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  1. Where's Waldo?

    We've all seen public hunts that people have generously arranged. And I thank you for setting those up. It's an awesome experience. But I still haven't seen one for a forest giant. If anyone has seen one, or is planning a hunt for one, please invite me. I need the kill for my goals. Please please please
  2. One eyed stinky giant farewell party

    Timers broke! Please fix
  3. Less smoke from fireplaces

    +1, how about the Forge/oven/fireplace only smoke if they need the ash cleaned out?
  4. Hungry hungry dragon

    Greeny, gonna be smeary
  5. Think I can help you with some of these items if they don't have to be rare. Pm me if this is the case and I'll get started.
  6. Every time I look at a list of possibilities for foods in wurm it makes my head spin. And I wonder why nobody had a large variety of foods for sale. The only foods for sale are affinity meals, and pizzas. So my question is...... Would you occasionally buy/order different food items from someone/me without an affinity preference?
  7. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    I'll be there. These impalongs are crazy fun!
  8. Add Kegs or a Barkeep, please!

    +1 I like the idea of kegs and barkeeps. There are soooooooo very many food dishes I never see in game. If we could make them and sell them through the bar keep, that would be really cool.
  9. Please COD to CrazyDad Trowel Iron 53 100 - COC 1.20Silver
  10. "Quick and dirty" Log walls (for now)

    +1 for log homes. I'd like to suggest that only 180kg can be used.

    +1000 love this idea
  12. Troll King Needed

    The troll king and forest giant on Xan have been hiding for so long that I wonder if they are on mountain tops somewhere. But the shear size of Xan it's no small task to find them. However... If we can convince someone (oblivionnreaver) to help, maybe we can kill it soon. I need them for my goals too..
  13. Archaeology Journals

  14. Please COD to CrazyDad QL ~31 Rake c103 (4s)
  15. WTS skillers CoC 90-100+ New stock Juli 29th!

    Please fix your pic of stock, I can't see it