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  1. Please give coords so I can add your deed
  2. Great server, friendly and engaged staff who care about balancing the game out. Loads of mods! Large land masses with open space to settle still left. People here are really nice and helpful too. The server has its own discord too. And my favorite part... It's NOT pay to win, like WO. ya you can spend irl money on stuff but it's not items that tip the balance. Still we have niches that are open for anyone who wants to specialize in something. I highly recommend this server!
  3. Done I try to double check the numbers but sometimes I end up fat fingering the data.
  4. After first reading the OP idea it was a straight up NO. but after reading the comments and reflection I say a big NO for freedom players, BUT a yes for epic. And here's why.. People who play on epic are very competitive I think we can all agree on. And it is a fact that account buying and selling is tolerated. Also it's impossible to compete on epic just starting out with a fresh account. Because they are already playing with people who are buying highly skilled accounts. So in a nutshell epic is already pay to win. If you believe me, think about the owner of the account Dadd selling their account and the insanity and bid war that would cause. So my conclusion is, epic is already pay to win, might as well allow paying for skill. It's already happening. Related to this is the downhill spiral of freedom players directly caused by buying and selling of accounts.
  5. The days of people being held accountable, are sadly gone it seems. This will lead to 'gangs' of people mass looting and killing. If this happens, I will quit immediately. Even if they miss my place.