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  1. I live near Scarborough and I aint never heard of it! Will go in the future tho
  2. *bump* I want to see some opinions
  3. I love the sound of heat and making yourself warm n stuff, but alas this is probably just an April fools joke, but! One day I would hope to see proper rivers and ponds (and the most of this stuff) implemented!
  4. Wurm is blessed to have a plethora of different and unique models, almost every item can be seen as something! But sadly for most of us, the view of these items will be rare, just piling up stacks of items like wood scraps and dirt. But I have an idea (I believe there is a mod for this in WU) where you can lock items to a certain position, and where they will not eventually be clustered into the o so dreaded "pile of items" imagine how awesome it would look to have a nightstand with a small torch and a cup of water, or a bank, with paper and coins lying about or even a smithy with a anvil that has a hammer ontop. These items could be locked similar to a post or could behave like placeables such as bsb's. But overall I personally believe if we could have this power (within reason max 10 times per tile) it could be utilised to imagine endless creativity.
  5. I like the sound of having newer players do the shipping but Angelklaine, you do have a point. Maybe the new players could have a deposit on their shipment?If they do not deliver it, they don't get the money back, if they do, they get it back fine. The amount would be round' 50% goods value of what they are transporting or maybe just a set price such as 3s.
  6. 100% YES +1 maybe pvp will have some issues b/c of people on old rigs... But face it, these days people could handle MUCH further render distances.
  7. I believe, even that there is STILL a playerbase on epic, the devs should focus on freedom (chaos) as, it will allow better content for a quite larger player group. And let's faced it if Chaos was in better condition we could maybe get a few hermits off of xan. And to go to fight, only making the market for combat supplies *cough cough* plate *cough cough* better for those of us that would like to stay and be merchants.
  8. I love it! Starting up a small scale stoneworks to make a lil profit, and this will help greatly.
  9. -1 When I explore finding out where I am is part of the fun... This would ruin it, and also the functionality of many things i.e. waystones, ditropa etc
  10. +1 to more biomes, not just something blank, like yet another 100% flat area with no trees *cough cough* tundra *cough cough* steppe. Anywho I would also like to see EXTRA tall grass in meadows to give it that quaint feel!
  11. I LOVE THIS! I don't know how the hardcore workers would feel about this but, forcing people to take a break from crafting, sit down chat about projects with friends and eat sounds great One issue: hunger gained from feasts should last longer than normal hunger, so we aren't having one every 5 minutes. Big +1
  12. EXACTLY could we get a clearer explanation?
  13. I don't think the metals will be that drastic, but it would be awesome if they were :) Anywho great ideas!
  14. White Dragon

    They said they will announce the location at 24 hours till, aka at 3 PM EST
  15. We already have smelters, so let's give them another use, on that would complement their bulk nature! When a player puts lumps in a smelter and heats them up to glowing hot, they will get an additional action "Smelt" this will convert the lumps in the smelter into ingots. Each ingot will require 20 Kg of lump and will produce 1 ingot which will also weigh 20 Kg. Ingots have some benefits, such as heavily reduced decay and would take up less volume in storage. Ingots do come with one downside, to be converted back into usable lumps, ingots would have to be heated back up in a smelter, then using the second action "Melt" this would convert the ingot back into 4 equally weighted lumps. The ql of the lumps when creating the ingot would be averaged out, so would the damage. But upon creation of the ingot, any damage would be removed and converted into lost end result, at a ratio of 5 damage per 1 kg lost on final ingot. When the ingot is melted ql is preserved and it is split into 4 parts, if the starting lumps are not damaged, each would weigh 5 Kg. Any damage the ingot received would be once again converted into lost weight upon melting. So what do you think? TL;DR convert lumps into a more efficient storage unit which prevents decay
  16. What I'm MOST excited for is the metals, hopefully, we can finally have a good use for all the brass and bronze lying around from getting metalworking up.