn in a day or so in another random place. This little nudge should make it better.
  15. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    Never met Tich, but after reading all these comments, I wish I had. If the reactions here are any indication, she was an awesome person who added a great to wurm and the community here that I love so much. Rest in peace and love, Tich