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  1. WTS Supreme Hatchet Runed & Imbued

    Drools...... Alas, don't have the proper funds for such a beautiful hatchet.
  2. Mysterious giant sarcophagus discovered in Egypt

    If I was there, I'd be like.... Knock knock, anyone home?
  3. Java?

    Ok, this is just a curious question. As you'll find, I have wayyyyyy too much curiosity. So, here goes.... Is there any research or development underway to re-release wurm using a different engine? Something not Java or Javascript based? Other games use different code with varying results. And I was just curious.
  4. WTB Long Bow

    Following so I can find out how much something like this goes for.
  5. Useless Unicorns

    I'm going to keep my reply quick and simple. I say +1 to the idea, of making unicorns special in some way, while at the same time making them harder to obtain and breed. Why? Because I want to believe in magic. This game has spells, so, why not magical unicorns?
  6. Digger wanted

    What is the location? If it's close enough I'll give a hand.
  7. One of my alts will not stay logged in

    Ok one other idea, try going on the main Java, site (oracle I think) they have an option to delete any old versions of Java. Sometimes this is the issue as, depending on settings Java may auto update without the user knowledge not delete the old version.
  8. One of my alts will not stay logged in

    Have you tried lowering the graphics?
  9. One of my alts will not stay logged in

    Did you update anything before this, happened? Maybe the Java update?
  10. Suggestion: Docks

  11. Hatch-ling slaying

    Gonna, try and make this one. The timing cuts into my sleep.... But...... I, sooooo wanna, be there!
  12. Valrei International. 063

    Firstly I want to say, sweet new graphics! I look forward to maxing out the graphics and seeing it on my own monitor. Secondly, welcome Sindusk! Ill be looking for ya online to chat about game dynamics. And, I'm soo happy to see wurm online advancing for the better. We all, know of potential issues or gripes, but the devs are here now working on things. So here's a, big thank you to the devs and all staff!
  13. Patch Notes 05/JUL/18

    I really like these changes, it makes wurm a, better experience. I do hope one day we will have the option to bash/burn carts, wagons, and other large transportation devices.
  14. Can recommend! Great and convenient service! Great idea, too!
  15. Drink from Ship

    +1 I've been wondering at the current wogic. This, totally makes sense