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    Making wood mats and creations. Hope to start up a, deed somewhere too


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  1. Claiming/abandon vehicle/item option

    This, I feel is a, VERY good idea. The skill of lockmaking currently is useless on freedom. Why not have locks follow the same decay rules as most everything else? Have it decay off deed, but u can repair it anytime. And higher ql locks decay slower.
  2. Xanadu Community Map

  3. Xanadu Community Map

  4. Xanadu Community Map

  5. Calling all Xanadu peoples

    These deeds on this are simply ones I have not yet been able to confirm that they are current. I have not traveled most of Xanadu yet, so I asked for help. I look on the Twitter feed mainly. I do this because one day I got sick of not being to use the map to find where i was. These deed names will stay on the map until I receive info that that are not current.
  6. Xanadu Community Map

  7. Calling all Xanadu peoples

    Heya fellow Wurmians, I've finally made it through the deeds on the Xanadu map. However there is a short list of deeds that I cannot find any info on anywhere I look. So I'm asking you all again for some help. Please look thru the following list of deeds and let me know if they are still current. Arcanum Ageless Lake Seaside Entrance Aven Linuath Aztarian Bottled-in-bond Canvas Vineyard Clear Lake Nature and Culture Center Copper Hall Dzolo Gon Everian Shores Grimsdair Hall of the Mountain King Hermit Island Hideaway Hobbit's Heaven Kamelott Kingsport Docks Les Chun Misthaven Mottistone Trading Post New Eden Harbour New-Valalen Pinewood Ravensrest Sandy Val Sea Serpent Oasis Sunrise Bay Market SunVale The Island of Shalott Turtle Island Whitefay Woods Yatesport
  8. Cooking affinity QoL

  9. WTS fully stocked planter rack

  10. Xanadu Community Map

    I need number coords to accurately add your deed. If you need help with it, pm me and I m happy to help.
  11. WTB 2 forest giant blood or potion of woodcutting. I'll trade 2 sleep powder each or 1.5s each.